Denise Fallon-CIA Spy:Roman Carnival Caper

LOCATION: Rome, Italy

MISSION: To seduce and catch a jewel thief and to stop another jewel heist from happening.

I arrived at Rome. Other than the mission, I thought of so many things about Rome, like the architecture, the history, the romance, the food, the wine, and the art. I even liked the language. My alias was Alyssa Solomon, a jewelry buyer/designer from Los Angeles. I was staying at a suite. I even got a costume to wear for the carnival coming up, a big, flowing, black satin dress with red satin trim with a corseted-bodice, long, floor-length ballroom skirt with red tulle over it, black 6-inch stilettos with rhinestones, long, flowing peasant sleeves, and a black mask with red lace trim around to match my costume.

The jewel thief in question is named Simon Weatherton. According to the CIA files, he’s an expert jewel thief who goes by the name of Harold Felton claiming to own and operate an upscale jewelry boutique in the UK, hailing from London. He was last seen stealing extremely valuable jewelry all over Europe. While other jewel thieves steal from wealthy women who marry old money millionaires and wear Tiffany’s, Kay, JCPenney, and Zales, Weatheron prefers to the likes of Harry Winston, Movado, Carlyle & Co., and Cartier from movie stars, singers, heiresses, supermodels, and even royalty. He’s not only a jewel thief, but a charmer as well. He’ll even steal crowns, wedding sets, and tiaras and has never seen a gem he didn’t like. He takes jewels, no matter the material, cut, number of carats, piece, color, or even maker. He even stole some valuable jewels from the queens of Sweden, Denmark, and Turkey. Everyone began posting lost or missing signs and even promised rewards to anyone who finds them.

My mission is to seduce and catch Weatherton before someone else’s jewels are stolen. That day, I ran into Harold Felton a.k.a Simon Weatherton at the Spanish Steps. He was a strapping 6-foot-5, brown-haired, brown-eyed, British gentleman. We went to an Italian cafĂ©, sipped cappuccino, and talked of jewelry. I even showed some of my jewelry pieces, one of them being a voice recorder and another being a tracking device. I asked him to meet me for dinner at my hotel suite tonight and he accepted my invitation. That night, I ordered room service before my dinner date arrives. I wore a long, black lace dress with high slits on both sides that were up to my hips and black strappy Jimmy Choo sandals and for accessories, a pearl necklace with a heart-shaped diamond worth 25 carats. Underneath my dress was a black micro fiber bra with matching bikini panties. Ten minutes later, Harold arrived nicely dressed with fresh flowers in his hand. We sat down, ate Italian pasta, and drank some fine wine. We stared into each other’s eyes while sharing conversation and enjoying the food. Then after dinner, I made my move. I deeply kissed his lips. My hands began stroking his hair.

He pulled back and took a long look at me.

He said, “Alyssa, you look absolutely stunning, especially in black lace.”

I watched, as he took off his suit, piece by piece until he was in his underwear. His body was mostly muscle but lean.

I told him “Wait right here. I have to slip into something more comfortable.”

Minutes later, I came back into the room, wearing a long, red silk nightgown with a V-neckline. I was still wearing the necklace.

I said to him in a seductive voice, “So tell me what do you do.”

His hands were resting on my hips as he was planting baby kisses down my neck.

He replied, “I own and operate a jewelry boutique in London, specializing in fine jewelry. I hope to open it soon.”

Carefully, he pulled down the straps of my nightgown as he began kissing my breasts. Then, his watch began going off and got up from the bed.

He said, “As much I want to stay and admire your body, I have to go. I have business to tend to tomorrow. I hope to see you at the Carnival.”

I looked and said, “I’ll be there.”

Once he left my suite, I listened in to his conversation from the tracking device and voice recorder through a pair of headphones. I listened in. Harold was on his cell phone talking to his soon-to-be-fiancee, Susan. He was talking about a plot involving stealing jewelry from the Countess Isabella Alexa Drivolia at the carnival tomorrow. The Drivolias are one of many non-title royal families in Italy. They consist of father Count Reginald; mother Countess Tessa Gina, Countesses Isabella Alexa and sisters, Francesca Olivia, Natalia, and brothers Counts Anthony and Tomas. After hearing the conversation, I sent the info to CIA headquarters before turning in for the night. I received a photo of Countess Isabella. She was a long, raven-haired beauty with an infectious smile and curvaceous figure.

The following night was the first night of the Carnival. I arrived by gondola wearing my black and red satin number with mask, black rhinestone heels, and jewels. The scene was wonderful. Lanterns lit up the almost dark sky and people were wearing fancy costumes and masks like it’s a huge masquerade party. I got a view of Countess Isabella and her family while keeping an eye out for Harold. My mask doubles as a camera so I can take pictures. I watched as Harold, who was wearing a dark-green-and-black costume with mask, talk or dare I say flirt with Countess Isabella. I had watched as he was about to take the Countess’s pink-and-blue diamond Harry Winston necklace that was about more 60 carats and costs about 20 grand. I began to run, following Harold. I took out my gun, a .20 caliber, and ran after him. After going through the crowd, I had cornered Harold and shot him on the side. He fell as he held on to side while bleeding. I took the necklace from his hand and I alerted headquarters. Undercover agents and Interpol had caught Harold Felton also known as Simon Weatheron. He confessed to doing all the jewel thefts all over Europe. “Susan”, the soon-to-be-fiancee he was talking on the phone with was an undercover Interpol agent. They found all the stolen jewelry in Simon’s hotel room, which were in his luggage. I returned the necklace to Countess Isabella. The Drivolias thanked me for returning the necklace. Simon was carried away to Italian police. I guessed the only jewelry he can take are the silver bracelets. The Carnival continued on and everyone was having a good time. Count Tomas even asked to dance with him and I accepted.

Within weeks, all the jewelry were returned to the rightful owners. After being caught and recovering from the wound, Simon got 15 years in prison. As for me, I stayed in Italy for two weeks and checked out all of Rome and Italy before going on my next mission. I even received a gift basket and a bottle of fine Italian wine from the Driviolas.

Ciao until next mission, Denise.



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