Thursday, January 29, 2009

The End of a Very Bad Week

Kirri had just left from her office job for the week. She went to a nearby coffeehouse to pick up her usual tall vanilla iced latte. As she paid for it and picked up to take a sip, a man distracted by his cell phone conversation ran into her, causing her latte to spill on to her white cotton button down blouse. He managed to apologize and offered to wipe up the spill on her blouse though he felt like his cell phone was stuck to his head.

It felt like her day had gotten worse, but her whole week had been much worse. Then, a strawberry blonde-haired, blue-eyed guy walked up to Kirri.

"Are you okay, miss?" He asked as he wiped off the coffee spilled on her work clothes with a napkin.

"I'm fine, thanks. Just having a rough day." she said.

"Mind if I buy you whatever drink you have?" he offered with a smile.

"That would be great. Tall vanilla iced latte."Kirri said to the mysterious saint.

Kirri sat down at a table by the window as she put down her briefcase and purse. A few minutes later, he came with her iced vanilla latte and sat with her at the table.
"Thank you so much. That was so nice of you..."Kirri said.

"Brian. My name's Brian." he introduced himself to her, offering his hand to her.

"Nice to meet you, Brian. My name's Kirri." she replied as she shook his hand.

"Seems you had a bad day." Brian said looking into her eyes.

"Actually, it was a very bad week." Kirri said back.

"Tell me about it. I'm a very good listener." He said.

"It all started on Monday. My roommate Melissa had used up all the milk for which I couldn't eat any cereal that morning. At work, things went well until I was about to go on my lunch break when my friends and co-workers Adam and Felicia needed me to cover for them, making me miss my lunch break. Then, Melissa had to borrow my favorite pair of heels for her date with her boyfriend Drew." Kirri said as she took a sip of her iced latte.

"On Tuesday, my roomate borrows my beauty products and the bottles were damn near empty. Then had the nerve to leave me a note saying she'll replace them. I have yet to see them. Then on Wednesday I was working on a project for work when suddenly the power went out because Melissa forgot to pay her half of the electric bill. Luckily I saved my work on a CD-ROM. That afternoon at work, I had missed another lunch break because I had to cover for another co-worker of mine. After work, my so-called boyfriend Tim was supposed to take me to dinner but he had a paper to work on for his paralegal class. I had to buy the groceries because Melissa had to work late. On Thursday, Melissa wanted to borrow my car because her car broke down and had to get it fixed. She does have a job, working over at Best Buy. She then ate my pint of dulce de leche ice cream. And here comes today, I had to take the bus to work today because Melissa borrowed my car again. My boss had me handling the phones and the paperwork because he had some sort of emergency. After work, I waited on Tim to pick me from work and he hadn't shown up yet." She said taking a few more sips of her drink.

"Wow. I'm sorry you such a bad week." Brian said as lent a sympathetic ear.

"It's okay." She said to him.

Then, Kirri's cell phone rang. She excused herself, took the phone out of her pocket, and answered it. It was Melissa, who had explained to Kirri why Tim was taking so long to get her from work because he spent most of his day the library, trying to finish his paper. Kirri then confronted both of them over the phone. She then got angry when Melissa told her that she ate some of her sweet snacks from her stash and loaned some of her things to her friends. Their cell phone confrontation made any episode of The Hills look like the original Beverly Hills 90210. Kirri asked Melissa where her car was and she told Kirri she used it to pick up her car from the mechanic and returned it with a full tank of gas. Kirri told Melissa she could never borrow her car ever again. Kirri was so mad with them she hung up on them.

She put her cell phone in her purse. She was so frustated from this week.

"At least she returned my car with gas and not a scratch." Kirri said.

"How about I take you to my place?"Brian offered.

"Sure. I would like that." Kirri replied.

Kirri gathered her briefcase and purse and went with to his place. They rode in his Ford Focus to his house. Brian's house was a medium-sized yet spacious white house with right size windows and a door. Once they had entered his place, Brian gave her a private tour of his humble abode.
"Your place is really nice, Brian." Kirri said in amazement.

