Made To Love You-Justin vizzie

Amy was taking a nap after coming home from work. While Amy was asleep,Justin came in to her apartment. He was calling her name but when he came into her bedroom,he quietly took off his clothes, wearing only his boxers.

He got out a rose he got for Amy and softly began tickling her the rose's petals. When he was tickling her with the rose,her eyes were fluttering open. Amy saw Justin's face and gave him a long,sweet kiss. Justin gave her the rose,wrapped his
arms around her,and passionately kissed her lips. He carefully laid his body on top of hers as they kissed and kissed.

Then, Amy got up.Justin asked "What's wrong,baby?"

She said to him "Nothing.I'm just gonna take a shower."

Amy went to the bathroom, took off her clothes, and went into the shower. Justin also went into the bathroom. Without Amy knowing, he got a sponge and and a bottle of
body wash and began rubbing Amy's back with it. Amy pulled the shower curtain and saw Justin. He joined Amy in the shower. He rubs her shoulder. His hands felt slippery against her naked, wet body. He poured body wash all over her body as rubbed her with the soapy sponge. Amy began kissing Justin's lips.

Her hand was stroking his member while her other hand was touching his six-pack stomach. The steam of the shower and the warmth of the water went along with
Justin's passion for Amy. While she was touching him, Justin was caressing her body. His hands were going up and down her wet, soapy back. His lips moved from her lips to her ear. She could feel him sucking and licking the fleshy part of her ear.



MrsKP said…
ok what happens next...I guess I can wait. sounds good so far. I love the picture of Justin Timberlake.

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