Tuesday, August 30, 2016

PREVIEW: Vegas Fling with Bianca & Simon-Part Three: For Bianca's Eyes Only

Part Three: For Bianca’s Eyes Only The next morning, I woke up and had myself an early morning orgasm before I got ready for the breakfast buffet at the lobby. Also, I left a hefty five-hundred dollar tip for the housekeeper and called the front desk for housekeeping before leaving my hotel room for breakfast. All the food tasted so much better, especially after a night of hot and passionate sex; it was like my sense of taste had been heightened, along with my four other senses. Breakfast was so good, I made three trips around the buffet. After my very delicious breakfast, I got into my Altima and drove on over to the premium outlet mall for a shopping spree. I made my first stop at Wilsons Leather as soon as I’ve arrived at the outlet and got myself a few leather jackets; there’s something kind of arousing about the feel of butter soft leather, which reminded me about this one time back in California I bought and tried on a new leather jacket with just my lace underwear underneath and touched myself while it. I then went on over to Perfumania for a fragrance fix; there I saw Felicia, the perky redhead from The Pleasure Seeker’s Palace. I saw her and said, “Hi, Felicia!” “Kat! How are you?” She said as she walked up to me. “I’m feeling great! How about you?” I said to Felicia. “Same here, just enjoying my day off and doing a little shopping. Ooh, I see you got that orgasmic glow on your face. So how was your date with Simon?” Felicia said to me. “OMG! Last night was phenomenal, Simon treated me to a private strip show and a lap dance at my hotel room before doing the deed. We had round one in the bedroom and then had round two in the living room. I got to use one of my clit massagers that I bought from yesterday. Simon’s a gentleman in the streets and a sex god between the sheets. All that and a very good kisser, too.” I explained to her. “That’s great! I wish I met a sexy man and have sex with him.” Felicia replied as we tried on fragrances. Curious, I asked, “Why do you say that?” “Well, my boyfriend and I have broken up and I’m feeling a little lonely.” Felicia responded. “Sorry to hear about that.” I replied as I sprayed some Britney Spears Hidden Fantasy on my wrist. “Oh, don’t worry. He’s going to college in another state and he’ll probably meet someone new while he’s there. Enough about that, tell me about you.” Felicia replied. “I’m a widow, I live in California, and trying to have a new start in my life. Widowhood has been very kind to me. I’m here in Las Vegas not only for a weekend trip, but also because it’s Simon and Bianca’s wedding anniversary. I was a bridesmaid at the vow renewal ceremony the other day. Did I mention I had a threesome with them on their anniversary night?” I said to her as I picked up a few fragrances and put them into the shopping basket. “Wow, you had a threesome with a married couple? I’m impressed, I bet you have plenty of good flings being a widow and all.” Felicia said happily. “Oh, I have…trust me on that!” I replied. After our little shopping spree at a perfume shop, we then went on to the Gap Outlet and tried on some jeans. We also talked about our lives; Felicia told about her family situation. Her mom had problems (drinking, abandonment issues, and adultery), which caused her parents’ divorce, her dad moved to another state, and her mom’s unemployment because she had lost her job and now lives with her in her apartment. I, in return, told Felicia about my parents’ divorce, my mom’s involvement with meth, her legal troubles, her using me and my little brother’s college money through the hard times, me having to work five different jobs, my little brother Jonathan in college, my husband’s death (he was shot and killed), my miscarriage, being laid off from my last job, and my bout with depression. “You’ve been through a lot, but I’m glad things are looking up for you and your little brother.” Felicia said. “Yeah, me too.” I said as I tried on a pair of jeans. Felicia and I instantly bonded over fashion, family issues, and perfume; I guess you can say we’re kindred spirits. After an amazing shopping spree around the outlet, we stopped at the food court and had lunch there. “So, Felicia, what’s it like working at an adult store?” I asked her. “Let’s see I’m making good money, meeting new, interesting people, and also thinking about my fantasy sexual life. It’s better than my last job as a cashier at a drugstore.” Felicia replied. “Speaking of adult play things, I make money as a sex toy consultant. In fact, my biggest sale was at a divorce