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Preview of my new Honey Lust story-Lakeisha & The Eye Doctor

There were days I really hate going for my eye exam at the optometrist; especially because I have a love/hate relationship with my eyesight. But on this one visit, my opinion had changed. Let me introduce myself, my name’s Lakeisha Denise Xavier. I’m 24, a native of College Park, and a college student with two full-time jobs. Two years ago, my mom had retired from her postal worker job and moved to Virginia, she had worked with post office for over thirty years and worked while pregnant with me. Before she left for Virginia, she had the house and car titles transferred to my name; she wanted me to have a starter house and car rather than me using public transportation and paying rent for an apartment. I took up two full-time jobs, a receptionist at the utility company and a customer service representative for a cable company, while in college to pay all the household bills. I was already looking for job number three to earn “fun money” when I had to take my grandma to the eye doctor …