Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sneak peek of My Under the Cover Angel (Kellan Lutz visual)

My Under The Cover Angel

a Kellan Lutz visual

It was a perfect Sunday morning. I was in my bed, sleeping in because I'm off on weekends. Sleeping in's one of my many favorite things to do on weekends after a very busy five-day work week. Though my eyes were closed, I felt the cool morning breeze and the warm sun through my window.

Next thing you know, I felt something under the covers. They felt like kisses on my bare feet and ankles. I was slightly awakened and I decided to take a peek under the comforter. There was Kellan, who was on top of me.

As he came up to my face, I smiled and said to him, "Are you my undercover angel?"

He smiled back at me and said, "You could say that. I'm also your under the cover angel."

Kellan then softly and sweetly kissed my lips as I wrapped my arms around his neck. I felt his hot, naked body on top of my pajama-clad body as we kissed. He's naked mostly because he loves to sleep in the buff. My hands went up and down his back. His hands then lifted my dark gray pajama top up to my shoulders, exposing my large, soft breasts. His tongue softly licked both of my chocolate brown nipples. He then squeezed them with his hands before taking them into his mouth. I let out a moan, letting him know I had enjoyed it.

With his hands, Kellan lifted both of my breasts and licked the under side of them. Then, his lips moved down to my stomach. He kissed and licked every inch of my belly. His tongue even made a circle around my belly button. While he orally played with my stomach, my hands touched his face and his short blonde hair. I pulled back the covers as I watched him slowly take off my pajama bottoms. His hands caressed up and down my thick thighs. He kissed from my ankles all the way up to my hips.

Monday, May 03, 2010

The Pleasure Chest Seekers: Meet Abrianna

(first in a new series)

Paul and his girlfriend Haylie had been dating for three years since they were college freshmen. They really liked each other and have such a good connection. Paul was 5'11 with dark blonde hair and blue green eyes. Haylie's a brunette, 4'10, 100 lbs, and her measurements are 34B-26-38. Despite their difference in appearances, they loved each other. When it came to sex, they enjoy it when it's the two of them, but they never had a threesome before. That's when Paul had an idea.

He asked Haylie, "What do you think about having a threesome? The two of us having sex with another chick?"

"I think it's a great idea, babe!" Haylie happily exclaimed.

"Just how are we going to find a third girl?" She added.

Paul thought about it for a minute and then he said, "We'll find her while we go out on our date tonight." He said to her.

"Okay. I'm really excited about this!" Haylie replied.

That night, Paul and Haylie went out on their date. They first went to dinner at a downtown seafood restaurant followed by dessert at the local, frequently crowded ice cream shoppe. There, they people watched while eating ice cream sundaes; hers was a strawberry sundae while Paul had a hot fudge sundae. Haylie then noticed a tall, gorgeous redheaded goddess waiting in line. In the looks department, she was a cute yet much shaplier version of Faye Reagan and a way hotter redhead than Lindsay Lohan. Her shoulder-length hair was medium auburn and her blue eyes sparkled like sapphires.

Once she got her ice cream dessert and paid for it, she flashed an equally dazzling smile.

Haylie looked at Paul, showed her to him, and said, "Check out the redhead. Isn't she gorgeous, Paul?"

Paul took a look at the stunning redhead and replied, "Wow, she looks hot! How about she sit with us?"

"Hey Miss, would you like to sit with us?" Paul said to the redhead, motioning her to join them.

"Sure." She said with a smile.

"My girlfreind and I couldn't help but notice how hot you are, especially for a redhead." Paul said to her.

"Why, thanks." She said as she smiled.

"I'm Paul and this is my girlfriend Haylie." He introduced for her.

"Nice to meet you both. My name's Abrianna." She replied as she took a small spoonful of her dessert, which was called Mint Chocolate Madness.

"What a lovely name! So what do you do, Abrianna?" Haylie asked.

"I have two jobs. I'm a perfume salesgirl by day, coffeehouse barista by night. I'm just earning money for my own place and college. I do all this and sell Avon in the afternoons." Abrianna replied as she slowly ate her dessert.