party for a friend back in California.” I said to her. “Wow, that ‘s a good sale! I’m thinking about doing something like that for the extra income.” Felicia happily said. “There are plenty of sex toy places to make extra money.” I said as I gave her one of my consultant cards from my purse. “I’m definitely gonna need a few things from you. Is this your first time visiting Las Vegas?” Felicia responded. “Yes, why do you ask?” I asked Felicia. “Well, I wanted to invite you to girls’ night out, done Las Vegas style. I’ll bring a few of my gal pals, pick you up from the hotel, and go out on the town. I’m talking Chippendales, Thunder From Down Under, dinner, drinks, and dancing.” Felicia responded. Happily intrigued, I replied “All that sounds like fun! Count me in!” “We’ll pick you up at 7 o’clock tonight and I’ll also introduce you to my friends.” Felicia said. “Fantastic! I can’t wait!” I replied excitedly. After lunch, Felicia gave me her cell phone number before separately leaving the outlet mall. I returned to the Wynn hotel a few minutes later and got myself ready for a girls’ night out in Las Vegas. I then heard a knock on my hotel room door, I opened and found a box outside the door. I took it inside my room and opened the box to find a dozen cupcakes from a bakery. Inside the box lid was a note taped to it, I opened the note and it said: “A box of sweet treats for the sweetest and sexiest widow. Love, Simon.” I thought to myself, “This man’s sweeter than an Easter basket full of Cadbury crème eggs.” I looked at the different flavors of cupcakes, all of which looked so damn delicious. I decided to save them for my late-night dessert tonight. I showered and styled my really long hair, I then looked through my perfume haul from the perfume shop and picked my perfumes. I first sprayed a little bit of Alien by Thierry Mugler behind both of my ears, then some Angel (also by Thierry Mugler) all around my neck, and finally Givenchy Ange Ou Demon Le Secret on the rest of my body. Once the perfumes had dried on my body, I got myself dressed and ready for girls’ night out. For my outfit, I wore a new pair of black legging jeans I had bought from the Gap Outlet, a new black leather motorcycle jacket I got, a white lace sleeveless style top, a denim steel boned underbust corset, and a pair of black faux suede double strapped maryjane heels. My lingerie of choice was a black all over lace push up bra and a pair of black lace hip hugger panties; my waist-length blue black hair was styled in a wavy side pony. I was fully dressed and accessorized all before seven o’clock; I took the elevator to the hotel lobby and waited for Felicia and her friends to get here. Seven o’clock came and Felicia arrived with her friends on time. Felicia had on a purple mini dress with a single draped sleeve, jeweled detail, and side cut out detail, along with matching purple high heels. Her medium auburn hair was down to her shoulders and the color made her brown eyes pop. “Felicia, you look absolutely stunning tonight!” I happily exclaimed as Felicia and her friends entered the lobby. “Thanks, you look very gorgeous yourself, Kat. Let me introduce you to my friends.” Felicia replied. Felicia then introduced me to her three, single, equally gorgeous gal pals: Tonya, Aurora, and Brittany. “So, Felicia, this is the widowed woman you’ve been telling us about?” black-haired Tonya asked her. “I bet she’s a model in another life, especially with the hair and the body.” brown-haired Brittany said to Felicia. “Tonya, I like your outfit! You look like you could be gangster’s girlfriend.” I said to Tonya. She had on a black button-down shirt with a pinstripe underbust corset, a black fedora with a pinstripe ribbon, dark gray stiletto heels, and a pair of black high-rise skinny jeans. “Thanks, Kat. You look like a biker chick gone glam, it’s so you.” Tonya replied. We continued to chat and get to know each other as we got into Felicia’s car, a black 4Runner. Our first stop on our Las Vegas girls’ night out was the Rio to check out the Chippendales male revue, Felicia then said to me as we all entered the hotel & casino, “Kat, if you think Simon’s private performance was very impressive, wait till you see these guys on stage.” “Ooh, I can’t wait to see this!” I said excitedly. The girls and I definitely enjoyed the sexy male show, hot guys with ripped bodies wearing various costumes with different stage settings before taking them off. The whole show got me on an endorphin high, yet it was well worth it. After the show, we then went to the Flirt Lounge for dancing and a few drinks; I also did some flirting on my own and