Taste of Victory

I was very excited about today. Today was my first official NASCAR race at Atlanta Motor Speedway and my first as a rookie. My pit crew wishing me good luck, my fans in the stands were cheering for me and waving signs, my friends and family all supporting me. This was indeed my day. I wished the other NASCAR drivers good luck. Once the green flag dropped, I was ready to rev up my engines. I was passing the others throughout the race. Some of the drivers were either making pit stops or pulled out because of wrecks, I was still going strong and after 400 laps, I had won the race. I made history that day.

Not only winning my first ever NASCAR, but to also be the first ever female NASCAR driver. After I got out of my car, my pit crew and I had celebrated by splashing champagne and soda all around. I received and kissed my trophy. I had been interviewed by the race commentators and congratulated by the other drivers. Suddenly, Dale Earnhardt “Little E” Jr., Jeff “Northern California’s Greatest” Gordon, and Kasey “The Cutie” Kahne not only congratulated me, but they were also flirting with me after the race. I took pictures with fans and the press. Then, my family and friends celebrated my first win with dinner. After the dinner, I went to my luxe apartment where my sexy, college football playing boyfriend David greeted me a big smile on his face, along with pink roses and white champagne. He walked up to me and gave a big hug. He was telling me of how proud he was of me. He was not only happy about that, but he was also still happy that his team, the Texas Longhorns, had won the Rose Bowl three months ago.

David slowly unsnapped and unzipped my black, turquoise, and pink racing uniform, revealing a black satin under wire bra and matching satin bikini panties as he carefully pulled it down my body. In an instant, his lips met mine in a gentle, long kiss. After the kiss, he helped me slip out of my uniform as his hands were exploring my body. I told him all about the race and then told him that I was getting ready to take a bath. He said, “Wait. Let me get ready.” I was in the bathroom, taking off my lingerie and uniform. I was already naked and in the tub, though the water is not running. David came in the bathroom, holding the still-cold bottle of champagne with glass flutes in his hand.

He poured the champagne into the flutes. We toasted, clinked our glasses together, and drank. David kissed my lips again, only the kiss was deeper and passionate and I tasted the champagne in his mouth. With his glass, he poured some champagne on my neck, shoulders, and some on my back and began kissing me on those spots that make me weak in the knees. When I got up, I felt his slippery tongue going up and down my spine. I turned around and David took off his shirt, showing off his six-pack abs and well-built arms. He was admiring every inch of my body. He smiled as he poured some more champagne on my breasts and stomach. He was licking it off of me while sucking my breasts. I love the feel of his warm mouth on my body. His lips moved lower to my belly. I began moaning. I got up from the tub and laid myself down on the bathroom floor.

I could feel the cold champagne being poured on my thighs. His hands held on to my hips as he started licking me there. He sipped some of the bubbly liquid from his glass and began licking and sucking my pussy and clit. I was turned on the fizzy bubbles and his wet tongue. My moans were instantly orgasms, sending me off the edge. While he tasted me, my fingers were playing with his short, dark blonde hair. I watched as he took off his jeans and underwear. I gasped when I felt his manhood swell up inside me. He was going in and out of me, slow and deep. After we had came, David looked at me and said, “Baby, I’m so proud of you. I love you so much. How about we take a shower together?” I responded, “I’d love that.” We got up and got ready for a soapy, steamy shower. Today, I had won and victory has never tasted this good before.

This story is dedicated to all the male and female NASCAR fans out there!


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