Impulsion-CSI fan fic

(Based on the CSI: Crime Scene Investigation episode “Compulsion” from Season Five)

After he and his colleagues wrapped up the murder investigation, forensic geek Greg Sanders went to his place to shower and changed clothes. Once he did that, he decided to return to the Hogs N Heifers Convention at the Tropicana, only this time as a guest. He wore a black turtleneck under a black leather jacket with dark blue jeans and black shoes.

He walked into the hotel where there he meets this big beautiful angel walking into the hotel. She had long, flowing, straight, black hair and had incridescent blue eyes that could melt a freezer full of frozen Snicker bars that went with her peaches-and-cream complexion. She was wearing a red dot rhinestone button top and Baby Phat jeans with a very dark rinse that fitted her 5-foot-4, 220 lb. frame. On her feet were black platform buckle boots.

She said, “Fancy meeting you here.”

Greg turned around and saw her. “Wow, you look great. I’m Greg as in Greg Sanders from the Las Vegas crime unit.”

“Pleased to meet you, Greg. My name is Delilah. Delilah Harrison.”

Greg then looked into and got lost in her bright blue eyes. Delilah took a good long look at Greg and just admired him in a heartbeat.

“I heard about what had happened. I was just shocked when I found out that Jenny did it. She was so nice. She even brought a few of my pieces for herself.” She said looking at Greg.

He said, “Yeah. I agree. Listen Delilah; I was wondering if we could go on a date, you & me. You know, dinner, dancing, and even dessert. I want to get know everything about you.”

Delilah was ecstatic. “That would be wonderful, Greg! I might have to shower and change clothes quickly. I’ve been in this outfit all day.”

They go up to her hotel room on the fourth floor so Delilah can change. Greg was as patient as Delilah got herself ready. It wasn’t long when Delilah stepped into the living room, wearing a black satin halter dress with sequin and flower print along with black Hollywood strap glitter heels. Her hair was long with big curls at the ends with rhinestone barrette to complete her look.

“Delilah, you look very glamorous. You look like you stepped out of old school Hollywood.” Greg said as he looked at her from every angle.

“Why thank you, Greg!” she exclaimed happily.

After that, Delilah and Greg were off on their date. They first went to dinner at the Ruth’s Chris Steak House, savoring on steak and lobster.

“So Delilah, tell me where you’re from and what do you do.” Greg said.

“I’m from St. Paul, Minnesota. I’m an aspiring plus size lingerie model and I also design plus-size lingerie. I also have my own website, which just features me in sexy clothes. When I’m not making sexy lingerie for full-figured girls, I like to shop, eat, cook, go to Minnesota Vikings football games, and write erotica in my spare time.” Delilah replied.

Greg said, “That’s great!”

He then took a piece of lobster, dipped it in butter, and fed it to Delilah with his fingers. She enjoyed it. Being fed by a guy, especially a hot guy like Greg, was something new to her.

After the much delicious dinner, they went dancing at Ghostbar. They were dancing body-to-body on the dance floor while looking into each other’s arms, surrounded by huge crowds of people with lights flashing and upbeat, up-tempo, techno music playing by the DJ. Greg’s hands were holding on to Delilah’s hips before she spun around.

“I’ve never listened to techno music before. I much prefer rock music, mainly Marilyn Manson. Don’t get me wrong, I’m open-minded when it comes to music.” Greg said to her.

“I like rock music myself, but it’s mostly Coldplay and The Fray. But I also like soft rock, adult contemporary, jazz, pop, hip-hop, R&B, a little classical, and a little rap.” Delilah replied.

“Cool.” Greg said as he grinned.

While they were lost in each other’s eyes, Delilah began stroking Greg’s dark blonde hair with her fingers as Greg began stroking her hair and his fingertips were gently touching the curled ends. Her hair looked and felt like black satin from the way it was shining in the lights.

After dancing for almost three hours, they went to The Chocolate Swan at the Bellagio for some post-date dessert. They were feeding each other chocolate-covered strawberries and split a slice of Death by Chocolate cake. As Greg was feeding her a piece of cake, he was enjoying himself to her. He never thought that eating dessert would be foreplay. When he saw a little smidge of frosting on Delilah’s lips, he kissed it off with his own lips. Then, Delilah fed Greg a piece of the same cake. He loved the taste of the decadent dessert but he wouldn’t mind having a taste of delectable Delilah.

