Working With Mario

I was so thrilled to have written my very first screenplay and then have it being made into a movie. I can't believe it! Me and my actress friend Martina were working with none other than Mario Lopez! The movie is an action/romance about a female government agent named Serena Davenport played by Martina who goes undercover as a mob hitwoman to rescue Luciano Favoritti, son of crime mobster Stanley Favoritti, (Mario) from a rival rob family known as the Driscollis. I was so positive that this movie will make Mario a huge screen star, especially since I picked him for the part of the mobster's son. I hoped he doesn't mind that wrote a few scenes where he is naked, front and back. I'm sure he didn't mind doing three seperate love/sex scenes with Martina's character either.

Anyways, Martina and I were excited because Mario came to rehearse a scene with us. At my house, none the less! The scene Martina and Mario weree rehearsing was where after Luciano (Mario's character) thanks Serena (Martina's character) after being rescued from the mobsters.

"Hello, ladies" Mario said to us with his charming, dimpled smile.

"Hi, Mario. You're just in time." I said to him as I shaked his hand.

"Hi" Martina said smiling at him.

"Ready to get started?" I asked.

"Sure." He said.

"Okay, in this scene. You and Serena go to her hotel suite after saving you from your family's rivals. You thank her personally. She doesn't mind because it is her job. But then you really thank her by kissing her lips with such passion. Then your hands began touching her body with slow, manly caresses." I said to Mario.

I sat down and said, "Ready and go."

Mario read his line "Serena, I must thank for risking your life and safety to rescue me from them."

Martina read her line, "Luciano, I do what I have to do. I had to take out all the hitmen to bring you back to your family."

Mario then ran his hand through her hair before deeply kissing her lips like in the script while his other hand was on her hip. His hands were running through her body as the kissed turned passionate. He then carried her in his strong arms to the bedroom as scripted, along with their scripts. He continued to kiss her lips before getting the chance to take off her clothes. Mario sat Martina on the bed as he slowly removed her clothes. He worked his way up by pulling off her ankle boots and began kissing from her feet to her ankles to the her legs. His fingers lightly touched up her thighs. He kissed her again with his tongue lightly touching her tongue and her lips. Martina took off his shirt, getting herself a glimpse of that sexy body of his that has women (and some men) lusting after him. He then unbuttoned Martina's baby blue button-down shirt. His lips then moved down to her neck while his hands stroked up to her face. With one hand, he helped her out of her short black pleated skirt. Martina was already in her white satin bra and panties by the time they had finished kissing.

A few minutes, I came into the bedroom. I said to them, "I take it that rehearsal went well."

Mario and Martina giggled. Martina then said, "We were so into the moment."

"No problem. Just thought I see how things are going." I replied.

"Would you like to join us?" Martina asked.

"I don't know." I said to her.

"Oh come on. I bet Mario would love to rehearse his kissing technique on you. Please please" Martina pleaded.

"I don't mind. I've never practiced kissing two women before." Mario said.

I got a look at Mario's body and even I was a little turned on at how ripped this guy really is. He got up from my bed and then passionately kissed my lips the same way he kissed Martina when they were rehearsing. My hands touched his black hair while his hands found their way up and down my back. He then led me to the bed and softly kissed my lips again. Martina then slipped her hand under my pink hooded short-sleeved shirt before she kissed my lips. My hand ran through her waist-length medium red hair. Mario had his lips on my neck, kissing, licking, and nibbling on it. I squeezed her white satin bra-covered sixe 34C tits. Both Mario and Martina lifted the shirt off of my voluptuous, 195 lb.body.

"You look very curvy, especially for a script writer. Yet you're very beautiful." Mario said to me which made me blush all over.

I smiled at him as I took off my dark-rinsed flare jeans. The feel of Mario's hands all over my body made me really hot. He kissed my neck as Martina removed my pink and orange cotton and lace underwire padded bra, freeing my soft, luscious 42D breasts. Mario feverishly planted kisses up and down my body. I couldn't think straight as both Martina and Mario began sucking both of my breasts. I touched them both as they licked and suckled as if they were drenched in honey. I let out a lengthy moan, signaling my arousal to them. Martina and I looked at each other and then we laid Mario down. We took off his jeans and underwear. We licked his cock and balls at the same time and took turns sucking him too. I could tell from the way he moaned that he really enjoyed it. His hands were stroking our hairs as we orally assaulted him. I thought to myself "he tastes so sweet like caramel". After that, we licked his ripped abs. Next thing you know I took off Martina's white satin panties and I began licking her pussy. I spead her pussy lips so and Mario can I have a taste.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh that feels so good." Martina loudly moaned.

