Preview of Donnie Klang visual/song fic-Doctor Love

Dr. Donnie aka Dr. Love came into the home of Corrina Hartley. She was suffering from a case of broken heart syndrome whose symptoms include sadness, inability to sleep or eat, loneliness, social isolation, and redness of the eyes from excessive crying. Also, she was love sick.

Dr. Love found her laid on the sofa with a sad gaze in her eyes and face. He got out his doctor's kit and checked her eyes with a mini flashlight. They were red and he carefully lifted her from the couch. He carried to her to his personal ambulance/car and drove her to the General Love Hospital.

Call me Doctor Love baby...

I'm Doctor Love (Love) [x2]
Come be my patient (patient),
I'll cure you without a drug
I'm Doctor Love

[VERSE 1:]
You could call me the love doctor
I'm a make you feel better
Sometimes pain is pleasure
Lay down on the stretcher
Love sick but I got the cure
So don't you panic, babe
You'll be beggin' me for more
After the surgery
Once they arrived, Dr. Love laid Corrina down on the stretcher and carried her to the ER.
"Doctor, Doctor." Corrina cried in agony.
"I'm right here, Corrina." Dr. Love said as he kneeled beside her. He then kissed her lips.
She looked into his eyes as he said to her, "I'm gonna make you feel so much better with my own special treatment."
He kissed her lips again, only deeper and more passionate. Corrina softly touched his face with her hand and inhaled his musky, masculine scent. He kissed her open hand. Next, he moved his lips down to her neck as he took his time unbuttoning her shirt. His hands and his lips felt so warm on her body. Dr. Love then took off her shoes before taking off his doctor coat and his white shirt. Corrina had never seen a doctor so fit, especially one whose specialty is love. She fell for him the moment he first kissed her.
He sat her up while still kissing her neck. Then, he unhooked the back of her white lace bra and her breasts were freed. He lowered his mouth to her left breast, softly kissing and sucking it. Corrina sighed lightly at the feel of his lips. He did the same to her right breast. Both breasts were so full and lush in his hands. To him, the sighs were a sign of improvement in mood, going from sad to pleasured. His hands caressed her body as he kissed down to her stomach.
"How are you feeling now?" Dr. Love asked.
"A little better."Corrina responded.
Tell me when you're sick again
In need of healing, I'll be there for you
Love is like a vitamin
It's got that feeling, so let me love you
Here's what I'm gonna do
Calling in code blue
Got to rescue you, with my medicine

I'm Doctor Love (Love) [x2]
Come be my patient (patient), I'll cure without a drug
I'm Doctor Love

[VERSE 2:]
So I hear you can't eat, not sleeping
Come in for the late night treatment
Ooh girl, you're so contagious
(I need some sleep)
I wanna help ya
When you're under weather
I can love you better
All you need is one dose of my vaccine

He slid one of his hands down her green skirt and gently traced the waistband of her white lace panties. His hand slipped into her panties and felt her smooth love cave. Corrina let out a moan that gradually increased in sound. He unzipped the front of her skirt and then took her panties off from her waist. He licked and kissed her woman lips as if were slowly melting ice cream.


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