Heroine of the Night

I was driving home after a night out of clubbing and eating Mexican food with my friends. After dropping them off, I noticed a tall, dark-haired, blue-eyed guy about to be mugged by these two black guys. I ran up and began fighting them. I had kicked, punched, spin-kicked and even head-butted them. After that, they ended up apologizing to the guy almost mugged and started running.

I looked at him and asked “Are you okay?” He looked at me with those blue eyes, grinned and said “I’m fine. Thanks for saving my life.” I said “It’s no trouble at all. My name’s Felicia. And you are?” He said “I’m Matt.” After our introductions, we went into my car and I offered to drive him home. Matt said “I was walking home after hanging out with the guys at the bar when all of a sudden these two black guys in street clothes were about to mug and rob me. But luckily, you got there in time.” We arrived at my place, an apartment. Matt looked around and said “What a nice place you have.” I said “Thanks”. Then, he looked at me. I was wearing a black leather and lace bustier, black leather low-rise jeans, lace-up gloves and black strappy sandals. My entire outfit fitted every curve of my curvaceous, womanly, cotton candy soft body and my dark brown hair was down to my shoulders.

He said to me, smiling “Wow, you look really hot.” I said “Thanks” and then my made my move by kissing his lips. I felt his arms wrapping around my waist. Softly, my lips moved lower to his neck. My hand was under his green tank top, my fingers made a trace of his chiseled stomach. I moved back and heard Matt say “When I saw you in your leather outfit, you look so hot when you kicked the muggers’ asses. Felicia, let me personally thank you for saving me tonight.” In no time, he was kissing my lips. While kissing, we moved to the sofa in the living room. Matt took off his tank top, showing off his lean, ripped body. His lips moved lower, giving access to my neck. He got up and slowly unzipped my bustier. Underneath, I wore a black lace bra. Matt carefully pulled down the straps and bra, leaving my voluptuous 38DD breasts exposed. His hands were cupping and his thumbs were rubbing my nipples. I moaned and nearly came as I felt his mouth softly sucking them. My fingers were running through his dark brown hair.

He then unbuttoned and unzipped my leather pants as his lips and tongue moved lower to my big, round belly. He noticed my leather thong that went with my bustier. I could feel him licking my thick thighs with his tongue. Then, he took off his dark stonewash jeans, wearing only dark blue boxers. I smiled at what I saw. As he got back to pleasing me and worshipping my body, I felt his cock slowly hardening against my thigh. His hands were caressing every inch of my skin. He bent down on his knees and removed my thong in one sweep. I was naked with only my lace-up gloves on. His tongue was licking my clit and pussy. It was sending me over the edge, making me hot and wet. I let out a long moan as he was licking me faster and then started sucking me. My hands began playing with and squeezing my breasts. I couldn’t handle it any longer. Matt got up and took of his boxers. I looked up at every inch of him. My hands explored his entire body and my fingers felt his 8-inch cock. He got on top as his cock went inside my pussy. I felt it swelling up inside me. He was making slow, steady thrusts. His hips were rocking against mine. My hands were going down his back, feeling his firm ass while increasing tempo.

I felt his tongue licking up from my belly to my breasts. My orgasms were getting intense. Then, I had a large orgasm. After he was done, Matt laid his sweaty body on top of mine. He kissed my lips once again. He looked into my eyes and said “Felicia, I’m glad you came to my rescue. You can save my life anytime”. I smiled and said “I don’t mind rescuing you from any serious danger, it’s way better than the other way around.” I was his heroine, a heroine of the night.



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