danced with three cute guys. One of the three cute guys even loved the perfume on my neck because he thinks Angel’s a very sexy, seductive scent on a woman. After that, we went to the Tropicana and checked out Thunder From Down Under, which was just as hot and steamy as the Chippendales show. After the show, we went to Denny’s on Las Vegas Boulevard for dinner. “I must say, this has to be the best girls’ night out ever! I really had a great time with you girls tonight!” I happily said to Felicia and her friends. “We definitely enjoyed you too, Kat.” Tonya said to me. “You should come to Las Vegas more often and we can have more girls’ night outs together.” Brittney added. “So, Kat, have you heard from Simon and Bianca lately?” Felicia asked me. “When I came back from shopping today, I got a box of a dozen cupcakes from Simon.” I replied. “Ooh, what a sweetheart.” Aurora replied. “Yeah, he is. I especially enjoyed him last night, if you know what I mean.” I responded. “When I first saw you two together at The Pleasure Seeker’s Palace, I’ve been getting some kind of fantasy in my mind.” Felicia said to me. “Felicia, I had no idea you got that kind of side to you.” I said in amazement. “When you work in a sex toy shop like I do, you tend to get ideas and fantasies every now and then.” Felicia replied. After a very delicious dinner, the girls and I went back to the Wynn hotel and took the elevator to my hotel room. I gladly shared the cupcakes with Felicia and her friends; I took a bite one of the cupcakes, which was a strawberry shortcake cupcake, and it was so yummy. “Simon really got good taste; he got the cupcakes from my favorite cupcake place.” Felicia said as I showed her and her friends the cupcakes Simon got me. “Kat, I know this cupcake place here in Vegas that have cupcakes inspired by cocktails. In fact, let me give you the name and address of that place.” Tonya said as she wrote it down on the notepad on my desk. “Thanks for sharing your cupcakes with us.” Aurora said as she took a bite of a cookies-n-cream cupcake. I wrote my cell phone number gave it to them so that they get in touch with me. They in return put their phone numbers into my cell phone. “Kat, if ever you’re in Las Vegas, look us up.” Brittany said as they left my hotel room. “I hate to leave so soon, but I have to take my friends home. I'll call you as soon as I get home.” Felicia said as she hugged me. Just as I was about change out of my outfit, there was a knock on the door. I looked through the peephole and there was Bianca by herself, she was dressed up in an olive green long-sleeved dress that showed off her figure. “Bianca, what brings you to my room?” I asked her as I let into my room. “I just thought I come by and see you.” Bianca replied with a smile. “You look stunning! Did you have a date night with Simon?” I asked her. “Yeah, Simon and I had dinner, dancing, and a little dessert. How about you? How’s your night?” Bianca asked me. “Felicia, the girl from the sex shop, invited to me a Vegas-style girls’ night out with her friends. We watched some male stripper shows and had dinner as well. I had a great time all around.” I replied. “That does sound like fun. Can I tell you something, Kat?” Bianca asked. “Sure.” I simply replied. “When Simon told me about his date night with you, I got really turned on from all the passionate sex you two had in your room. I pleasured myself as I wrote everything down in my notebook. Simon and I had sex to your playlist tonight, it was so good that we almost wore out your MP3 player.” Bianca said to me. “Wow, I guess the passion and romance is still going strong with you two.” I said with a smile. “Yes, it is!” Bianca happily exclaimed. I then noticed the post-orgasmic glow on her skin as she smiled. “Kat, I have an idea. I was wondering if you would have sex with Simon again and I can film it.” She suggested. I asked her, “So you want me to have sex with your husband and put it on tape?” “Exactly, I won't show it to anyone. It'll be something private and for my eyes only.” Bianca said suggestively. “Okay, I'm down. I just need to freshen up a little bit.” I responded. “Great, meet at our room when you're ready.” She said as she smiled and briefly hugged me before going back to her and Simon’s room.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Kat's Secret Sex Diary: Dominic The Massage Student (FINISHED VERSION)

