Seduction by Bubble Bath-Thad Luckinbill visual

I came home after a hard day's work. I live in a one-bedroom apartment by myself. I gathered a few vanilla-scented candles, a big bottle of bubble bath, bath beads, and a neck pillow.

I turn on the water, making sure it's warm. As soon as I took off all of my clothes, I put my dark brown hair up in a ponytail. I placed the phone beside me on the bathroom floor. I was relaxing by a candlelight bubble bath. Then, the phone rang. It was Thad.

I loved hearing his voice. He asked, "What are you doing?"

I responded in a seductive tone in my voice, "I'm taking a bubble bath with some
candlelight. What would you do if I was in a bubble bath and I'm wet and naked?"

Thad responded "Well, I would look at you, and then take off my clothes so I can join and rub soap all over your body. I would also deeply kiss your lips and touch your entire body with my hands."

Thad lived in an apartment across from hers. He hung up his phone and was on his way to my apartment. He came in to my apartment.

He opens the door and walked in on me taking a bath in the bathroom. Thad immediately became hard when he was watched me rubbing body wash all over my curvy, voluptuous body, covered with bubbles, and my skin glowing from the candlelight in the dark bathroom.

He asked in a rather seductive tone, "Mind if I join you?"

I replied, "Yes, you may."

I watched as Thad slowly began taking off his clothes. He had a ripped body like Brad Pitt, but had a boyish face. He should definitely be a model I thought to myself. He stepped into the bath, pulled me close to him, and deeply kissed my
lips. His hands were fondling my 38DD breasts under the scented, bubbly bath water. Thad stood up, got the bottle of body wash and poured it all over my body as she was standing in the bathtub and lathered her with a sponge. I did the same thing to his body. We caressed each other's soapy bodies.

Once we rinsed off, I sat down and relaxed in the bath as Thad held her close and he deeply and slowly went inside my wet, hot womanhood. He whispered of how hard he would get by just looking at my body through the window. He kept going inside me until I had a loud orgasm. Thad laid his head on my shoulder as they were still taking a bath.



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