The Major Make-Out-Nick/Justin vizzie

Remember the kiss between Madonna,Britney Spears, and Christina
Aguilera at the VMAs? This visual was inspired by that event.

There I was getting ready to go onstage performing at the MTV Video Music Awards. Nick was walked onstage, wearing a dark tank top and jeans. I stood on the other side of the stage. Nick and I were singing Bryan Adams's "Heaven".

Everyone was cheering and clapping for us.Then,we heard a voice saying, "Hey Nick, mind if I cut in?" We looked and there was Justin,walking down the aisle as the "Rock Your Body" remix was playing.

He was wearing a bright red shirt, black leather jacket, black jeans, and Pony sneakers. He also sporting black fingerless gloves.While he was singing,he kissed my hand and started dancing with. Then, he danced with Nick. Everyone in the audience was enjoying the show. All three of us were dancing. Justin began lifting up his shirt, showing off his hot body. Some of the girls in the audience went crazy.Then in front of the whole world, Justin kissed my lips and then he kissed Nick. The whole audience went crazy. The cameras were on all three of us.I pinched his butt.

We were giving Britney,Christina,and Madonna a run for their money. After our performance, we got a standing ovation,cheers,and applause. We took a bow. Everyone loved it. After the awards show, we go to my suite at The Ritz-Carlton. We were all dancing and talking.Then,we were having our own "private party". Our three-way kiss was the talk of the entire world.



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