MCFOTM-February-it's a tie! Mario Lopez and Rob Hoffman

I'm back with a new Male Celebrity Fantasy of The Month--but for this month I have two hunks:Mario Lopez and Rob Hoffman! They're both very hot and they really know how to dance. My fantasy for them is I'm at this dance club. I'm dancing to this jam by The Dream-"Rockin' That Thang". As I was moving my hips to the song, Rob walked up to me and asked me if I wanted to dance with him and I said yes. Rob and I were dancing to the song.I felt his hands on my hips as I rock them. Rob and I had so much fun until Usher's "Love in This Club" played and Mario Lopez steps on to the dance floor. Mario and I danced and he grinded his his hips against me. After that, Rob and Mario began having a dance off. After that, I leave with both guys.


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