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Sneak peek of My Under the Cover Angel (Kellan Lutz visual)

My Under The Cover Angel

a Kellan Lutz visual

It was a perfect Sunday morning. I was in my bed, sleeping in because I'm off on weekends. Sleeping in's one of my many favorite things to do on weekends after a very busy five-day work week. Though my eyes were closed, I felt the cool morning breeze and the warm sun through my window.

Next thing you know, I felt something under the covers. They felt like kisses on my bare feet and ankles. I was slightly awakened and I decided to take a peek under the comforter. There was Kellan, who was on top of me.

As he came up to my face, I smiled and said to him, "Are you my undercover angel?"

He smiled back at me and said, "You could say that. I'm also your under the cover angel."

Kellan then softly and sweetly kissed my lips as I wrapped my arms around his neck. I felt his hot, naked body on top of my pajama-clad body as we kissed. He's naked mostly because he loves to sleep in the buff. My hands went up and down his …

The Pleasure Chest Seekers: Meet Abrianna

(first in a new series)

Paul and his girlfriend Haylie had been dating for three years since they were college freshmen. They really liked each other and have such a good connection. Paul was 5'11 with dark blonde hair and blue green eyes. Haylie's a brunette, 4'10, 100 lbs, and her measurements are 34B-26-38. Despite their difference in appearances, they loved each other. When it came to sex, they enjoy it when it's the two of them, but they never had a threesome before. That's when Paul had an idea.

He asked Haylie, "What do you think about having a threesome? The two of us having sex with another chick?"

"I think it's a great idea, babe!" Haylie happily exclaimed.

"Just how are we going to find a third girl?" She added.

Paul thought about it for a minute and then he said, "We'll find her while we go out on our date tonight." He said to her.

"Okay. I'm really excited about this!" Haylie replied.

That night, P…

Preview of Chef's Secret

I had been looking forward to going to this fancy new steakhouse/seafood restaurant downtown with my so-called boyfriend. I was all dressed to the nines with my chocolate brown pointelle-knit peasant dress with my black hair up in a curly ponytail. I also wore my new black stilettos with black lace bows in the front. There were plenty of people sitting in the tables, nice classical music playing in the background. I could just smell the delicious food being cooked and everything. I ordered myself a glass of pinot noir while I waited on my boyfriend. I took a Chaser before drinking my wine. Suddenly, my cell phone vibrated and I went into the women's restroom to answer it.

My boyfriend had a verbal confrontation on why he couldn't meet me for our date tonight. He told me he had plans with his mother and then had the nerve to tell me things she said about me. We argued over the phone and next thing you know we break up. I returned to the table, looked over at the menu, and then c…