"Wow, you sound very ambitious. Besides studying and working, what else do you like to do?" Paul asked the freckled-face hottie.

"I do like to shop, read, go to the movies, go out, travel, and socialize. I am also a bit of sporty girl who likes to watch football and baseball and sometimes go to the games. I also like to watch extreme sports, ice skating, and I sometimes wake up to ESPN. And when I'm not in sporty mode, I'm also a girly girl who likes bubble baths, candles, make-up, clothes, glitter, and jewelry. " Abrianna added.

After having dessert and chatting, the trio left the ice cream shoppe and went back to Paul and Haylie's apartment at Main Street Lofts for a nightcap. Paul went into the kitchen to fix the drinks while Haylie and Abrianna conversed. A few minutes later, Paul came back with three glasses of chilled chardonnay.

"Abrianna, have you ever had a threesome before?" Paul asked as he tried to break the ice.

"To be honest, I've never been in a threesome, let alone have had sex before." Abrianna replied.

"Mind if me and Paul become your first girl and guy?" Haylie asked her as she moved a little closer to Abrianna.

"I don't mind that at all." Abrianna responded happily.

Haylie then moved a little closer to Abrianna and softly kissed her pink lips. As the two girls kissed, Paul sat close to them and softly played with Haylie's dark brown hair. Haylie slowly started caressing Abrianna's breasts on top of her turquoise sweater.

Abrianna broke the kiss and asked, "Mind if I take this off?"

"Not at all." Haylie replied.

Abrianna carefully took off her sweater and then took off her white lace bra. Her breasts were very well endowed yet so firm. She also had puffy, peaches-and-cream nipples.

"Damn! You have a lovely rack. I don't mean to be nosy, but do you mind telling us your bra size?" Paul said in amazement.

Abrianna blushed as she said, "34E"

"Oh my damn! Our first girl who's sporty, girly, and has an amazing rack." Paul added as he moved aside so the two girls can play together.

Haylie first began sucking Abrianna's nipples before sucking on to her breasts. Abrianna quivered at the sensation of Haylie's mouth on her rosebuds. She then took off her green-and-white striped short sleeved shirt and her white cotton bra.

Abrianna grinned and said, "Haylie, your tits are so cute and perky."

Her tongue began playing Haylie's small tits.Haylie giggled and moaned at the feel of another woman's mouth on her tits. While she played with them, Abrianna then took off Haylie's jeans before slipping her hand into her pink and red panties. She had manually played with her pink pussy. Paul on the other hand had watched from the other side of the couch as he stroked his cock through his jeans. After that, Abrianna got up and took off her black skirt Abrianna's ass was perfectly hot and rounder that most girls, it made her matching white lace panties look even more tempting to take off.

"So Abrianna, what are your measurements? I'm just curious." Paul asked Abrianna.

"34E-30-96." Abrianna replied.

Haylie and Paul admired Abrianna's frame. "Oh my God! It's so rare. A redhead with lovely, enormous tits and a very shaply ass." Haylie said to Paul.

Paul replied, "Hot damn!" He then patted Abrianna's ass and was amazed at how shapely she was.

Haylie took off Abrianna's panties while Paul began kissing her lips. It was his turn to make out with the red-hot redhead while Haylie makes out with her pussy, Abrianna moaned into his mouth as Haylie continued going down on her. Once Paul broke the kiss, Abrianna moaned and groaned as her pussy juices leaked into Haylie's mouth. Haylie got and kissed both Abrianna and Paul. Abrianna's light skin was silky smooth to the touch, especially to Paul and Haylie's hands.

Paul got himself and took off his orange and navy blue long-sleeved shirt. He had a ripped bod as though he were modeling sportwear.

Abrianna said to Haylie, "Wow! Haylie, I didn't know your boyfriend's a hottie! Shouldn't he be modeling sport apparel or swimwear?"

"I take it as a compliment" Paul replied to her with a smile.

"Me too." Haylie said as she got up, made out with him, and touched his body with one of her hands.

While Haylie kissed his neck and shoulders, Paul asked Abrianna "How does a girl with your shape keep together?"

