A Rapturous Rhapsody

Amy was playing on her piano in her living room. Playing the piano is her hobby. The piece she was playing Beethtoven's Fur Elise. As she played, Kevin quietly walked into the living room with a bouquet of roses that were lavender (love at first sight), orange (heart's desire), and red (romance and love).

He softy placed the rose bouquet on her lap. Then, he sat behind her on the piano as he watched and listened. He imagined touching and kissing her, playing with her body like a delicate instrument, and hearing her moans, groans, and sighs that were music to his ears. He gently felt the tight curls on her long dark auburn hair. Once she finished playing, he softly kissed and then applauded her. She then looked at him and smiled.

"Kevin, I didn't hear or see you come in." She said.

"You look so beautiful playing the piano." Kevin replied as he gave her the roses.

"They're lovely, Kevin. Thank you." She said, looking at her rose bouquet.

"The roses are as lovely as the woman who plays the piano." He said, looking at Amy.

She blushed as she put her roses in a crystal water-filled vase. Kevin then walked up behind her, softly wrapping his arms around her waist. She turned to him as he kissed her lips. He led her back to the piano bench where she sat. He kissed her deeply as he caressed her body. As they kissed, he unbuttoned her black cotton blouse button by button. His fingers lightly traced from her face to her neck to the tops of her breasts. He kissed one side of her neck while his hands softly caressed her white lace bra-covered breasts. He then took off her blouse, letting it slip from her body. His hands moved lower to her dark gray skirt. His hand softly touched her thighs then moved up to her back where he unhooked her bra. His hand fondled her bare breasts. His tongue lightly licked her nipples before taking each breast into his mouth.

Amy's moans were a light crescendo as Kevin pleased her body. He kneeled down and kissed up from her legs to her thighs. He took off his shirt, showing his lean, cut bod that has always turned her on. He then laid her down on the piano bench. Amy reached out her hands to touch his body.

"Amy, I love how good you feel under my hands and my mouth" Kevin said, looking into her blue green eyes as he kissed and licked her stomach.

Amy still moaned and groaned from every touch and kiss Kevin made on her body.His hands went up to her breasts, squeezing them. His mouth suckled her breasts a little more before kissing her lips and neck again. He planted a few kisses and licks on them before moving lower. His green eyes became dark with lust when he saw a wet spot on her white lace panties. He carefully took them off from her body. He inhaled her feminine scent as he inserted a finger into her pussy. Her moans increased in sound as he fingered her pussy and licked her clit at the same time. Kevin added another finger, making her even more hotter and wetter. He replaced his fingers with just his mouth. He softly and slowly tasted her female nectar which was as sweet as honey. His rough facial hair tickled her spot and her thighs. Amy stroked his black hair as he tasted and licked her. He then unbuttoned and unzipped her skirt before sliding it off her body.

"You're just as beautiful naked as you were full clothed." He said to Amy, looking at her curvy body.

Amy smiled back as she watched Kevin get on his feet. He ran his fingers through her hair as she unzipped his pants. She slowly pulled down his black boxer briefs and licked him nice and slow. Amy could hear his moans as his hands travelled up and down her body. Like her moans are music to his ears, his moans were music to hers.

"Ohhhhhh, Amy." He moaned.

After the oral seduction, Kevin kissed her lips again. He then switched places with Amy on the piano bench. He laid himself down on the bench and let Amy get on top of him. Though her back faced Kevin, Amy slid into his cock and rode him. Kevin caressed her entire body as she rode him. He even rubbed her clit while she was on top. After that, Kevin and Amy spooned on the floor by the piano as he went in and out of her.

"Amy, I would love to hear you come for me. I love it when I pleasure you." Kevin said, moaning into her ear.

Amy moaned and groaned as Kevin pleasured and held her. He kissed her neck and licked her earlobe as she reached climax.

"Kevin, don't stop! You're gonna make me come!" She loudly exclaimed.

She moaned as loud as she can until they had both reached orgasm and Kevin's essence spilled inside her. They were in pure, sexual bliss as he sucked one of her nipples and kissed her lips deeply and passionately.

"That was wonderful!" Kevin panted happily.

"It was." Amy said blissfully.

"I was thinking we should have an encore in your bedroom. I would to taste and touch you again and again." He suggested brazenly as he looked into her eyes in a lustful stare.

"I like the thought." Amy said smiling as Kevin wrapped his strong arms around as he carried her to the bedroom for another fantastic performance.


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