Your Body's Calling

Howie was at his house in Orlando, thinking about his girlfriend. He loves every thick inch of her. Not too far from his house, Jenna was at her place. She was yearning for Howie. She couldn't get stop thinking of his touch on her body.

Howie called Jenna on his phone."Jenna, I've been thinking about you all day." He said to her.

"Really, Howie? What was it about me you were thinking of?" Jenna asked.

"I've been thinking about what I would want to do you in bed. I thought about touching every inch of your soft, creamy skin. Kiss every part of your curvy body. Make love to you over and over and over again. I want you so bad, Jenna." Howie replied.

Jenna was feeling hot from hearing his voice and things he wanted to do to her. Her response to him was a soft, audible moan. She too wanted Howie.

Yeah, I don't want you to hold back any longer baby
Cause tonight, I'm gonna give you all the little things
I know you've been waiting for
So, brace yourself and listen
I hear you callin', "Here I come baby"
To save you, oh oh
Baby no more stallin'
These hands have been longing to touch you baby
And now that you've come around, to seein' it my way
You won't regret it baby, and you surely won't forget it baby
It's unbelieveable how your body's calling for me
I can just hear it callin' callin' for me

That night, Jenna came over to Howie's house. She wore a sexy little black dress that hugged her curvy body with a plunging neckline that showed her generous cleavage, sexy heels and her black with brown highlighted hair cascaded down her shoulders. The living room was dim where the only light came from the candles surrounding the room. Soft, slow R&B music was playing from the stereo. Howie asked Jenna for a dance and she accepted. They slow danced as Howie's snaked around her waist. His other hand made a soft caress from her hair down to her hip. He looked deep into her brown eyes. His lips softlypossessed hers in a kiss. His hand gently touched one of her thick thighs. His lips made a trail from her mouth to her neck and kissed her there.

Jenna whispered, "Howie, make love to me."

Tell me, what's your desire
Baby your wish is my deal
oh yes it is baby
Let me take you higher
Show you how you should feel, baby
Oh So we speak now and forever hold your body
Whatever it is you want from me, baby
You see you don't have to say nothing
Knowing your body wants something
And it's easy for me to see
That your body's callin' for me

Howie heard and carried her to the bedroom. Gently, he laid her down on the bed, surrounded with rose petals and scented candles. He unbuttoned his shirt and took off his pants before laying on top ofher. Jenna kicked off her heels, letting them fall off the bed. Slowly, he pulled down the straps of her dress, exposing her full, lush breasts. With his hands, he cupped them. She gasped at the feel of his hands and mouth on them. Her fingers were deep in his dark hair, pulling him closer to her. His tougue circled her nipples ashe was sucking her breasts. His mouth then moved back up to her lips, kissing her deeper and passionately. Jenna's dress rested on her hips as his hands were holding on to her hips. He moved lower to her massive belly, kissing it as his hands kneaded her breasts. His hands found her black lack thong covering her womanhood. Howie would always tell Jenna of how sexy she looks no matter what she wears. He then placed a pillow under Jenna's bottom as he carefully took off her thong. He kissed upward from her feet to her knees to her thighs. He held on to her as his lips reached her womanhood. He was savoring Jenna as if she were honey. Like honey, she tasted sweet. Jenna moaned and groaned, increasing her desire for him. He opened her up, licking and sucking her again.

"Howie, I want you inside me! Right now!" Jenna moaned loudly.

Howie got up and took off his boxers. He gently pulled her up close to his body as he slowly entered her. He held on to her body as hemoved in and out of her. He was calling her name as he moved a little faster. She raked her nails down his back. Once they had reached orgasm together, he laid her back down on the bed as she let out one last passion-filled gasp. Howie kissed her lips and neck as they were calming down.

He looked into her eyes and said, "Don't worry, Jenna. I'm going pleasure you all night long. I love you baby."

"I love you too, Howie." Jenna said as she wrapped her arms around his neck as he was kissing her.

Your Body's Callin' by R. Kelly


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