"I play softball, I swim, jog, I do squats, and yoga. I used to play in a Little League Softball team. I could pitch, catch, and throw. I even got my team to the legaue championship. But had to leave the team when I was 12 because my boobs were attracting perverts. Safety reasons." Abrianna replied.

"Oh my! Sorry to hear about that." Haylie said to her.

"It's ok. I bloomed early at 11 and my boobs were C cups. I've been an Honor Student and I still play sports from junior high to now." Abrianna said modestly.

Paul then kissed Haylie back while their hands roamed all over each other. After that, Paul then walked up Abrianna, took her hand, and led to the living room where he and Haylie were standing. He kissed Abrianna's lips again as he and Haylie's hands caressed all of her body. The three of them sat down on the floor. Haylie took out a condom from Paul's jean pocket before she unbuttoned the fly.

As soon as the jeans came off, Haylie took his cock out from his orange boxer shorts and then slowly sucked him. Paul moaned and gasped as he played with Haylie's short, brown hair. Abrianna touched both of their bodies with her hands before joining Haylie in the tasting. Paul got turned on at the sight and feel of two women tasting his cock. Abrianna and Haylie licked, kissed, and sucked him nice and slow. Paul then pulled Haylie close to him and kissed her deep in the lips. He and Abrianna kissed and licked her perky breasts and Haylie felt herself getting wet by the minute.Paul fingered Haylie's pussy while Haylie made out with Abrianna. Paul's fingers pushed in and out of her Haylie's pussy Haylie came onto his fingers and Paul shared her juices with Abrianna as she licked her pussy. Haylie came repeatedly on to Abrianna's lips and kissed hers again.

When Paul got nice and hard, Haylie then opened the condom and slipped it on to his now hardened cock.He then slipped inside Haylie's pussy. Haylie moaned at the feel of her boyfriend's cock in and out of her. As Haylie bounced up and down on his cock, Paul kissed Abrianna on the lips while his hands squeezed her gigantic boobs. Abrianna then licked one of Haylie's nipples. Haylie came loudly as she slowly got up off of his cock. Abrianna had anticipated for Paul's cock to be in her pussy. Paul placed Abrianna on her knees in front of him. He slowly and softly licked her sweet pussy, just to get her nice and wet. While Paul tasted Abrianna's pussy, his hands caressed and gently squeezed her generous ass. Haylie positioned herself under Abrianna's chest. Paul inserted his cock into Abrianna's pussy and entered it inch by inch. Abrianna moaned at the combined sensations of his cock going in her pussy and Haylie's mouth on her breasts. Paul pumped in and out of her pussy while his hands moved from her hips to her chest. Haylie played with her own pussy as she licked Abrianna's nipples. Finally, Abrianna turned and laid on her back. Paul then took off the condome and slid his slick cock between her tits. Halylie got up and leaned beside Abrianna. Paul moaned and groaned as he spilled man milk on to her tits. After that, he kissed Abrianna's lips while Haylie licked up his cum from her tits.

"Wow, that was so amazing!" Abrianna exclaimed happily.

"You are especially amazing, Abrianna." Haylie said as she gave her a kiss on the lips.

"How about you get yourself cleaned up and we'll take you home?" Paul said as he helped her up so she can use the bathroom.

As Abrianna took herself a quick shower, Haylie said to Paul, "That was the most fantastic threesome I've ever had. We should do this more often."

"I think so too. We should definitely have threesomes with well-endowed chicks more often. Abrianna's our first one. She's sexy, sweet, hot, sporty, and girly all in one. She could be an awesome sportscaster. Next to you, she has the most sexiest breasts." Paul replied to Haylie.

Once Abrianna got herself cleaned up and put her clothes back on, Paul and Haylie then took her home to her place.

Paul and Haylie had their best first threesome ever, but it won't definitely be their last threesome encounter.