I slipped a finger into her wet pussy while Mario and I licked her. We felt her hips rocked against our mouths. Mario and I then sucked and licked her breasts, feeling her nipples hardened in our mouths. I finger fucked her while Mario orally played with her tits. Her moans and groans got louder and intense as I finger fucked her harder. Once she came on my fingers, I let Martina taste herself before Mario and I licked her cum from them. Mario then laid me on my back as he took off my matching pink and orange thong panties. His sexy, kissable mouth was ready to taste my honeypot. His mouth covered my bare, pussy as his tongue flickered against my clit. The way he tasted my feminine honey was like that of a bee to a flower's nectar. I arched my hips at the feel of him tasting me. Meanwhile, Martina played with her own pussy, giving herself a solo orgasm. I had loud orgasm myself as I told Mario not to stop tasting me. I squeezed my breasts as Mario continued to lick my love box. Once I got off, he positioned himself on his back. Martina sat on his face and I placed myself on his cock and rode him. I rode his cock hard and slow while Martina faced me as Mario ate her pussy. Mario held Martina's hips in place as he tasted her. While Martina and I were on top of Mario, we played with each other's tits and hair and kissed each other's lips.

Martina and I then played with each other some more. We did more kissing and tit play as our pussies rubbed against each other hard in a trib position, getting extremely wet. Mario got turned on watching us play with each other, he stroked his own cock till it was nice and hard. Martina and I then switched places only to have my pussy eaten while Martina rode his cock. We moaned louder and louder until we came. Martina felt some drops of his precum on her pussy lips as she orgasmed. Mario was ready to fuck us both. He started fucking Martina's pussy first. His cock went in and out of her pussy from behind. I was under Martina as she got fucked. Mario played with her tits and I licked her nipples as he went in and out of her. Martina moaned intensely until he pulled out and cummed on her pussy lips. Mario then turned her around and kissed her mouth. Next thing you know, it was my turn to be fucked.

Mario placed his hands on my hips as his cock entered my sugar walls. He felt so huge inside of me. He entered me deep and slow as I watched his perfect yet sweaty body rock against my soft,curvy body. I wrapped my legs tight around his waist while he banged me. His hands then moved up to my face then up to my silky, black, shoulder-length hair. I moaned and groaned loud and hard as he went in and out. He watched my tits bounce up and down. Then, I reached orgasm and felt him cummed inside me. He then looked at me and said he wanted to fuck my big, sexy,soft tits. That was so unexpected. He positioned his hands on top of my tits as he slid his still hard cock in and out between my tits. I placed my hands on top of his and watched as his cock snaked hard between my breasts . I snaked my tongue to lick his head. Once he came, i licked and sucked him. He then rubbed his cock till his man milk made drops on my tits. Martina licked her lips as she licked and sucked his cum from my breasts and nipples. After that, she kissed my lips and we tasted him. Martina tasted my pussy and licked the cum off of there too. Mario wedged between us and kissed both our mouths.That was the most hottest threesome we ever had.

"You girls are extremely amazing. I look forward to start shooting the movie with you both." Mario said with a smile on his face.

Martina said to me, "You should cast me in your movies more often. Can't wait to see who you got for the next script you write."

"Yeah, I should." I replied, smiling.

Martina and I were so naughty in our threesome with Mario, we make Paris Hilton look like a church mouse. Filming on the movie started the following week which took place in New York City. The shooting lasted 8 weeks and 2 and half months. After shooting wrapped, the movie premiered with excellent results and became a hit smash. Martina and I were so proud of the success. The movie was also a huge hit overseas, in London, Paris, Tokyo, etc. There were plenty of fans at the premiere and they greeted Mario with screams and cheers. Martina and I were also greeted with applause. The movie was number one at the box office for 5 weeks. I couldn't wait to start working on the next movie script and Martina couldn't for us to have another threesome with a male co-star.


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