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Your Body's Calling

Howie was at his house in Orlando, thinking about his girlfriend. He loves every thick inch of her. Not too far from his house, Jenna was at her place. She was yearning for Howie. She couldn't get stop thinking of his touch on her body.

Howie called Jenna on his phone."Jenna, I've been thinking about you all day." He said to her.

"Really, Howie? What was it about me you were thinking of?" Jenna asked.

"I've been thinking about what I would want to do you in bed. I thought about touching every inch of your soft, creamy skin. Kiss every part of your curvy body. Make love to you over and over and over again. I want you so bad, Jenna." Howie replied.

Jenna was feeling hot from hearing his voice and things he wanted to do to her. Her response to him was a soft, audible moan. She too wanted Howie.

Yeah, I don't want you to hold back any longer baby
Cause tonight, I'm gonna give you all the little things
I know you've been waiting for
So, brace …

My dream casts for Justice League/Avengers movies

For those of you ladies (and guys) who are/were comic book readers, there are two super hero movies that are coming out next year: Justice League and The Avengers. Let me know. Here's my dream cast for both movies:

Justice League:
Superman-Dean Cain or Brandon Routh
Batman-Antonio Sabato Jr. (to see him in all that leather! Hot! I would probably redesign his costume!)
Wonder Woman-Megan Fox
Aquaman-Jake Gyllenhaal
Hawkman-Vin Diesel
Hawkgirl-Michelle Rodriguez
Green Arrow-Justin Hartley (so hot on Smallville!) or Rober Buckley(Hot hunk on Lipstick Jungle!)
Green Lantern-Tyrese (John Stewart)
Shazam-The Rock
Supergirl-Reese Witherspoon or Anna Faris
Steel-Denzel Washington
The Flash- Ryan Reynolds

The Avengers
Captain America-John Cena or Matt Damon
Iron Man-Robert Downey Jr.
Thor-Triple H
Wasp-Catherine Bell, Kristen Kreuk, or (a slight possibility) Mariska Hargitay
Giant Man-Michael Vartan
The Black Panther-Will Smith
Ms. Marvel-Rebecca Romjin
Namor-Benjamin Bratt
The Black Widow-Lindsay Lohan or Amy A…

A Photographer's Erotic Fantasy Journal-In Bed With Julian

Hey it’s me Wendy Carson. My fellow shutterbug and best friend Kristy Garrison are doing another exciting photo shoot for Fantasies for Women magazine. We're doing a cover and a photo shoot for the mag's "Bedroom Issue" which features articles and such for about everything to do in the boudoir.

We couldn't be more excited to do the shoot with none other than my favorite male model (and every Playgirl reader's wet dream) Julian Fantechi! When he introduced himself, we were so thrilled to meet him. Being a closeted Playgirl reader myself, I thought of Julian as as number one on my very own MTRD (Men To Really Do) list. I first started admiring him after seeing a few videos of him on YouTube (which are on both my playlist and favorites) and of course seeing him in Playgirl.

Anyways, Kristy and I were setting up for the shoot. We got a spectacular location for the shoot, the Hyatt Regency Boston, in where else Boston, Massachusetts. It's our first visit to the …