Under The Spell-NC/JT vizzie for Halloween

I was alone in my house one night. I was reading a romance novel. Then, I got out a book of love spells. I turned the page to find an interesting spell,a menage-a-trois love spell. The spell involved rose petals,lots of candles,and two pictures of two men. I got out and lit the vanilla-scented candles,sprinkled rose petals all over
the room, sprayed myself with perfume (preferably Glow by J.LO),dabbed pheromones on pulse points and erogenous zones, and brought out a Justin Timberlake poster and a Nick Carter centerfold.

I recited the spell and like magic, Justin and Nick appeared. Justin had a rose in his hand and gave it to me. Nick kissed my hand.I walked up to him and kissed his lips. As I was kissing him, I could feel Justin's hands feeling my backside. Then, I turned to Justin and kissed his lips. Although my hands rested on his hips, Justin put his hands on the small of my back, enough to give me chills. I could feel Nick's hands in my hair. I was wearing a hot pink hankerchief top, a black duster jacket,and a pair of dark blue no-waist jeans.

Justin said "Wow, you look great."

I said "Thanks" and blushed. I head for the bedroom and the guys followed me.I could feel Nick holding me close when I got to my room. His lips were kissing
mine. Justin was standing there, watching. He wanted me. So I closed the door. I dimmed the lights as both guys kissed me.



MrsKP said…
Great job! Good idea for a Halloween theme story. What a spell, what it you could really do that WOW

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