Private Picnic

Tasha was looking forward to seeing AJ for a private picnic. They have been best friends for such a long time, at least ten years. AJ met with Tasha at the beach. They sat on a big, red and white blanket and began feeding each other different foods from the basket.

AJ said to her “This was a great idea, having a picnic.” Tasha replied, “Yeah, especially with a best friend.” They were just smiling at each other. Lately, AJ has been having feelings for her. He was always there for her. He was her rock and her shoulder to cry on. He was even there for her when she got stood up at the altar because her fiancĂ© Gerald had an affair at the bachelor party on the day before the wedding.

While Tasha was eating, AJ looked into her eyes and said, “Tasha, I’ve been wanting to tell you this for a long time, but I’m starting to have feelings for you.” Tasha had finished eating to look at AJ. She asked, “You have feelings for me?” AJ said, “I know we’ve been best friends for such a long time, but I have been having very deep feelings for you.” AJ moved a little closer to Tasha. He gently pulled her close and softly kissed her lips. It was a long time Tasha had ever felt a kiss from a man.

Tasha pulled back, looked deep into his eyes, and said, “AJ, make love to me.” AJ put the food in the picnic basket and moved it aside. He kissed her lips again, only this time the kiss more passionate and intense as he slipped his tongue into her mouth. He slowly laid her down on the blanket. His lips were still on hers. Their tongues were in a passionate battle in their mouths. Tasha’s hands found his white t-shirt and pulled it over his head. He made soft, open-mouthed kisses from her mouth to her and down to her neck. He sucked and kissed her neck while unbuttoning her blouse, finding her while lace bra-covered breasts. AJ looked up at her and said, “You look very beautiful.” Tasha responded, “You don’t look too bad either.” looking at his body. He made a soft trail of kisses on the tops of her breasts. She softly moaned. He pulls her up and cuddled her, unhooking and removing her bra. Tasha laid back down as he began to softly lick her nipples. Her hands felt his head while he was suckling her breasts. His hands found the waistband of her jeans. He unzipped them and carefully removed them. His lips moved lower to her stomach, French kissing her belly button and licking around her stomach.

She leaned her head back, letting out a moan. He was still kissing her stomach. AJ looked up at her and looked into her eyes as he slowly pushed a finger inside her wet female center through her panties. She moaned against his mouth. “Do you like that, baby?” he asked. Tasha smiled and said “Oh yes.” He inserted two fingers into her, making her have spasms that were almost orgasms. She was very wet down there. “Damn, baby girl, you’re so wet. I really have to taste you.” With his free hand, he parted her legs. Tasha took off AJ’s jeans, leaving him in his boxers. He began kissing up to her knees and softly licked down to her thighs. In one sweep, he removed her panties. While her thighs were still open, AJ lowered his head down to her womanhood to taste her nectar. He was licking her like an ice cream cone. Her orgasms were gradually increasing in tempo as she moved her hips against his mouth. He was savoring her while kissing her down there.

While losing her breath, Tasha passionately cried “AJ, I want you inside me.” He got up and took off his boxers. He slowly and deeply went inside her. As he was going in and out of her, AJ touched every inch of Tasha’s body with his hands. She began calling his name while sucking her neck. They were screaming as loud as they want being that they were alone. With one last thrust, AJ laid on top of her, held her tight in his arms. As Tasha rested, AJ took out a basket full of strawberries, some whipped cream, and melted chocolate. He spread the chocolate and whipped cream on her breasts, stomach, and tops of her thighs. He got out a strawberry, scooped the cream and chocolate from her body, and fed it to her mouth. She licked the chocolate from his finger. Tasha loved the sweet surprise. With his tongue, he licked the chocolate and cream off her body. She licked her lips. He spread a little chocolate on her womanhood and softly tasted her there. The mix of her cream with the chocolate was inevitable and it made her cum even more. After the sweet dessert, AJ pulled her close and kissed her lips, slowly and deeply.


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