After sharing the delicious dessert, Delilah was buying herself a few cookies and a few more chocolate-covered strawberries. Greg looked at her and said, “So Delilah, enjoying the date so far?”

“I’m having a really great time, Greg!” Delilah said happily.

Greg and Delilah went over to the Bellagio Fountains. Right then and there, Greg kissed Delilah’s lips. They continued to kiss when they went to back to the Tropicana. When they arrived at Delilah’s room, Greg couldn’t stop kissing her soft, sweet lips. His hands were stroking her jet-black hair. They sat on the sofa. Delilah’s hands were touching his hair. Their hands were touching each other’s faces while still kissing. Then, Delilah broke the kiss so they could come up for air.

She then said, “I have to slip into something more comfortable. I won’t take long.”

He replied, “Take your time.”

A few minutes later, Delilah came in, wearing this black satin jacquard corset with a black petticoat underneath the matching g-string. Her black hair was in the same style she wore on their date. The corset fitted her luscious curves. Greg was amazed at the fuller-figured beauty in front of him.

He got a look at her and said, “My God, Delilah, you look very tempting.” Even his manhood agreed with him.

Greg was kissing her as his hands were resting on her hips.

“Ever had sex with a big girl before?” Delilah asked as Greg was kissing her neck.

He looked up at her blue eyes and said, “To be honest, Delilah, you’re my first.”

She said, “Wow. You know what find sexy about a guy other than looks and a sense of humor? A guy who never judges anyone and keeps an open mind.”

Greg smiled and kissed her again. Next, he took off his jacket and shirt. He was still kissing her neck while his hands were traveling up and down her curvy body. He was staring at her as he followed her to her bedroom. She was pulling back the covers and sheets of her bed.

“Delilah, I was thinking about doing it with the lights on.” Greg said.

“Really. Why?” Delilah asked.

“Because I want to see you in all your beauty and to feel every inch of you.” Greg replied.

Delilah turned the lights on so Greg can see all of her. She then laid Greg down on the bed.

She got on top of him and began kissing down his lean body. She even took off his jeans, leaving him in his boxers. Her fingertips gently touched his hardening manhood. His fingers were unhooking her corset, freeing her soft, voluptuous breasts and her pillowy belly. He then laid her on her back. Her body felt so soft in his hands. His hands, lips, and tongue began exploring both of her breasts. She let out a moan, letting Greg know she was enjoying it. Greg moved lower to her belly. He loved the feel of her softness beneath him. Her hands were stroking his hair down to his back. He felt smooth and smelled like musk mixed with his scent. She was still moaning while kissing her stomach. His hands were caressing her hips and legs. Greg moved lower and started kissing her thick thighs.

With his hands, he slowly took off her petticoat and her g-string. Her womanhood was bare and pink on the outside, but inside she was hot, soft, and wet. Greg could tell just that by gently slipping a finger inside her. Now that he felt her, he wanted to taste her. He did just that with the tip of his tongue and softly licked her. As he was licking her, he softly sucked her. She tasted sweet to him. He was enjoying all of her. He looked and briefly smiled at her before giving her a small kiss on her lips. Delilah was in such pleasure from him.

He got up to put on a condom before taking off his boxers. He was ready for her. He steadily entered her. As he was going in and out of her, his hands were holding on to her hips. He was kissing her face and licking her ear while going deeper. He was calling out her name as he was pleasing her. They climaxed and reached orgasm in a passionate heat. He gave a lengthy kiss on her lips. They wrapped their arms around each other and stare longingly in each other’s eyes.

“You’re amazing, Delilah. Every single thing about you is a total turn-on.” Greg said as he lightly stroked her hair and kissed her forehead.

“Same thing about you, Greg” Delilah replied.

“I’m free this weekend, Delilah. Would you like to go on another date with me? Greg asked.

“With you, Greg, I love to.” She replied.

Going on date with a big girl was great for Greg, but being in bed with her without getting crushed was even greater.


Mike T said…
Nice story, good work.

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