Honey Love

I walked on over to my boyfriend AJ’s house, ready to spend a very romantic evening with him.

“Hey baby. How are you doing?” He said as opened the door and let me in.

“I’m doing just fine, baby.” I said to him.

He was wearing a blue tank top that showed off his tattooed arms and wore jeans and sneakers. He looked at me with those brown eyes of his.

I sat on the couch and relaxed while he went into the kitchen. Not long, he came back and offered me a glass of ginger ale and he got himself the same thing being sober and all. Once we drank our ginger ales, AJ had a look of passion in his eyes as he carefully put down our glasses when he started to kiss my lips. His hands rested on the sides of my face then slowly fell to my hips. I felt his tongue slip inside my mouth while still kissing me. We continued to kiss as he lifted me from the couch and we made our way to the bedroom. My arms were wrapped around his neck.

Once we were in the bedroom, AJ unsnapped my blue blouse while he was kissing my neck, my most sensitive body part. My hands went under his tank top, making traces of his lean body. His hand cradled the back of my head as I leaned my back, giving his lips and tongue to it.

I let out short and long pants once he took off my blouse. He sat me down on the bed and his hands were moving down to my lower back. I watched him take his tank off before he laid on top of me. His fingers found the button and zipper on my jeans and undid them, leaving me in my blue lace underwear. His lips were kissing the tops of my voluptuous breasts as his hands reached around and undid my bra. He heard me take a sharp intake of breath as my breasts were freed.

AJ kissed my nose and then said, “Wait right here. I’m going to surprise you.”

Once he left, I laid myself on the bed, resting my head on the pillows. Minutes later, he stepped into the bedroom and then I felt something dripping on my belly. His tongue began licking me with his tongue. I let out a sigh and a moan. When he started kissing my lips, I tasted something sweet on his tongue in my mouth. I recognized the sweet taste and it was honey.

He poured some honey on my breasts and began sucking and licking them. I let out a long moan and pant. He moved lower to my clit and pussy and took off my panties. AJ slowly started licking me down there. My hands were on top of his head, as he tasted me.

“Mmmmm. You taste so good, baby. You’re so wet.” He said to me.

I was getting wetter and wetter while AJ was going down on me with a little honey still on his tongue and lips. Then, he began sucking my clit. I was losing my mind and my breath at the same time.

AJ looked at me and said, “Turn around.”

I did just that. I laid on my stomach as AJ poured honey down my back and behind. He was kissing and licking all over my backside. I was getting ticklish and aroused all at once. One of his fingers found my soft, hot, wet slit and began finger fucking me. My near orgasm was reaching fever pitch. Next, he turned me over on my back again. He took off his jeans and underwear, exposing his cock to me. He was getting hard when I felt it against my thigh. He went inside me slow and deep. I felt myself clinging to him while going in and out of me. His hands were holding on to my waist. Every time he was going in and out of me, he would give me a small kiss on the lips. I felt him cumming inside me once our orgasms overtook us. He laid on top of me, holding me.

“Did you enjoy your surprise?” AJ asked.

“I loved it, baby. Thank you.” I replied.

He smiled and said, “Baby like honey, you’re always so sweet.”

I just smiled, giggled, and said, “AJ, I loved the surprise and all, but we getting kind of sticky from all that honey.”

He looked at me, nodded, and said, “Yeah, let’s take a long, hot shower and make love again.”

I said, “I’d really like that.”

We both got up from the bed, went to the bathroom, and took a hot shower together. Who knew sex would be this sweeter?



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