After a very stressful and sore week, I decided to take a drive over to the Wine Country, mainly Napa Valley. I needed a four-day weekend of food, wine, and relaxation. I drove all the way from Fair Oaks in my Altima and arrived at Napa Valley early Friday morning. I even got a good, brief look at the luscious vineyards filled with red and green grapes waiting to be made into wine, among other things. I then arrived at the Westin Verasa Napa and checked in; I had booked a hotel room by way of the website yesterday. My hotel room, a deluxe king suite on the 5th floor, had an amazing view of Napa Valley. Once I unpacked and walked around my room, I then went down to the hotel lobby and I asked the front desk clerk on where to go for a good breakfast. She recommended that I go to the Alexis Baking Company. After leaving the hotel, I went on over to Alexis Baking Co. for breakfast; I had the breakfast burger, two muffins (apple cinnamon and blueberry), and coffee. After having a very delicious breakfast, I then went into town for a little shopping. With the many kinds of therapy (wine therapy, food therapy, retail therapy, spa therapy, etc.) in Napa, who needs shrinks? My first stop for retail therapy I went to The Shops at Napa Center. I first checked out the Thomas Kinkade Gallery at Napa Center. I’ve always loved his scenic, light-infused artwork; In fact; I had a sympathy card given to me by co-workers at my former job that featured one of his artworks on the cover. I mostly just looked and admired the many artworks of the gallery. I then drove over to downtown Napa to this lovely little shop called Vino Therapy. The store front was painted dark green and burgundy like the grapes I saw at the vineyards I drove by early this morning. I went inside and took a look at all the merchandise; the store’s specializes in bath and body products made from Napa wines and also carry Unwined, which are all-natural soy wax candles that are crafted from reused wine bottles. The store even has a recycling bin where shoppers can bring in their empty wine bottles to be recycled and reused. I walked around the store with a shopping basket and get a few things. I had some body scrubs (both of sugar and salt varieties), body washes, facial masks, and some moisturizers. I walked over to the section with bath/body/massage oils when this guy accidently bumped into me. “Sorry about that. I didn’t see you there.” He said to me. I then turned to him and replied, “I’m okay.” I got a good look at him. He was tall with deep brown eyes and short, dark brown hair; he wore a dark grey long-sleeved shirt with dark stonewashed jeans and dark brown shoes. I even got a look of what’s in his shopping basket, which contained bottles of massage oil and candles. “I’ve never seen you here before.” He said. “Oh, I’m from Fair Oaks.” I said to him. “My name’s Dominic, Dominic Mitchell. What’s your name?” He asked. “I’m Kat. It’s short for Katherine.” I replied. “So what brings you to Napa?” Dominic asked me with a smile on his handsome face. “I’m in much need of relaxation, plus I’ve been pretty sore lately, body wise.” I responded. “I’m a massage student and I could use the practice.” Dominic replied as he showed me his school identification card. Interested, I said, “Oh, you’re a massage student?” “Why yes, I’m studying massage therapy over at Sonoma State. I work and live here in Napa, but I go to school in Sonoma.” Dominic replied as we both walked to the register. Once we paid for our purchases, Dominic and I stepped outside of the store to talk. The idea of being relaxed by a young man sounded intriguing to me, especially if he’s a massage therapy student. I then wondered how good he with his large hands and even imagined them rubbing all over my body. “Would you like to go out to dinner with me tonight?” Dominic asked me. “I’d love to, Dominic. I stay over at the Westin Verasa Napa.” I replied. Great, I can pick you up at 8:30 tonight; let me give you my phone number.” Dominic said as he wrote down his cell phone number on a blank piece of paper. I then returned the favor and gave him my cell phone number. After Dominic and I exchanged goodbyes, I headed on over to the Oxbow Public Market for lunch. I couldn’t help but smile because I was so excited about my dinner date with Dominic. I first stopped at Gott’s Roadside for a bacon cheeseburger and fries and then went to The Model Bakery for a cupcake fix (I got one each of five flavors: white cupcake with vanilla frosting, chocolate truffle, chocolate raspberry, red velvet, and chocolate with chocolate buttercream). I walked around and checked out the entire public market for an hour before going back to the hotel. At 6 o’clock, I returned to the hotel to get myself ready for my date with Dominic. I planned together my outfit, showered, styled my hair, brushed and flossed, moisturized, and perfumed with my body with Forever Red. I then got dressed as soon as the perfume dried on my body. I wore this black European silk blend t-shirt and a black leather high-waisted pencil skirt with an asymmetrical zipper and wide side split, both of which I got from the All Saints website. For something sexy underneath my date outfit, I got on a black velvet bra top and matching boy short from Frederick’s of Hollywood. For a splash of color, I put on a pair of red Shoe Republic ankle boots with five and a half inch heels and flashy studs. After putting on my red lip stain on my lips, I got my purse and headed down to hotel lobby with only thirty minutes to spare. 