Denise Fallon-CIA Spy:Rapture in Rio

LOCATION: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

MISSION: To go undercover as a sexy Russian assassin in order to stop an assassination attempt of the president.

I arrived at Rio de Janeiro on my newest SECTION A mission. I went undercover as an assassin from Moscow, Russia named Elena Muskyaya. My mission to infiltrate and stop an assassination attempt on El Presidente, Miguel Fernando Hernandez. According to my SECTION A contacts, a political group being led by Lisa ”La Intrusa” Sanchez and Cisco “El Cobra” Canseco are planning to assassinate Hernandez at the start of Carnaval this week. As with any mission I do, I have my weapons, gadgets, and a hot wardrobe. My weapons and gadgets for this mission are a Smith & Wesson with a silencer, a .22 caliber, a stink bomb disguised as eye shadow, a silver necklace with a pendant that doubles as recorder, a smart phone with GPS, bullets, and a grappling hook that doubles as a hair clip.

As for my wardrobe, I had four outfits: a sexy red dress and heels for Carnaval, a “stealth” outfit consisted a black leather corset, high-heeled boots, and black leather pants, my undercover outfit (dark wash jeans, black lace-up top, and black boots), and the outfit I’m currently wearing, a white short-sleeved jumpsuit, white knee-length boots, blue-tinted sunglasses, and a long, dark brown with chocolate highlights wig styled like Gisele in the Victoria’s Secret commercials. I was told that Sanchez and Canseco were to meet me in their private hangout. When I got there, they wanted to see my shooting skills. I did just that using my fully loaded .22 caliber, using a cardboard box as target practice. They were impressed with the six shots I was firing. I told them the story of how I once took out an entire Russian mob with two guns as part of my cover. Since they were both impressed by me, they gave me the nickname “La Bandita”.

While Cisco went off because he had some business to take care of, Lisa wanted to talk to me privately.

I got a look at Lisa’s face. She had dark brown hair and eyes like Penelope Cruz but her lips were her own.

“I was impressed by your aim and timing, Elena. Especially at how you hold your gun tight.” Lisa said with a smile while looking at me.

I replied in my perfect Russian accent “Well, I always did have keen eyesight.”

“Great. Listen, Cisco and I are having a get together with friends tonight. Will you accept the invitation?” She said in her Brazilian accent.

I said, “I accept.”

She said, “Good. It’s at 8. Don’t be late.”

I replied, “I’ll be there.”

Later that day, I got myself ready for the get together with Lisa and Cisco. I changed into my stealth outfit. I arrived at Lisa and Cisco’s hangout at eight. Lisa opened the door and she looked tempting. Lisa was wearing an emerald green dress with a plunging neckline down to her belly button with matching heels, emerald earrings in her ears, and her black straight hair was put up in a curled high ponytail and adored with a sparkling barrette. She was looking like a Brazilian Selma Hayek.

“Elena, so glad you came. Please come in.” Lisa said smiling.

Cisco had introduced me to some of their friends. While the scene was social, everyone was talking business about what to do at the start of Carnaval three days from now. I decided to get in on it. Lisa and Cisco were discussing the plan. Through their Portuguese language, I overheard about their plan to assassinate Hernandez for political reasons. I had recorded the entire conversation through my pendant. I told Lisa that I had to powder my nose and she showed me where the bathroom was.

I went into the bathroom and immediately transferred the conversation from my pendant to my smart phone and sent it to SECTION A headquarters. After that, I got out of the bathroom. Once Cisco and friends had left, Lisa and I were talking woman-to-woman. Throughout the whole time we were talking, her eyes were going back and forth between my face and my cleavage. She then moved a little closer and lightly kissed my lips. Once we kissed, Lisa got up removed her dress and heels and let her hair down. In the face, she’s like Penelope Cruz. But in the body, she was Selma Hayek and Jennifer Lopez. Next thing you know, she was unhooking my corset, freeing my perfect, non-sagging, natural 44C breasts.

