Three Become One-Nick/Justin vizzie


I was on a plane to Orlando to meet with Nick who lives in Tampa Bay. I got off the plane,rode to the limo all the way to Tampa Bay,and arrived at Nick's house. I got out of the limo and carried my luggage. There was Nick. He was so happy to see me. We went to his bedroom. The blinds were closed, candles were lit. He gave me a slow, passionate kiss. He wrapped his arms around me as we kissed. Slowly he begins to undress me. He said he had a surprise for me and asked me to close my eyes. So I closed them. First,I heard footsteps.

Then,a kiss on my shoulder. It slid down to my breast. I opened my eyes and there was

"Justin and I wanted to make your fantasy come true." Nick said to me.

I said,"But Nick,you're my fantasy."

Justin said, "Well,now you have both of us."

Before I would say anything, Nick kissed my lips deeply. The kiss sild
down to my neck. Justin was feeling my stomach with his hands. Nick began
teasing and sucking both of my nipples and breasts.My eyes were already closed. His lips circled my belly button.

Then,I felt
him suckling me down there.I felt two tongues.I held on to the
sheets,trying not to rip them.I looked down,opened my eyes and found
them there. Nick came back up to my lips."Are you okay?Just try to
enjoy it." He whispered."Yes" I replied.

He laid on the bed. I crawled on him and slowly began kissing his neck.He loves it when I kiss him there.My hands were stroking his hair.My lips slid down and licked the tattoos on his chest.I felt his fingers in my hair as I was kissing his stomach. My hand was feeling his hard erection.Then,I felt him moving to the front of the bed. I began kissing Justin who has his arms wrapped around my waist."Watching you and Justin kiss makes me hard"Nick said as we turned around.

Justin pulled me close as he passionately kissed my lips.I felt his arms wrap around my waist as he laid me down on the bed. His hands touched and kissed my whole body under the sheets. My lips made a trail of kisses from the neck down. As I was kissing his six-pack stomach, Nick sat back down on the bed.He starts kissing my back. My tongue licked Justin's stomach. Nick was nibbling and sucking my neck. I turned to Nick and held him on down on the bed. His hands felt my nipples as he entered me. Justin was behind me holding my hips. His hands went up to my breasts and he held them. Nick pulled himself up, held me close,and touched my face. I feel his hands cupping my breasts and slowly sucking them. Justin was behind me, licking my neck up and down. Justin was kissing Nick's neck. I joined in.I could hear him moan because he likes being kissed and licked there. My lips slid to his back, licking his tatoos while Justin was kissing and licking my shoulder. My lips went up to his ear and began whispering sweet nothings. I was enjoying this. I returned to his juicy pink lips. I sat right behind him. My hand was touching his chest and stomach while kissing his lips. My hand slid down to his hard erection and massaged it. He held onto me as I slowly sucked his member. I hear him moaning as his hands were running through my hair. Then, I watched as Justin gave Nick a slow kiss on the lips!

Then, I went to the bathroom to take a shower. As the warm spray of water ran down my naked body, I heard Nick come in behind me,saying "Mind if I join you?".

I said "I don't mind."

He began kissing my neck slowly as his hands were feeling my curvy, womanly body. I was about to soap my body when he looked at me and said "You look so hot when you're naked and wet."

I started putting Dial body wash on the sponge and rubbed it all over me as he was rubbing his body against mine. I rubbed the soapy, lathered sponge on his body. He
was kissing me while feeling his hands all over my body.

He whispered "I love you.I'm glad me,you and Justin are spending a
weekend together."

I said "I love you too, Nick".

Justin was outside the bathroom,getting hard and aroused from what he saw and heard. It was tunring him on just seeing me in the shower, getting wet and soapy, and hearing me moan as Nick was touching me all over. My hands were up and down his back while kissing my neck. I can feel his hands on my hips, holding me tightly and close to his body.

Justin came into the bathroom while me and Nick were in the shower, rubbing soap all over our bodies. He walks in there, in his boxers.Justin and I were locking lips. Then, I rinsed myself off. Justin was behind me with hands all over my body while Nick kissing my lips. Justin's hands were on top of mine,squeezing my breasts as he was kissing and licking my ear down to my neck. I could feel Nick's tongue licking me down there. I was getting hot and wet at the same time. After our steamy shower, Justin was telling me about he wanted to give me a private massage, knowing how tense I was after my spat with my family. It sounded so tempting when me and Justin were having breakfast.



MrsKP said…
LOL LOVE IT, the end left me with a smile on my face and wishing I would have had a taste of justin and nick but anyways I like your work keep it coming.

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