8:30 came and Dominic was right on time for our date. He looked at me and said, “Wow. Kat, you look very gorgeous tonight.” I smiled and replied, “Thank you very much.” Dominic and I walked out of the hotel together; he then opened the passenger door of his silver metallic Dodge Journey for me and we drove on to our dinner date. We arrived at Bounty Hunter Wine & Whisky Bar and were promptly seated. We then looked into the menus, deciding what to eat and drink. As soon as our server took our drink and food orders, we looked into each other’s eyes. “When we were at the store today, I meant to ask you, what made you all stressed and sore?” Dominic said to me. “Well, I have been doing a lot of exercising, fighting, and heavy lifting with my body. You could say I’m sore in a lot of places.” I replied. “Are you sore in any specific spots?” Dominic asked me. “Let’s see, my shoulders, back, arms, neck, legs, and thighs. I’m thinking about going to one of Napa’s many spas tomorrow.” I replied. “How about I relax you? I would love to give you an all over body massage and I can also use the practice, I’ll even massage your hands and feet. Plus, it won’t cost you a thing.” He said. “Oh my, that does sound so relaxing. I’d love that very much.” I replied. “I can bring you back to the hotel after dinner while I get my massage table and oils from my place.” Dominic said. “Okay. While you get your equipment, I can slip into something very comfortable under my plush hotel bathrobe.” I replied Ten minutes later, our food had arrived and we dined on delicious Napa barbecue. We only ate some of platter, so I asked our server for two to-go boxes as Dominic gladly paid for dinner and drinks. With our leftover food in tow, we went into his car and returned to the hotel. He was nice enough to walk me to my hotel room before going back to his place to get his massage equipment. I got out of my date night clothes and wore only my black velvet bra top and matching panties; I then slipped on my plush white hotel room bathrobe. I stood and waited by the door for twenty minutes till I heard a knock on my door. I checked the peephole and there was Dominic. I let him into my room as he carried his massage table, massage oils, candles, a portable stereo, and CDs with relaxing sounds and music. “Where would you like for me to set up everything?” Dominic asked me. “You can set everything up in the living room.” I replied. I was in the bathroom and got one of the plush white towels for Dominic to use for the massage. I also put my long hair up in a bun with a few hairpins and two ponytail holders. After that, I was good and ready for my rubdown. Dominic had the candles lit and the relaxing sounds playing from the stereo, giving a bit of a spa-like experience. I placed a towel on the massage table. I slowly took off my bathrobe, letting it fall to the living room floor. Dominic looked at me and said, “You got an amazing body.” I replied, “Thank you.”, as I turned around and unhooked my bra before laying down on the massage table. I laid my body on the massage table and was prepared for an amazing full body massage. I sighed as Dominic got started by kneading my shoulders. I felt the stress and tension gradually melt from my body; I even felt a few drops of massage oil down my back as he rubbed it onto my back. He rubbed the fragrant oil up and down my back and across my shoulders, I moaned in anticipation as I felt his skilled hands massaging down to my thighs. Dominic moved his hands down to the soles of my feet and things got really blissful; he rubbed all over the feet: soles, tops, toes, and heels. “How does it feel to you?” Dominic asked me. “It feels extremely good.” I replied in a relaxed, blissful manner. Dominic then moved his hands from my feet to my upper thighs. As I sighed, I briefly imagined would it be like if he went further. I wondered if he would let me touch him while he massaged my body and what was his body like without clothes. “So how often do you practice