A Murderous Affair

I was on a mission. My name is Denise Fallon and I'm a spy for the CIA. My mission was to get information. I was driving my black BMWconvertible and I had to enter this house with many guards. There were two in the garden, one near upstairs, and one in the first floor where the computer is with the information and maybe a surprise.I was dressed in stealth mode for this mission, wearing a black leather corset and pants, black boots, and leather gloves. I not only looked dangerous, but I also feel dangerous because I was armed with a .32 caliber, pepper spray, and a stun gun. To men, I'm sexy,elegant, and a really good lover.

I arrived at the house and a guard was inside who was armed with a machine gun. In order to get in the house, I had to seduce him. I did just that by unhooking my corset and whisper dirty talk to his ear. While doing that, I got my gun and hit him in the back of the head with it. The other guard heard me so I shoot him twice and he fell to the floor.My surprise was waiting for me upstairs who is also the lover of the boss. I go upstairs and I found a nude, pretty, small blonde woman in the bed in the room where the computer is. She saw me holding my gun and was scared. I go to the bedroom, see her, and touched her naked body with my gloved hands. She has never made love with another woman, but the mix of danger and my hands could really do amiracle for her. She touched my legs. Her scent was good for me. I felt her fingers unhooking my corset, releasing my tits. My corset was in the door. I slip my tongue in her mouth while we locked lips.Then, she started kissing my breasts. I take off my pants and boots,but kept my gloves and thong on and placed my gun beside the nightstand. I felt her tongue in my mouth as we played with each other's breasts. My hands were running through her silky blonde hair. Her body was perfect, small with good curves, and she was a kissing expert. We were in bed and she was on top of me. I was hot when her lips moved lower to my belly and down to my pussy after she took off my thong. Her breath was warm and her tongue was wet andpink against my pussy. Not only she was hot, she was also dangerous because she had a little gun with a silencer under the pillow. Shewas thinking of her next move and was in control.She said, "It's my turn, dear" I got my gun and hid it behind myback while I was licking her pussy. Now, she was aiming her gun atme and said, "Don't move, babe." and stand up. She couldn't see my gun. I thought quick and shot her. As she lay on the floor, Isaid, "Nothing personal. Just business." I put my clothes back on,got my weapons, leave the bedroom and go to the computer where theother surprise beckons. I got the information from the computer while the constable was hiding under the table. I see him, reached for him, and leave the room. We were now in the garden where one ofthe guards was alive but in pain. I kicked him twice until he's knocked out. But there was a problem; the constable was following my steps with his gun. He was at my back like a traitor. I saw him andI hit him with the krav maga and combined it with kickboxing. I kicked him in the nuts, made a fly kick to his head, and hit him with the stun gun.I load my .32 caliber and shot him in the heart. He was dead because he was a traitor. Both the constable and the female were dead and so were the guards. The other guards were in pain. They were waiting for the final now. They can feel my steps. One guard was trying to catch his knife, but I hit him with stun gun in the neck. He was dead. I made sure no one else was alive. He was at my feet, opening his eyes, and imploring me .The other guard was incorporated and shot over my leg. But I turned and shot him. They were all dead. I sent the info to the head of CIA. My mission was complete.THE END


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