Original Black Dress Diva-Part Four

On Saturday morning, I wanted to get myself ready for a day out with my little brother. But first, I had to change the sheets on the bed, work on the garden, and also gather all the necessary documents in order to get a passport. By noon, I showered and got dressed. I then took the keys to the E-Class convertible before I headed out the door. I texted to my little brother: “I’m on my way to pick you up.” With my purse in tow, I got into the car and drove over to the UCLA campus. Jonathan stays with two other guys, his best friends Stephen and Winston, at Morgan Hall. I made it to the parking lot at the front of the dormitory. This particular dorm was occupied with mostly biology, engineering, and physics students. I noticed a couple of geeks and nerds, especially some cute-looking ones, both guys and girls. I bet some moonlight as models to even out the looks with the book smarts. There was even a blonde physics student who not only nearly dropped his Physics 101 book, but also his towel since he had just taken a shower when he saw me. I walked up to room 220, which was Jonathan’s dorm. I knocked on the door and Jonathan answered it. I went in and gave my little brother a hug. “Ready to go, little bro?” I said happily. “I’m almost ready. My friends and I are finishing up a game of Clue.” Jonathan replied. “Take your time.” I said. “Hi, Kat.” Stephen and Winston looked at me and said in unison. Stephen Thatcher was a red-headed, blue eyed physics major who writes fiction and draws comics in his spare time. Winston Brown, on the other hand, majors in forensic science and loves mystery novels and true crime books. The black-haired, dark brown-eyed student also has a girlfriend on campus. “It was Mrs. White in the living room with a gun!” Winston happily said. “I’m ready, Kat.” Jonathan said as he walked up to me. “Okay, little bro.” I said. “Guys, I’ll be back soon.” Jonathan said to his friends/roommates as we left Morgan Hall. “So how’s school?” I asked Jonathan. “School’s great, made the Dean’s List for the second time.” Jonathan said. “That’s great!” I exclaimed happily. “How about you, sis?” he asked me. “Life’s good, been keeping myself busy everyday.” I replied as we got into the E-Class. “That’s a sweet ride! Is it yours?” Jonathan said. “It was Carl’s.” I replied. “Really?” He asked. “Yeah, I found out he had this E-Class, along with two other cars, two motorcycles, five or six luxury vacation homes, etc.” I replied. Jonathan and I drove over to Knorr’s Berry Farm, went on a few rides, then we went to Monterrey and bought lunch at the Paris Bakery, and had lunch at the beach. We even fed bread pieces to the seagulls and looked at sea lions. When we were kids, we loved going to Knorr’s Berry Farm, Disneyland, watching sea lions, etc. We also loved going to aquariums and museums. With us being former student athletes, we even liked going to the batting cages. I like bonding with my little brother, even though we’re miles apart. Our mom would sometimes take us to the beaches on weekends and even watched us play, build sandcastles, and looking for seashells. When he’s not studying engineering, Jonathan’s an avid sports fan, particularly basketball. His favorite player’s Steve Nash and he would often go to Suns games with our dad when he’s visiting him in Phoenix. He’s really excited about Steve Nash playing for the Lakers. “I might buy season tickets for L.A. Lakers games when the regular NBA season starts.” I said. “If you do, save me a ticket.” Jonathan said. “Sure thing, little bro.” I replied. After an afternoon at the beach, we went over to The Shops at Tan in San Bruno. There, we went to Game Stop and bought a couple of video games; I even bought a Nintendo Wii and an XBOX 360 for myself. I then brought Jonathan back to Morgan Hall at UCLA. After that, I returned home. I went online and chatted with Simon and Bianca on Skype. They told me about an upcoming anniversary: their wedding anniversary. They’ve been married for sixteen year and they even talked about renewing their wedding vows in Las Vegas. I was so happy for them; Bianca even asked me if I could be a maid of honor/bridesmaid in their vow renewal ceremony. Being so honored, I said yes. Bianca was super thrilled; she and Simon looked forward to meeting me. They told me they’ll let me know about final plans. After talking to them online, I went into the kitchen, took out my burgers and fries from last night out of the fridge, and warmed them up in the toaster oven for a few minutes. I then ate my food and it was just as good as it was the first time I had it at the Wild White Stallion Saloon. On Sunday morning, I slept in for a few hours, prayed, and had breakfast. I then packed up my turquoise and pink beach bag because I felt like having a beach day. In my beach bag, I put in two swimsuits, a hat, extra clothes, sunscreen, sunglasses, and a pair of sandals. Before having my beach day, I first stopped by the florist and drove over to the cemetery to visit Carl’s grave. I placed the flowers onto his grave, talked to him for a little bit, and kissed his gravestone. After that, I got into the Rolls Royce drop head coupe and headed over to Huntington Beach. With my colorful beach towel and beach bag in tow, I first stopped by the Skechers store at The Stand and got myself some several pairs of shoes. I put them in the trunk of the car before going into the beach. I then changed into one of my swimsuits, a charcoal and black lace two piece; the top was an underwire push up top with lace at the center bust and ties at the neck and back and a thong-style bottom with black lace at the waist. I even sprayed my hair with extra strong hold hairspray with UV filter for color-treated hair and brushed it before putting on a sparkling jeweled headband. I was surrounded by a lot of beachgoers, families, and healthy, fit people in their swimwear; the sunny weather made my beach day even more perfect. I found myself a spot on the beach and laid my beach towel on the sand. I got out my bottle of SPF 50 sunscreen and rubbed it on my body. I rubbed it on my face, legs, arms, d├ęcolletage, and stomach. I relaxed on my beach towel and enjoyed the sights and sounds of the beach. A few minutes later, a beach ball had bounced onto my body. “Excuse me, my friends and I are playing beach volleyball over here. Can we please have our ball back?” A young guy said to me. I got myself up and took a look at the guy who talked to me. He was a young, 18-year-old white guy with green eyes and dark brown curly hair. His lean body was covered by a white short-sleeved t-shirt and dark green board shorts. “Here’s your ball.” I said cheerily as I tossed it to him. He said, “Thanks. Would you like to play some beach volleyball with us? We could use an extra player.” “Sure, I would love to.” I replied as I gathered all my things and walked with him to where he and his friends were.


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