your massage techniques on women, especially ones you’ve just met?” I asked him. “I’ve been studying massage therapy for over a year now and I get good grades. I’ve practiced massages on a few of my female classmates and some of my mom’s friends, only from the neck up.” Dominic replied as he rubbed his hands up and down my thighs. “Well, that’s nice.” I replied. “Would you like for me to massage the front as well?” Dominic had brazenly asked me. “I wouldn’t mind that at all.” I replied as I got up from the table and laid on the table on my back. I felt his hands as he massaged both of my hands and worked his way up to my arms. Then, I felt a few drops of warm scented oil on my womanly breasts. I moaned as his hands massaged my breasts, kneading them like soft, warm bread dough. “Sometimes, I keep a miniature bottle of massage oil by my body to warm it up with my body temperature.” Dominic said to me. “That feels so nice and warm.” I replied. The feel of his hands rubbing and massaging all over my body had generated heat from inside me, it also made me moist between my thighs. I let out a light, pleasure-filled moan as he continued massaging my breasts before he moved his hands down to my stomach. “I’ll be back; I have to get some bottled water from my car. I want to be sure you’re well hydrated after your massage. Would you like for me to stop by ice machine and fill your bucket with ice before I go?” Dominic said as he wiped his hands on the towel and got his car keys. “Yeah, my ice bucket’s in the bathroom.” I replied as I sat up on the massage table and wrapped a towel around my body. Once Dominic got my ice bucket and stepped out, I decided to relax for a while. I then reached down between my thighs and I found that was wet down there. Then again, I might have been wet during my full body massage. I gently rubbed my pussy lips before slipping a finger inside my pussy. I briefly played with myself as I thought of the enjoyable massage that Dominic had given me. Then, I heard a knock on the door. I looked through the peephole and there was Dominic with a six-pack of .5 liter bottles of water in one hand and my newly filled ice bucket in the other hand. I unlocked and opened the door for him. “I got your ice bucket filled.” Dominic said as he put two bottles in the ice bucket. “Thanks, Dominic.” I said to him. “I hope you don’t mind if I put the rest of the bottles in the refrigerator.” He said to me as he went into the kitchenette. “I don’t mind that at all.” I replied. As soon as Dominic put the water bottles in the freezer, he then walked up close to me and said, “I have to go, my best friend’s having a birthday and we’re going out with some friends to celebrate.” “That’s nice. Wish him a happy birthday for me.” I said to him. “Thanks, Kat. How long are you going to be here in Napa?” Dominic asked me. “I’m going to be here for a few days. Why do you ask?” I replied. “I was wondering if we go out on another dinner date, try out the hotel’s hot tub, and maybe I can give you another full body massage afterwards.” Dominic suggested. “All that sounds really great.” I responded. “Is tomorrow night okay with you?” Dominic asked me. “I love that!” I happily said. “I’ll see you tomorrow night, Kat.” Dominic said as I walked him to the door and he gave me a sweet hug. The next night, Dominic and I went out on another dinner date, this time it was at a southern bistro. We then returned to the hotel and changed into our swimwear for a relaxing soak in the hot tub. I got a look at Dominic, who wore a pair of black board shorts; he got a fit body for a guy practicing rubdowns on females. I, on the other hand, wore a string bikini; a black two-piece with white lace trim, bow accents, triangle top with adjustable ties, and matching pucker bottoms. I wore my blue black hair up into ponytail and wore it to the side. “You look amazing in that bikini.” He said as we stepped into the hot tub together. “Why thank you, you look very hot yourself.” I replied. We started making out in the hot tub, surrounded by the warm bubbles. I touched his fit chest with my hands as we kissed while he placed his hands on my upper back. Dominic gently broke the kiss and asked, “So what do you think of Napa Valley?” “I'm definitely enjoying my visit. I feel so relaxed that I don't need any wine.” I replied with a smile. “Though I'm a student studying massage, I would love to give you a full service body massage, happy ending included.” Dominic said looking into my eyes. “All that sounds amazing, especially since I had been walking a lot today.” I said as we both got out of the hot tub. Once we went into my hotel