She cupped them while her mouth was sucking them. As she was savoring my breasts, I began taking off my leather pants and my heels. All I had on was a leather thong. Lisa slipped her hand inside my thong with her fingers rubbing my clit. I moaned as I felt one of her fingers inside my slippery, hot, wet pussy. I let out long, loud moans as she was fingering me. I removed the thong from my body and started finger-fucking Lisa who was sitting beside me on the sofa. Her pussy was also bare. We were both getting wet at the same time while moaning and groaning. Then, I was sucking and licking her perfect, similarly large breasts and nipples while my fingers were sliding in and out of her pussy. We were finger fucking ourselves into orgasm when Lisa then kneeled in front of me, ready to eat my pussy. Her slippery pink tongue started licking me. It felt like as if she had done it before.

My hands held on to her head, stroking her dark hair. Her hands were fondling my breasts as she was licking my clit and pussy. As she was moving to my stomach, my hands were caressing her Jennifer Lopez-like ass. We went into a 69 position and started tasting, sucking, and licking each other. From there, we wrapped our legs around each other’s waists into a trib position, rubbing our wet pussies against each other and touching our breasts. We came over and over. Once the orgasm washed over us, we passionately kissed each other’s lips.

Lisa smiled and said, “You were hot and so is your body.”

I replied, “I can say the same for yours.” I was putting my clothes back on because it was getting late and I need my rest.

“So I will see you tomorrow morning then, Elena.” She said.

“I’ll be there.” I replied.

Once my clothes were put back on and my things gathered up, I left Lisa’s house and gave her a kiss.

I went back to my hotel room. When I arrived, my smart phone rang and I answered it. My boss at SECTION A called to tell me that they managed to translate and comprehend the conversation I sent to them. They told me they were discussing an assassination plot against Hernandez and planned on killing him on Friday the day the Carnival starts. I asked them to look up information on Lisa Sanchez and Cisco Canseco. They looked up the info and according to the files Sanchez and Canseco are leader and co-leader of a political group. Just two years ago, they were working in a campaign for Juan Torres who ran against Fernandez in the presidential election. They had high hopes for Torres, but then financial troubles, a scandalous affair, and a very nasty divorce nearly hurt his chances and eventually lost to Hernandez. But Torres still managed to work in office at the U.S. Embassy. The so-called friends that were there that night were also the conspirators in the assassination plot and they even had nicknames such “El Jaguar”, “El Iguana”, etc.

After contacting the agency, I went to sleep that night. The next morning, I had to get myself ready for save the president’s life. I loaded up both my Smith & Wesson and .22 caliber guns. I showered and put on my undercover outfit. Once I was out of the hotel room, I was ready for action. I met up with the others at an abandoned tower where the plot was to take place.

Below the tower, millions of people in bright costumes and everything were getting ready for the Carnaval and the festivities. President Hernandez was about to speak. Meanwhile at the tower, everybody was getting locked and loaded. Lisa and Cisco were aiming their rifles at their target. As they were about to pull the triggers, I made my move by kicking the guns out of their hands. I pulled out both of my guns and pointed at all of them. Cisco tried to walk up to me, but stopped him with my Krav Maga combined with jujitsu and knocked him and the others down with a spin kick. I aimed my .22 caliber at one of them and shot him in the thigh. Lisa and I began to fight so I spin kick in the lower back and then punched her stomach and chest. I shot two of the other conspirators; shot one in the heart and shot the other twice in stomach. After attacking, beating, and shooting the assassins, I took out my hair clip, threw it to the podium, and swung on down the stage. I contacted headquarters that the plot was aborted. Through a translator, I had asked the president if he was okay and had to explain about the plot on his life. After that, I filed a report and sent it to headquarters.

The boss congratulated me on a job well done. The Carnaval went off without a hitch and the president had thanked me for saving his life. Lisa and Cisco were arrested while some of the conspirators either went to the hospital, to jail, or to the morgue. The mission was completed and I got to celebrate Carnaval with everyone in Rio de Janeiro.

Adios until next mission, Denise



Greg said…
sorry for the comment, but you made the same mistake that many people make. Everything in this leads the reader to believe that the language spoken in Brazil is Spanish when the official language in Brazil is PORTUGUESE. NO they are not the same language!

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