"Thanks. Why don't you make yourself at home and relax in the living room?" Brian said as he went into the bathroom.

"Ok. Thank you." Kirri said as she sat on the big, comfortable beige sofa.

She felt relaxed the moment she sat on the sofa and rested her things beside it. Then, Brian walked into the living room.

"I've fixed you a warm, relaxing bubble bath. I'll even wash your clothes." He said to her as he walked with her to the bathroom.

Brian then helped her out of her work clothes and even took off her shoes and panythose. His bathroom looked like something she saw in Better Homes and Gardens. The towel and washcloth was set for her on top of the toilet seat. Her dark reddish brown hair was already put up in an updo with a few strands on the side of her face. She took the washcloth and sat herself down in the bathtub. The warmth of the bath made her relax. She rubbed the soap on the washcloth and began rubbing it on her wet, naked body. Brian then came into the room. He kneeled beside her by the bathtub.

He smiled and said, "I know I fixed this bath just for you. I was wondering if I can join you."

"I don't mind that at all." Kirri said to him.

Brian began taking his clothes off right in front of her. He had a lean, fit bod that would rival any athlete or model and Kirri was impressed. She moved aside letting Brian into the tub. He sat behind Kirri and started rubbing her shoulders.

"Brian, you didn't have to do all of this me." Kirri said.

"I don't have to, Kirri. I want to. I don't mind being hospitable and accomendating to lovely yet stressed out woman such as you."Brian replied with a smile.

He then kissed her lips. His hands slowly roamed all over body under the warm bath water. His mouth never left hers once he got the bar of soap and washcloth and scrubbed her back. Then, they stood up in the tub. Brian rubbed the soap all over her body nice and slow. Kirri lightly moaned at the feel of his strokes. He then put the soap down, dropped the washcloth in the water, and caressed every inch of her wet, naked, soapy body. He deeply kissed her lips as he rinsed the soap off of her with the washcloth. After the bath, Kirri wrapped a towel around her body and dried off while Brian dried himself off with his towel. He then pulled her close as her kissed her neck. He took her hand and led her to his bedroom.

There, he slowly loosened Kirri's towel, letting it fall on to the floor as he kissed her again. His hands roamed all over her naked body. She moaned at the feel of his hands. He gave feverish kisses to her lips and neck. He then moved lower to her bare, soft breasts. She gasped feeling his mouth on them.

"Ohhhh Bri...... Brian." She moaned loudly.

Kirri ran her fingers through his short hair. Brian laid her down on his large bed as his mouth explored further down her body. His hands traveled every inch of her. His mouth then found her honey pot and licked her there. She shruddered and squirmed in delight as he tasted her.

"Mmmmmm. Kirri, you taste so sweet like honey." Brian as he briefly looked up at her.

As he licked and sucked her down there, he took it further by slipping two fingers inside her. His actions sent her over the edge, making her wet in the process. She felt so tight and wet. She came on his fingers and Brian licked her nectar from them. He lowered himself on top of her and deeply kissed her lips. He took off his towel. He was ready for her. He held her as he slowly enter her warm, wet woman cave. He entered her deep and slow. Kirri gasped and moaned.

While he was in and out of her, his hands held on to Kirri's body while his lips kissed her neck.
"Oh God Kirri! You feel so good." Brian moaned.

Her moans and groans increased in tempo as she called his name over and over and Brian called her name repeatedly.

"That's it, Kirri. Cum with me!" He rasped.

They reached climax together and spent their collective orgasm. Brian spilled his seed inside her and wrapped Kirri in arms. They laid together in each other's arms, drenched in their love dew.
"Brian, I feel so much better. Thank you." Kirri said to him.

"Glad I can help. Would you like to stay for dinner and dessert?" Brian said as he kissed her.

"I would love to. Let me call my roommate." Kirri replied

Kirri called Melissa to let her know she's not coming home tonight and then called Tim to tell him it's over.

She looked at Brian with a smile on her face and said, "I am so glad you made my stress disappear. " and then she passionately kissed his lips as her way of saying thanks.

