The Body That Loves You

Amy couldn't wait to see Howie. He was the only thing on her mind. She came home from work and went into her house. She noticed Howie's car was parked by her driveway. She wondered what was he doing at her house. Once she got in, she noticed there were candles lit all over the living room, a bottle of wine chilling in ice with two glasses nearby, and a trail of rose petals. Then, she saw Howie with a long-stemmed red rose bouquet in his hand.

"For my lady" he said to her,handing her the roses.

"Oh Howie, you shouldn't have." Amy said in amazement.

"Baby, you're all I think and dream about. I think of kissing you, touching every inch of your body, making love to you all night long, hearing you moan and groan." He said to her.

Sensual physical love
Is waiting here for you
Will you unleash my desire?
[CHORUS:]These are the hands that'll touch you
These are the lips that'll kiss you
These are the arms that'll hold you
So come get this body that loves you
Oh how my heart does miss you
Stroke me so gently my love
I love it when you mmmmm...
Will you unleash my desire?

His hands began to touch her. His heart was aching to be with her. He gave her a glass of wine and she took a few, small sips. Howie then took her hand and kissed her hand before moving to her lips. Not only was his heart aching for her so was his manhood because it was getting harder by the minute. His soulful, deep chocolate brown eyes were undressing her. His hands ran through her silky shoulder-length reddish brown hair as he continued kissing her lips.

Baby my heart's achin
My body longs for you
Candlelight and wine are waiting
Create the mood forLove
Sensual physical love
Is waiting here for you
Will you unleash my desire?

As I behold you with my eyes
They'll undress you and you'll undress me too
I want to feel you move inside me
Oh how I long for your
Sensual physical love
Is waiting here for you-hoo-hoo
Will you unleash my desire?

Stroke me so gently my love
I love it when you mmmmmm
Will you release my desire?

His lips then moved down to her neck, which was one of her most sensitive spots on her body. His hands then unzipped her black leather jacket, letting it fall onto the tile floor. He slowly unbuttoned her blue striped blouse one by one. His lips lowered to the tops of her breasts which were covered by a navy blue satin bra. He cupped her breasts with his hands as his lips planted soft kisses them. Amy softly moaned at the feel of his lips and hands all over her body. He was taking his sweet time on her.

He slid the blouse off of her body while his hands moved lower to the waistband of her black short skirt, unzipping the back. Amy was left in her lingerie and her black high heels. Howie then lifted her as he carried her in his arms to the bedroom.

Undress meSlowly
(these are the hands that'll touch you)
I want to kiss you all overIs that okay?
(these are the lips that'll kiss you)
We embrace...Skin to skin
(these are the arms that'll hold you)
Hold meOh babyMy body's arched for you
(come get this body that loves you)
Come here
I've missed you so much
I forgot how good it could feel
(oh how my heart does miss you)
Please make love to me
(come get the body that loves you)

Once they got to the bedroom, Howie gently laid her down on the bed. He removed the shoes from her feet, then began working his way up her body. He softly kissed before he moved lower to softly kiss and lick her thighs and legs. Amy passionately sighed at the feel of his kisses. His hands unhooked the back of her bra, freeing her lush breasts. His mouth suckled and licked them like they were covered in sugar. His hands slowly caressed every square inch of her. Amy couldn't get enough of Howie. She loved all the foreplay, but she now wanted to feel him inside her.

"Howie, please. I love all this foreplay but I want you inside me. Right now!" Amy loudly moaned.

He looked at her,smiled, and said, "Be patient, baby. Good things come for those who wait."
Howie then unbuttoned and unzipped his khaki pants. His fingers found her panties and saw a wet spot at the crotch.

He sinfully smiled as he said, "Somebody's getting wet." as he slowly removed her panties. His lips kissed and licked her sweet love box. Amy took a sharp breath as he tasted her. She arched her hips as he fingered and tasted her at the same time. She ran her hands through his dark brown hair. Amy started calling his name.

Howie then looked up at her and said, "Mmmmmmmm Amy, you taste so sweet."

Then, he got up and sat on his knees. Amy reached out her hand and slowly stroked his hardening manhood under his boxers as he took off his pants. He softly moaned against her ear.
"I'm ready for you, Amy." Howie said to her as he took off his boxers.

He was ready to get inside her. He entered her love box nice and slow. Amy let out a passion-filled gasp as he filled her. He went in and out of her while his hands had caressed her body and he held her close to his body. They looked into each other's eyes as they reached climax together. Then Howie came inside her. He laid on top of her body and deeply kissed her lips.

"Amy, my body loves you. My hands love to touch you and my lips love kissing you all over. I love making love to you." Howie said to her.

Amy replied "Howie, I love it when you make love to me."

With that, Howie passionately kissed her lips as they were about make love again.

The Body That Loves You-Janet Jackson


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