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Preview: EJ's Nightcap-a Days Of Our Lives fan fic

EJ DiMera was a little bit lonely lately because he had broken up with Nicole, his ex-fiancée; thus ending their engagement. Rather than spending another night alone at his place, he decided to visit someone. He wanted to visit Stephanie.

At her own apartment, Stephanie was by herself as well. She sat on the couch with a cold glass of iced tea and a big bowl of buttery popcorn while watching a sad love story on the TV. She wore a cute pair of dark blue sweats with a cute baby blue hoodie. Her long black hair was in a messy ponytail and she wore her glasses, which were the same ones she wore to work that day. She then heard a knock on the door.

She then looked at the time on the clock and thought to herself, Who could be knocking on my door at this time?

Stephanie walked toward the door and unlocked the chain and lock; she then slowly opened the door.

EJ then said, “Hi, Stephanie. Is it okay if I come in?”

Stephanie was surprised to see EJ standing there at her door. She couldn’t help but …