"I can't wait to make love you all night." He said happily.

From the way things went with her and Brian, Kirri just knew that her bad week was over and a good weekend was just getting started.

Friday, January 23, 2009

My Secret Passion

My name's Annie. I'm 22 and I live in Coral Gables, FL. By day, I'm a girly girl who loves to shop and wear make-up. But by night, I'm a Mixed Martial Arts fan. The fighting may be crazy and violent, but it's one part of the reason I like watching it. The other part would be seeing the cute, ripped guys in those board shorts they wear.

On most Friday nights, me and my girls would go to the clubs and then go out to dinner. But this Friday night, they had other plans. So I drove to the H-Spot, a local nightclub that hosts MMA fights on the second Friday of each month. The matchup for this month is between the local favorite Andy "Red Hot" Reynolds against Juan Miguel Pablo Martinez. Andy's currently undefeated by 6-0. Some of the matches he has won are either by default or by an illegal move from an opponent, such as eye gouging.

But other than that, Andy has a great chance of getting into the National MMAL (Mixed Martial Arts League) Championship. Right now, he's trying to get into the Southeastern Division of the MMAL. I came into the H-Spot early that night. I looked forward to seeing this particular fight. Once it was eight o'clock, the fight had just gotten started. Andy was the first to enter. He had short, red hair, sparkling blue-green eyes, a ripped bod, and was wearing blue-and-white board shorts. Then, his opponent Juan Miguel stepped into the ring. He had black hair, brown eyes, a Lady of Guadalupe tattoo on his back, and wore black-and-gold board shorts. The bell rung and the guys started fighting. I cheered for Andy and watched as he punched and kicked his opponent. I noticed this move Andy did. It was a Ju-Jitsu move where he escaped a mount from Juan Miguel, having to push his weight off of him. There was something hot about that move which turned me on. Some of the spectators placed bets on who will win, some wagered on Andy and some wagered Juan Miguel.

So after 9 rounds, Andy won the first fight. He advanced to the next bout against Frankie "Fierce Falcon" Foster. Frankie had dark blonde hair, blue eyes, had 3 Chinese symbol tattoos on his right shoulder meaning "strength, courage, and wisdom", and wore silver-and-red board shorts. They had fought for seven rounds. Frankie elbowed Andy in the face, which was an illegal move. Once the on-set paramedics checked Andy out, the fight went on. Andy won the fight by default. After the fight, I was about to go home when Andy bumped into me.

I said to him, "You were fantastic out there."

He said, "Thanks. While the medics were checking my face, I was checking you out. You were cheering for me and you're really cute. I'm on my way to get a bite to eat. Care to join me?"

I replied, "Sure. I love to."

Andy and I went to a nearby diner and ordered our food.

"So what do you do when you're not kicking another guy's ass?" I asked Andy.

He flashed his so-perfect smile and said, "Well, I study sports medicine, physical therapy, and massage therapy at med school. I also model in my spare time. Enough about me. Let's talk about you."

"I live here at Coral Gables. I work at a lingerie store, but I hope to become a plus size lingerie designer one day. At the store, I work as a cashier and a stock person." I replied.

As we ate and talked, Andy was drawn to me and I was drawn to him. After dinner, Andy and I went to my condo uptown. The interior in my condo was a combination of modern and classic with large windows, one bedroom, and two baths. The kitchen has functional stainless steel appliances. The living and dining rooms are spacious and perfect for entertaining. The wine-colored sofa and loveseat are plush yet comfortable. The living room also has a flatscreen TV, stereo with surround sound, CDs, and all that.

"Your place looks fantastic." Andy said.

"Thanks, I have a second (and a third) job which is how I earned this condo and pay rent." I said to him as he smiled at me.

He noticed I was a little tense. "Annie, you looked tense in your lower back. Mind if I give you a massage?" He offered.

I smiled and said, "That would be great. Thanks, Andy."

Andy reached his hands under my black tank top and massaged my lower back. I thought to myself, He's very good with his hands. I wonder what else he's good with.

