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Island Temptation-Galen Gering visual

There I was in my hotel room in the Bahamas, checking out the view of the beach from my balcony. I saw the beautiful blue ocean, the white sand, people swimming and playing volleyball and the sun was brightly shining. So I decided to take a walk on the beach. I put on a pair of jeans and a midriff under my rainbow-colored two-piece
bikini and stepped out. Not only did I love the feel of sand on my feet but I also liked the crashing of waves against the rocks. Then I sat on the sand, enjoying the beach.

Next thing you know, this sexy, tall, dark-haired man was looking at me. He had the sexiest eyes and the brightest smile that I have ever seen. And his body? He had more than six-pack on his stomach, but a twelve-pack and his arms were buff. He told about how beautiful I looked. I blushed. He said his name was Galen and he kissed my hand. We took a walk on the beach together. He was shirtless and was also wearing jeans, except his jeans were dark washed and mine have an antique wash to t…

Made To Love You-Justin vizzie

Amy was taking a nap after coming home from work. While Amy was asleep,Justin came in to her apartment. He was calling her name but when he came into her bedroom,he quietly took off his clothes, wearing only his boxers.

He got out a rose he got for Amy and softly began tickling her the rose's petals. When he was tickling her with the rose,her eyes were fluttering open. Amy saw Justin's face and gave him a long,sweet kiss. Justin gave her the rose,wrapped his
arms around her,and passionately kissed her lips. He carefully laid his body on top of hers as they kissed and kissed.

Then, Amy got up.Justin asked "What's wrong,baby?"

She said to him "Nothing.I'm just gonna take a shower."

Amy went to the bathroom, took off her clothes, and went into the shower. Justin also went into the bathroom. Without Amy knowing, he got a sponge and and a bottle of
body wash and began rubbing Amy's back with it. Amy pulled the shower curtain and saw Justin. He joined Amy …

The Major Make-Out-Nick/Justin vizzie

Remember the kiss between Madonna,Britney Spears, and Christina
Aguilera at the VMAs? This visual was inspired by that event.

There I was getting ready to go onstage performing at the MTV Video Music Awards. Nick was walked onstage, wearing a dark tank top and jeans. I stood on the other side of the stage. Nick and I were singing Bryan Adams's "Heaven".

Everyone was cheering and clapping for us.Then,we heard a voice saying, "Hey Nick, mind if I cut in?" We looked and there was Justin,walking down the aisle as the "Rock Your Body" remix was playing.

He was wearing a bright red shirt, black leather jacket, black jeans, and Pony sneakers. He also sporting black fingerless gloves.While he was singing,he kissed my hand and started dancing with. Then, he danced with Nick. Everyone in the audience was enjoying the show. All three of us were dancing. Justin began lifting up his shirt, showing off his hot body. Some of the girls in the audience went crazy.Then in …

Three Become One-Nick/Justin vizzie


I was on a plane to Orlando to meet with Nick who lives in Tampa Bay. I got off the plane,rode to the limo all the way to Tampa Bay,and arrived at Nick's house. I got out of the limo and carried my luggage. There was Nick. He was so happy to see me. We went to his bedroom. The blinds were closed, candles were lit. He gave me a slow, passionate kiss. He wrapped his arms around me as we kissed. Slowly he begins to undress me. He said he had a surprise for me and asked me to close my eyes. So I closed them. First,I heard footsteps.

Then,a kiss on my shoulder. It slid down to my breast. I opened my eyes and there was

"Justin and I wanted to make your fantasy come true." Nick said to me.

I said,"But Nick,you're my fantasy."

Justin said, "Well,now you have both of us."

Before I would say anything, Nick kissed my lips deeply. The kiss sild
down to my neck. Justin was feeling my stomach with his hands. Nick began
teasing and sucking …

Her Mystery Naked Man

Helena slept soundly in her queen-sized bed at night. Outside from her house, the full moon had shined and the stars glistened in the sky. Then, she was awakened by the sound of moaning. She got up slipped on her black marabou slippers on her feet and black sheer robe over her satin corset and thong. She got a flashlight from her nightstand and carefully walked down the stairs. Helena went outside through the back door and there she saw a man. A naked man with a hot, ripped, lean body, blue eyes, and long,dark blond hair. She had never seen anyone like him before.

She walked around inspecting her naked guest, examining every inch of his body.

"I was just thrown out by a woman's husband. Could you have mercy? Please give me something to wear." He said with an innocent look in his eyes.

As he was about to answer her question, she gently took his hand and said, "Follow me. Come upstairs...I think we can find you something to wear." as she led him to the inside of her…

A Most Luxurious Ride

Being a parking valet for an upscale hotel may have made me feel out of place, but yet it does have its perks.

My name is Drucilla Covington. My friends call me Dru for short. I'm 22 and live in Boston. I'm a Harvard business student working as a parking valet at The Langham. You could say I'm one of the best valets at the hotel because I am good driver, I bring the guests' cars on time, and without an incident. I once had a car of my own, a red PT Cruiser convertible. But my older brother Harold had borrowed it over the weekend and then got himself involved in a fender bender. Luckily, no one was seriously hurt. Now's he's trying to work it off to pay for the damages and to avoid any legal trouble. Although I still have my driver's license, I had to resort to either public transportation, walking, or riding to and from work with my friends or co-workers.

I've been a valet for over a year and a half. I have driven plenty of high end luxury cars, even thou…

All The Things Your Man Won't Do-Kevin vizzie/song fic

Hey love, you say you need someone to be there for ya, to love ya all night long, ha it's kinda of funny but I don't think you have to look no further because im right here and im ready to do all the things your man won't do

I was sitting on the bus on my way from work. I had a very bad day that happened after work. My boyfriend Vinton and I had lunch and ended in a bitter break up. I was a little upset, even cried. As I sat on the bus, a tall, dark, handsome hunk of a man with black hair and dark green eyes sat in a seat behind me. He then moved to sit next to me.

"What's wrong?" He asked with concern.

"I've just had a very bad break-up with that jerk, loser-of-a-boyfriend of mine. There's just so much about Vinton that just makes me upset and so sick." I said, almost sniffling.
He got out a napkin and dabbed the tears that were about to run down my face. "I'm so sorry that happened to you. You can tell me. "

Tell me what kind of m…

Desire of The White Wolf-the video

A Rapturous Rhapsody-the video