My list of men I want to bang

1.GALEN GERING-sweet and sexy,hot body,those make-you-melt browneyes (romantic)
2.JUSTIN HARTLEY-sexy smile, how hot he looks in anything (both)
3.ERIC MARTSOLF-those arms of steel and those blue eyes (goes either way as long as I'm in his arms all night)
4.NICK LACHEY-hot body,hot voice,would definitely want him to serenade me before getting it on (romantic)
5.JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE-sexy body,sexy voice,sexy moves,definitely wanna rock his body (both)

Christopher Meloni
Nick and Aaron Carter
John CenaOrlando Bloom
Prince William
Charles Divins
Jeff Timmons
Drew Lachey
AJ McLean
Kevin Richardson
Brian Littrell
Tom Brady
James Scott
Matthew McConaughey
Jake Gyllenhaal
Jude Law
Thad Luckinbill
All the guys at and
Derek Jeter
Brandon Beemer
Joshua Morrow
Jacob Young
Kasey Kahne
Jeff Gordon
Carl Edwards
Zeb Atlas
Julian Mchanon
Chippendales dancers
Blake Lewis
Adam Levine
Victor Webster
Antonio Sabato Jr.
Brad Pitt
Matt Damon
James Hyde
Raoul Bova
Andy Roddick
David Beckham
Shemar Moore
Jesse Metcalfe
Jesse McCartney
Rusty Joiner
Don Diamont
Mario Lopez
Brady Quinn
Reggie Bush
Adrian Bellani
Mark Cameron Wystrach
Eddie Cibrian
David Boreanaz
Brewer twins
Carlson twins
Julian Fantechi
and so on....
so many hot celeb men, so many fantasies, so little time

Ladies, I wanna know who are in YOUR top five men you would want to bang!


tell_redshoe said…
Dear Jana,

Based on your list of men, you are going to be on your back for an extended period, maybe even longer than Paris.

I just hope you do not get bed sores. If you accomplish your goal, you should consider post vids of your exploits.

Mike said…
I agree with the vids :)
but I thought you would the "always on top" type of girl
Jana said…
To Mike, I happen to like being on top.

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