"Can you show where your bedroom is?" Andy asked.

I guided Andy to my bedroom where we could be more comfortable. My bedroom has a queen sized bed with lush, white 300-thread count Egyptian cotton sheets, covered by a white velvet-like comforter. Once I laid myself, Andy continued with the massage. My butt had been sore from sitting at my desk job at a dentist's office. I'm a receptionist and I work there on most days. I laid on my stomach and let Andy's fingers work his magic. I felt so relaxed once he massaged me. I got up and thanked him with a kiss.

After the kiss, he said, "If it's your way of saying 'thank you', then this is how I say 'you're welcome'." He then returned my kiss with a deeper, passionate one.

His hands were placed on my waist as his lips moved down to my neck. He slowly took off my tank top and unzipped my dark denim skirt till I was in my black satin bra and panties. Andy had looked at my lush, curvy body and was turned on.

"Your body's so tempting." He said as he inhaled my feminine scent before kissing me again. As we kissed, Andy then took off my pink leather ankle boots. He kissed my face, neck, and lips. His hands softly fondled my breasts. He reached to the back of my bra and unhooked it, freeing my size 40D breasts. His mouth began suckling them like he was tasting divinity. I let out a soft, sexy moan, telling him how much I enjoyed it.

He took his time orally and manually pleasuring my body. He licked my nipples until they were hard. Then, he lowered his mouth to my belly, kissing and licking it. Once he reached the waistband of my panties, Andy lifted my legs and kissed them, my thighs, and my knees. He took off my panties began tasting my pussy. As he tasted me, he looked at me with a hot, hungry gaze. I smiled at him as he tasted my womanly honey. I moaned and groaned as I moved my hips against his mouth and his finger rubbed my clit.

His hands were fondling my breasts, sending me over the edge. He moved up to my lips, kissing me again. He then took off his American Eagle t-shirt, showing me that ripped body of his. Forget a six-pack. Andy had an eight-pack stomach. He had the kind of body that should be on a cologne ad. I loved what I saw. Not only did I get to see his body up close, I even got to touch it. He sighed at the feel of my touch. Andy then took my hand and led it to his hardening cock. As I stroked him, Andy cupped my face and kissed my lips with such passion. He was getting harder under his jeans. He unbuttoned and unzipped them. I carefully took his cock out from his briefs. I licked him up and down before taking him in my mouth. His fingers ran through my long, black hair as he blissfully moaned. After he kissed me again, he lifted me from the bed, wrapped my legs around his waist, held me with my back against the wall, and entered me.

As he went in and out of me my pussy, he kissed all over my breasts. He then carried me and laid me down on the center of my bed while Andy stood in front of me. He held my thighs as he went inside me again. I loudly moaned and groaned as he called my name again and again in such ecstasy.He stood up and held me upside down tasting my pussy and I sucked him into my mouth.

Next, he laid my body on the bed as he got himself on top of me like he was about to be in a mount position. He rolled me while my legs were wrapped around his waist so I would be on top. He slowly went in and out of my pussy with his hard again cock. He admired my beauty and my body as I rode him. His hands played with my breasts. Our moans and groans echoed the room when we got to climax and then to our orgasm.

Then, he rolled me on the botton, took his cock out, and came on my stomach. In an unexpected move, he licked his own cum from my stomach before he kissed me. I got myself a taste of him as he laid down beside me. I was in a state of post-orgasmic bliss when I looked into his eyes and said, "You're incredible."

"So are you, Annie." He said.

"When is your next match?" I asked him.

"Two weeks from now in Miami." He replied.

I said, "I'll be cheering you on.".He smiled as he kissed my lips passionately. THE END

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Rapturous Rhapsody

Amy was playing on her piano in her living room. Playing the piano is her hobby. The piece she was playing Beethtoven's Fur Elise. As she played, Kevin quietly walked into the living room with a bouquet of roses that were lavender (love at first sight), orange (heart's desire), and red (romance and love).