Saturday, May 01, 2010

Preview of Chef's Secret

I had been looking forward to going to this fancy new steakhouse/seafood restaurant downtown with my so-called boyfriend. I was all dressed to the nines with my chocolate brown pointelle-knit peasant dress with my black hair up in a curly ponytail. I also wore my new black stilettos with black lace bows in the front. There were plenty of people sitting in the tables, nice classical music playing in the background. I could just smell the delicious food being cooked and everything. I ordered myself a glass of pinot noir while I waited on my boyfriend. I took a Chaser before drinking my wine. Suddenly, my cell phone vibrated and I went into the women's restroom to answer it.

My boyfriend had a verbal confrontation on why he couldn't meet me for our date tonight. He told me he had plans with his mother and then had the nerve to tell me things she said about me. We argued over the phone and next thing you know we break up. I returned to the table, looked over at the menu, and then cried as I drank my single glass of wine. Not only was I heartbroken, I also had a hunger headache. I looked into the menu and everything in it looked so tempting, yet it's so hard to think about what to order. Just as I was about to take my order, the waiter walked up to my table.

"Waiter, just take the other chair away. My boyfriend's not coming. We just had fight and now we broke up. I'm not sure if I want to eat. Just give me the check." I said as I paid for my glass of wine.

As the waiter picked up my check and cash, I gathered my purse and lace shawl as walked out with my head hurting and my heart broken.

I walked up to my car when the waiter had given me a note. It said:

"The chef cordially invites you to a private dinner party. Plenty of food and wine. Hope to see you there."

The chef's address along with the date and time were on the bottom of the note, which said 10 o'clock tonight. So I put the note in my purse as I got into my car. The night was still early because it was 7:30. I went back to my place, took an Advil for my hunger headache, and freshened up a bit. I've never been invited to a dinner party before, let alone a private dinner party. I thought to myself, This is going to be so exciting. A private dinner party with the chef from the restaurant.

I then took a shower, put my outfit back on, touched up my hair, sprayed on some perfume, gathered my things, and went into my car. I drove to the address which led me to an uptown condo. I went inside the place, knocked on the door, and there came a tall, white man who was half-naked with an apron on his frontal body. He also had medium blonde hair and blue eyes.

"I'm here for the private dinner party." I said.

"I'm so glad you came. My name's Oliver and I'm the main chef over at the restaurant. I knew about you when I saw how heartbroken you were when your boyfriend didn't show up." He said as he walked me to the living room.

There were candles and flowers on the dining room table. Soft jazz music was playing in the background courtesy of the stereo in the living room. He pulled up a chair for me and I sat myself down.

"My boyfriend's now my ex. We broke up tonight, but I don't wanna talk about him. I was so upset that I left the restaurant really hungry." I replied to him.

Oliver got out two wine glasses from the cupboard and poured some chilled white zinfadel in them. He then placed the glasses on to the table.

"I was thinking we can start with a few appetizers. We got some oysters on the half shell, jumbo shrimp cocktail, and a shrimp-and-spinach salad with citrus vinagrette." Oliver said as put the plates together.

He put the dishes and the food on to the table, placed the silverware accordingly, and placed the cloth napkin on my lap as he joined me at the table. He sat right next to me and proposed a toast.

"Here's to a great evening of great food with a great woman." Oliver as he looked at me with those sparkling blue eyes and perfect smile.

"Cheers." I said as we clinked our glasses together and began eating the appetizers.

As I began eating the oysters and the salad, I savored them even they were appetizers. I took my time, enjoying the food. Oliver and I then looked into each other's eyes as we ate.

"So what made you want to be a chef?" I asked Oliver.

"I love food and I love to cook. Plus, my mom's a cookbook collector and still is, yet she does love to cook as well. She also loves to entertain friends and family. When I was a teenager, my dad showed me how to use a grill. He was proud of me and so was my mom. They were even more proud when I graduated from The Culinary Institute. I love what I do." Oliver replied.

"I, too, love to cook. I do it often myself because my ex's idea of fine dining is anything you can get at a drive-thru or Applebee's. Plus, not only am I a member of a cookbook club, I also watch the Food Network, learn recipes from my mom, and shop at the local farmer's market." I said to him as I took a slow sip of my wine.