suite, Dominic gently cupped my face with his hands as he deeply kissed my lips. My hands traveled up and down his smooth, ripped body. We continued to kiss as we entered my bedroom, he then sat me down on the edge of the bed. “I’ll get the towels from the bathroom.” He said as he kissed my lips before he went to the bathroom. Minutes later, Dominic came back with two white towels in both hands and placed them on middle of the bed. He deeply and passionately kissed my lips while his hands caressed my womanly body. We kissed as he laid me down on the towel-covered bed; I moaned as he kissed on my neck while his hands massaged my shoulders. I then slowly untied the back of my bikini top and he helped take it off. I moaned in response as he gave both of my breasts a massage while he licked and sucked on my nipples. His hands caressed my legs as he kissed down my stomach, I watched in ecstasy as he planted kisses on the tops of feet, my legs, and my knees. He took it further by kissing on my upper thighs and one of my hips before taking off my bikini bottoms. Once I was completely naked, Dominic looked at me and said, “I'll make you feel so good all over.” He then kissed on both of my inner thighs as he slid two of fingers into my woman cave; he also used his thumb and massaged my clit. I was gradually wet between my thighs from his multitasking and I was indeed ready for him. He got up and walked to the side of the bed, I sat on my knees as I kissed him from his mouth down to his abs; I slowly pulled off his board shorts, I traced my tongue along his length as I stroked it with one of my hands. As I orally pleasured him,Dominic kissed on the palm and the fingers on the other hand. I felt his hands massaging my neck and shoulders and listened to his moans. He passionately kissed my lips and then he said, “Ready for your massage, Kat?” “I'm very ready.” I replied as I laid on my stomach. I relaxed on my towel-covered bed and laid my head on a pillow. I shivered at the feel of his kisses from the back of my neck down to my lower back. I felt a few drops of oil on my back; the oil had a vanilla scent and it was also warm to the touch when Dominic started rubbing it onto my skin. I listened as he tore a condom wrapper open and put it onto his erect cock. I moaned as his cock deeply entered my pussy; his strokes were deep and slow while his hands rubbed on back, my thighs, and my shapely bottom. He then poured some more oil onto my back as he laid his body on top of mine; his hips moved against my hips while his cock stroked my pussy, hitting my g-spot just right. The oil warmed up as our bodies rubbed together, creating intense body heat between us. He kept the foreplay when he kissed on my neck, ran his fingers through my hair, and whispered sexy things in my ear. “Does it feel good?” He asked me. “Oh, yes. Your cock feels so good inside my pussy.” I moaned sexually. The tempo of his strokes switched from slow to fast and back. He took two of the other pillows from the bed and placed them under my stomach before we were in doggystyle position. His hands caressed my thighs before his cock entered my pussy again; my pussy lips squeezed his cock while I rubbed my clit with my fingers, our orgasms were intensely pleasurable. I felt his hands as they massaged my breasts and he briefly pulled me up to kiss my lips. I then turned around and laid on my back. I arched my back and audibly gasped as he tasted my pussy, he held both of my hands while he licked my clit with his tongue. He kissed his way up to my lips as he wrapped his arms around my waist. We switched into a position to where I was on top and it was my turn to give his body a massage. Using the same bottle of warming vanilla massage oil, I poured some of the oil into my hands and rubbed it on my frontal body. Then, I stroked his condom-covered cock with one hand while I stimulated my clit with my other hand. I guided his revived cock into my pussy as I laid my body on top of his. While his cock stroked my g-spot, my oiled frontal body rubbed against his fit,ripped body. His hands explored every inch of my body while he kissed on my lips and neck; I softly moaned against his ear as I rode him. For a moment, we looked into each other's eyes with lustful desire before we kissed. “Kat, your body feels so good on top of me.” Dominic said as he was about to climax. I slid down to his lower body, looked into his eyes, and rubbed his cock between my breasts. I took off the condom and stroked him till his seed spilled on my breasts, some of it dripped onto his abs. I got back on top of him and kissed him on the lips. He wrapped his arms around