MCFOTM Feburary--Taylor Lautner (HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAYLOR!)

I recently posted about having Taylor Lautner being my new addition to my bang list and that day is finally here! My Male Celebrity Fantasy of The Month for Feburary 2010 is the hot, newly single, (and now legal) Taylor Lautner!

I've been kind of obsessed with him since New Moon came out in theatres as you can see from my post about the movie. I have also recently made a video about him and even wrote a New Moon-inspired visual involving him. I had heard about the break up of him and girl Taylor (Taylor Swift, that is). My romantic side was sad to hear about the split but my sexual side wanted to take him. I had been having fantasies of him. I had two fantasies of Taylor. The first one with him as Jacob which had inspired me to write The Warmth of The Werewolf, my New Moon-inspired visual. The other one with Taylor as himself where me and him go out on a romantic date with roses, dinner, a steamy shower, and him carrying me in his strong arms to my bedroom where we made sweet, passionate love all night.

Since today is his 18th birthday, I just wanna wish him a Happy Birthday! Check out my video I made about him.


Anonymous said…
Jana! i love him too i don't care abaut my age but i would love to read your tale abaut him please let me know were i can thanks you kisses from colombia.

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