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Cody's Gifts

I was at home, getting ready to go my mom’s house for Christmas. It was really cold outside with the temperatures in the teens. I got myself all bundled up in layers. As I gathered my things, my home phone was ringing. I answered my phone and it was my mom. I told her I was on my way to her house and then have the nerve to bring up my ex-boyfriend Jamie, who had not only cheated on me but also broke up with me two weeks before the holidays. I told her I’m coming to her house alone. She said she’ll me where I get there. I hung up and then I looked outside the window. It was snowing outside, so I had turned on the TV to The Weather Channel.

There was heavy rain/snow in my area and also a freezing ice advisory for the area. It was way too cold to go outside, especially to visit my mother, sister, brother and other relatives. So I just stayed in and changed back into my warm cotton pajamas. I took a look at my much decorated living room with a brightly colored tree and dazzling lights. I g…

Snowed In

It was a really cold morning and Stephanie woke up to the sight of snow falling from the outside of her bedroom window. She then turned the TV on to the weather station and heard that there was a snowstorm coming to her area. She headed downstairs as she went into the kitchen to make herself a cup of tea. Then, she heard a knock on the door. She looked outside as she spoke, “Who could that be?”

She walked over to the door as she went and opened it. She felt the cold wind against her body as she opened the door.

“Hey Steph, can I come in?” Cody said to her.

Stephanie saw Cody in his winter gear as he stepped inside. She spoke, “Yes of course, oh my gosh…it must be terrible outside.”

“Yeah, it is. I just wanted to come inside where it’s nice and warm.” Cody said to her.

Stephanie smiled a bit as she quickly closed and locked the door after Cody went inside. “Well, it’s pretty warm in here. Can I make you some hot chocolate?” Stephanie spoke to him.

“Sure, I love some.” Cody said with a smile.

The Viperess's Romantic Date with Randy

It had been three weeks since I’ve seduced and had sex with Randy. The morning after our first encounter, we have had hot morning sex all over my house and we even exchanged phone numbers so we can call each other. I was on my lunch break while at work when my cell phone rang. It was Randy on the other line and he greeted me with a sweet hello. God! Even hearing his voice sends shivers down to my spine.

“Hey, how you’re doing?” He said to me.

“I’m fine, thanks. How about you, Randy?” I said to him.

“Same here. Been busy doing my thing.” Randy replied.

“Same with me.” I said back.

“It’s been a while since we met and you seducing me, which I enjoyed the seduction at the nightclub. I was thinking maybe I can take you out on a very romantic date.” Randy added.

“Ooh, a romantic date! Please tell me more I’m listening.” I happily gushed.

“I would take you out to dinner to somewhere nice, then have it followed by dessert, a warm bath for two, and end it with romantic, passionate sex.” Randy said to…

Merry Christmas!


World AIDS Day

December 1st is World AIDS Day. To all my readers and fans, I want to remind you please show support and awareness on finding a cure because it affects everyone worldwide. Aside from wearing a red ribbon and practicing safe sex, the best way bot to have it is of course abstinence. I believe that mainly because I'm 25 and a virgin. There are many AIDS organizations you can visit and/or donate to so this disease can eradicated. Just thought I make a special little PSA because I do care. Thank you.

Alcide is my werewolf boyfriend!!

Even though I'm all Team Jacob, this guy's a sweet, sexy beast! I wouldn't mind him fighting for me and making me howl between the sheets!

Who Is Your Werewolf Boyfriend?

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