me and rolled me onto my back while we kissed. He moved down to my pussy and licked it, I held on to the bedsheets and towels as he orally pleasured me once again. He licked and fingered my pussy at the same time, my orgasm was loud, intense, and extremely euphoric. Once my orgasm was spent, Dominic kissed his way back to my lips and spooned while our lust-perspired and massage oil-covered bodies rested on the bed. Several minutes, Dominic came back into the bedroom with two cold bottles of water. I sat up as he offered me a bottle. “So Kat, how did you enjoy your massage?” He asked me. “My massage was very blissful, I especially enjoyed the extras. Plus, you do have the magic touch with those hands among other things.” I replied as I took the very first sip of cold water from my bottle. “I definitely enjoyed massaging and pleasuring your body.” He said with a smile. As soon as we were both hydrated, Dominic got dressed and was about to leave my suite. I slipped on my plush bathrobe, we shared one more kiss, and he went home to Sonoma. I then went into the bathroom and had blissful shower, I masturbated and rubbed a sugar scrub all over my body as I thought of my encounter with Dominic. After my shower, I went to bed with an orgasmic glow all over and a smile on my face. My encounter with Dominic made my Napa Valley weekend much more pleasurable without the wine. THE END

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Preview of Intimate Justice (my romantic suspense in the making)

I packed up my overnight bag, fixed myself a bath liked I always do, and picked out an outfit. I took out a dress from my closet, a purple beaded mermaids dress with sheer flutter sleeves. The dress also had a dipped neckline, a beaded bodice, and a layered mermaids hem. With my matching dark purple heels and sixteen-inch freshwater pearl necklace, my ensemble was complete. I got into my La Salle with my bags in tow, booked a hotel room on my smartphone, confirmed it, and drove to the hotel. As soon as I checked in at the front desk, I went up to my room on the fifth floor and unpacked my by overnight bag. I then texted Derek, letting him know I was at the hotel. I went downstairs to the lobby and into the restaurant. I silenced my smartphone and looked the menu once I was seated, Derek arrived a few minutes later. He looked at me and said, “Wow, Charlotte, you look so stunning tonight.” “Why,thank you.” I replied. Derek said as he sat beside me at the table. We ordered our drinks before we took a walk around the buffet table. “How are you feeling today?” Derek asked me as we sat down together. “A little better right now, though I still feel angry and betrayed by my husband and my best friend. But I don’t want to talk about them now.” I replied. “I felt about my now-ex best friend.” Derek responded. “Right now, being with you is a lot better than being at home by myself while the husband's away.” I said to Derek. “I’m not only a lawyer, but I'm also a woman.” I said as I ate the food on my plate. “I agreed. I mean, you should go out and live a little. Busybodies need a break every now and then.” Derek responded. “The last time I had dinner with a man that wasn't my husband was last Father’s Day when I took my dad out to dinner.” I replied. “That was nice of you. Your parents must be very proud and blessed to have you as a daughter.” Derek said as he smiled at me. “Yeah, my parents have always been proud and supportive of me. My dad was extremely happy when I applied for a scholarship to law school, passed the LSAT, made the Dean’s List at Harvard, maintained a 4.0 GPA, and graduated with honors. My mom was proud, too. She’s was especially proud that I was growing up too fast.” I replied. Derek and I not only enjoyed the food, we also enjoyed each other's company. After two trips to the buffet, I was ready for dessert. I walked up to the dessert station and fixed up a bowl of vanilla soft serve, topped with cheesecake pieces, hot fudge, caramel, and fresh strawberries. I came back and offered Derek some of my dessert, I watched as he scooped up a strawberry with some of the soft serve as he fed it to me. “Charlotte, can I ask you a very personal question?” Derek asked me. “Go ahead.” I replied. “Have you ever thought about having an affair?” Derek asked me. “In my head, yes. But never in real life.” I replied honestly. After dinner, Derek walked with me to my hotel room on the fifth floor. “I really enjoyed having dinner with you, Derek.” I said to him. “I enjoyed you, too” Derek replied. I opened the door and said, “Would you like to come in?” “Yeah.” Derek said as I let him into my hotel room.