My dream casts for Justice League/Avengers movies

For those of you ladies (and guys) who are/were comic book readers, there are two super hero movies that are coming out next year: Justice League and The Avengers. Let me know. Here's my dream cast for both movies:

Justice League:
Superman-Dean Cain or Brandon Routh
Batman-Antonio Sabato Jr. (to see him in all that leather! Hot! I would probably redesign his costume!)
Wonder Woman-Megan Fox
Aquaman-Jake Gyllenhaal
Hawkman-Vin Diesel
Hawkgirl-Michelle Rodriguez
Green Arrow-Justin Hartley (so hot on Smallville!) or Rober Buckley(Hot hunk on Lipstick Jungle!)
Green Lantern-Tyrese (John Stewart)
Shazam-The Rock
Supergirl-Reese Witherspoon or Anna Faris
Steel-Denzel Washington
The Flash- Ryan Reynolds

The Avengers
Captain America-John Cena or Matt Damon
Iron Man-Robert Downey Jr.
Thor-Triple H
Wasp-Catherine Bell, Kristen Kreuk, or (a slight possibility) Mariska Hargitay
Giant Man-Michael Vartan
The Black Panther-Will Smith
Ms. Marvel-Rebecca Romjin
Namor-Benjamin Bratt
The Black Widow-Lindsay Lohan or Amy Adams

The rest of the dream casts for both movies to be continued later. If you were to cast for both movies, who would you cast and why? Let me know.


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