A Gift for His Mistress

Mike came home from work with a gift for his mistress. The gift was a tall, blonde hunk named Nick. Once Mike and Nick arrived at his house, Mike was excited about seeing the look on Jana's face. Jana came down the stairs and saw Mike and her gift.

Mike said, "Nick, this is Jana, my mistress."

She said, "Hi, Nick. Mike, he's really cute."

Jana got a look at Nick and liked what she had seen. Nick was tall, blonde, blue-eyed, well-porportioned, and had a sexy ass. She inspected him with her hands. She couldn't wait to play with her gift. She was excited about playing with him so she went upstairs to get herself ready. While she got ready, Mike wanted to play with Nick for a little bit. He took Nick's hand as he led him to his room. Once they got there, Mike kissed Nick's lips. His hands played with his short, blonde hair and looked into his sparkling blue eyes.

"I've never had another man kiss me like that before." Nick said

Mike looked at him and smiled. He kissed Nick again, but with more passion. He then took Nick's shirt off. Nick's body was a temptation all its own, firm in all the right places. Tattoos on his arms, chest, and back. His skin was smooth to the touch. Mike then moved lower to kiss his neck. Nick touched Mike's dark brown hair as he moved lower to his abs. Mike's hands unbuttoned then unzipped Nick's dark jeans. His fingers then rubbed his cock through his black boxer briefs. Nick softly moaned as he was touched down there. Nick moaned in anticipation as Mike took his dick out of his underwear and slowly sucked him. His cock felt hard in Mike's mouth. His moans and groans turned Mike on. After the male-on-male foreplay, the men were for her. Mike and Nick walked upstairs to Jana's room.

There, Jana was on her bed, looking at a book of Kama Sutra positions. They were ready for her. Mike and Nick sat beside her as they looked at the book together. As they looked at the different threesome positions, Mike smelled her hair and Nick smelled her feminine scent. Jana sat on her knees as both men took off her turquoise baby doll. She then took off her jeans, giving both men a glimpse of her curvy body covered by baby blue lace bra and panties. She laid her body down on her bed and watched as both men took off their clothes. Mike kissed her lips and neck as Nick stood feeling her hand stoking his bulge under his jeans and underwear. While Mike kissed her neck, she softly moaned as Nick sucked her fingers. They both gently stroked and touched every part of her body. Jana was already turned on by the touch of two men. Her hand slowly slid down Nick's body only to get a feel of Nick's cock hardening through his jeans. Mike then lifted her legs and took off her shoes before kissing her feet and legs. Nick then lowered her bra and began kissing her breasts. Mike worked his way up to her stomach, kissing her there. Her moans increased in tempo as both men were turning her on. She then got up to kiss Mike while she took his clothes off. Nick caressed her body with his hands as she kissed Mike. Nick wrapped his arms around her waist while Mike had his hands in her hair.

Jana then took off her bra and panties, revealing her lush body. Mike kissed her lips and face while Nick moved his mouth down her stomach. Once Nick went down to her pussy lips, he licked and tasted her. Mike sat down on his knees and she sucked him. Mike slowly rocked his hips as she sucked his cock. Nick on the other hand was drinking her nectar like a dweller drinking cold water after a long walk on a hot desert. Mike held onto the bedpost with one hand and cradling the back her head with the other.

"Mind if I play with her alone?" Nick asked, looking at Mike.

"I don't mind at all. I'll just watch. Don't worry baby, I'll still be here to please you and him. " Mike replied, giving Jana some air.

Mike sat down on the chair by the bed and watched them play. Nick was orally pleasuring her body. His skilled hands ran through her body. He licked her thighs and knees.

"Nick, I want you to lick me as I sit on your face." She said to him.

Nick positioned himself on the bed, laying on his back. Jana sat on his face, putting her pussy onto his mouth. She felt his lips and wet tongue tasting her. As he licked her, she played with her breasts. Mike rubbed himself raw from watching them play. Her moans were strong and loud. Nick held on to her hips as he licked and sucked her. She laid on top of him and licked his body up and down.

"Oooh, Nick. That feels so good." She loudly moaned as he continued to taste her.

She orgasmed and felt her juices squirt in his mouth. Mike got up and then gave her a deep, passionate kiss. While Nick was still on his back, Mike and Jana licked and sucked his cock. They did the same thing for his balls. From the way Nick moaned and groaned, he enjoyed being pleasured, especially by another man and a woman. Nick ran both of his hands through their hairs as they orally pleased him. After that, they shared another passionate kiss.

"How about you get on top of him?" Mike suggested to her.

"I sure will." Jana replied.

She got on top of Nick and started riding him. While riding Nick's cock, Mike stimultaneously sucked both of Jana's breasts. He then licked her clit and Nick's cock at the same time, orally stimulating them. He loved how they both tasted. Suddenly, Nick came inside her as she had reached orgasm. As Jana got off of Nick, Mike tasted and licked up all of Nick's cum in her pussy. While Mike tasted her, she caressed Nick's body as he caught his breath.

"My turn, baby." He said to her with a smile.

He deeply entered her with his cock. He held on to her thighs as he thrusted in and out of her pussy. Jana's hand held on to Nick's cock, stroking it. Her other hand held on the bed sheet. Nick got up on his knees and sucked and licked her large, natural tits. She then touched Mike's ripped bod with her hand as she reached climax. Mike got himself ready to cum. He took his cock out of Jana's pussy and came on her breasts and on Nick's abs. After their orgasms were spent, Mike and Jana licked his cum off of Nick's body. Then, Nick and Mike licked up the cum on her breasts.

"Mike, I enjoyed our tall, blonde, hot gift." Jana said as she smiled at Nick and kissed both men.

"I enjoyed Nick too. He should play with us whenever we need him." Mike replied as the three of them laid in bed together.



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