He softy placed the rose bouquet on her lap. Then, he sat behind her on the piano as he watched and listened. He imagined touching and kissing her, playing with her body like a delicate instrument, and hearing her moans, groans, and sighs that were music to his ears. He gently felt the tight curls on her long dark auburn hair. Once she finished playing, he softly kissed and then applauded her. She then looked at him and smiled.

"Kevin, I didn't hear or see you come in." She said.

"You look so beautiful playing the piano." Kevin replied as he gave her the roses.

"They're lovely, Kevin. Thank you." She said, looking at her rose bouquet.

"The roses are as lovely as the woman who plays the piano." He said, looking at Amy.

She blushed as she put her roses in a crystal water-filled vase. Kevin then walked up behind her, softly wrapping his arms around her waist. She turned to him as he kissed her lips. He led her back to the piano bench where she sat. He kissed her deeply as he caressed her body. As they kissed, he unbuttoned her black cotton blouse button by button. His fingers lightly traced from her face to her neck to the tops of her breasts. He kissed one side of her neck while his hands softly caressed her white lace bra-covered breasts. He then took off her blouse, letting it slip from her body. His hands moved lower to her dark gray skirt. His hand softly touched her thighs then moved up to her back where he unhooked her bra. His hand fondled her bare breasts. His tongue lightly licked her nipples before taking each breast into his mouth.

Amy's moans were a light crescendo as Kevin pleased her body. He kneeled down and kissed up from her legs to her thighs. He took off his shirt, showing his lean, cut bod that has always turned her on. He then laid her down on the piano bench. Amy reached out her hands to touch his body.

"Amy, I love how good you feel under my hands and my mouth" Kevin said, looking into her blue green eyes as he kissed and licked her stomach.

Amy still moaned and groaned from every touch and kiss Kevin made on her body.His hands went up to her breasts, squeezing them. His mouth suckled her breasts a little more before kissing her lips and neck again. He planted a few kisses and licks on them before moving lower. His green eyes became dark with lust when he saw a wet spot on her white lace panties. He carefully took them off from her body. He inhaled her feminine scent as he inserted a finger into her pussy. Her moans increased in sound as he fingered her pussy and licked her clit at the same time. Kevin added another finger, making her even more hotter and wetter. He replaced his fingers with just his mouth. He softly and slowly tasted her female nectar which was as sweet as honey. His rough facial hair tickled her spot and her thighs. Amy stroked his black hair as he tasted and licked her. He then unbuttoned and unzipped her skirt before sliding it off her body.

"You're just as beautiful naked as you were full clothed." He said to Amy, looking at her curvy body.

Amy smiled back as she watched Kevin get on his feet. He ran his fingers through her hair as she unzipped his pants. She slowly pulled down his black boxer briefs and licked him nice and slow. Amy could hear his moans as his hands travelled up and down her body. Like her moans are music to his ears, his moans were music to hers.

"Ohhhhhh, Amy." He moaned.

After the oral seduction, Kevin kissed her lips again. He then switched places with Amy on the piano bench. He laid himself down on the bench and let Amy get on top of him. Though her back faced Kevin, Amy slid into his cock and rode him. Kevin caressed her entire body as she rode him. He even rubbed her clit while she was on top. After that, Kevin and Amy spooned on the floor by the piano as he went in and out of her.

"Amy, I would love to hear you come for me. I love it when I pleasure you." Kevin said, moaning into her ear.

Amy moaned and groaned as Kevin pleasured and held her. He kissed her neck and licked her earlobe as she reached climax.

"Kevin, don't stop! You're gonna make me come!" She loudly exclaimed.

She moaned as loud as she can until they had both reached orgasm and Kevin's essence spilled inside her. They were in pure, sexual bliss as he sucked one of her nipples and kissed her lips deeply and passionately.

"That was wonderful!" Kevin panted happily.

"It was." Amy said blissfully.

"I was thinking we should have an encore in your bedroom. I would to taste and touch you again and again." He suggested brazenly as he looked into her eyes in a lustful stare.

"I like the thought." Amy said smiling as Kevin wrapped his strong arms around as he carried her to the bedroom for another fantastic performance.