A Doctor's Desire, A Patient's Passion

Being both a doctor and a nurse may seem like a tough task because not many people can do both, but I make it seem effortless. My name is Kelly Thompson and I am both a medical doctor and a registered nurse with the Medical Center of Toronto in Ontario.

I've been a doctor and a nurse for eight years with a degree in nursing and a MD. My jobs may be hectic and challenging, but they are worth it. The pay maybe good, but just helping people get better is rewarding and satisfying enough. I'm admired by patients and colleagues like. I was even given a nickname called "The Medical Multitasker", because not only am I a doctor and a nurse but I also give CPR lessons at the local Red Cross.

One day, I had a patient resting in a hospital room after having survived a motorcycle accident. His injuries weren't life threatening. All he had were a broken arm, a few scrapes, and some broken ribs. His name was Thomas and he was from Montreal, Quebec. I came into his room as a doctor to show him the x-rays and keep him company. He had brown hair with one or two blonde highlights. Luckily, he didn't have head injuries because he wore his helmet while riding his motorcycle.

Thomas would look at me with his sparkling blue eyes and at smile while I kept him company. He would give me compliments, tell me about himself, and all. Then a few minutes later, I came back to his room as a nurse and got him ready for his sponge bath. Might I say for a guy who got a little banged up from a motorcycle accident, he got a body on him. He had chiseled abs, fit arms, and his skin was smooth. As I bathed him, he smiled at me. I smiled back at him.

After the sponge bath, I was back on doctor duty. I got a note from Thomas. When I went on my lunch break at the cafeteria, I read it. It started sweet and then it got a little hot. The hottest part of the note was where he said he dreamt of having sex with me as a way of thanking me. It also said he got a little hard from the sponge bath that I had given him and he dreamt of seeing what was under both my doctor's coat and nurse's uniform. I had gotten the vapors a little bit after reading the note. I put the note in my pocket and went back to work.

The next day, Thomas was about check out of the hospital. I was in doctor mode as I helped him with some paperwork. I gave him my phone number if he wanted to call me. I advised him to rest, go to rehab, and try not to do anything strenuous to himself. He gave me his number in exchange. We smiled at each other a bit as went on his way to recovery.

Four to five weeks later, I had just came home from work, getting ready to enjoy a quiet evening in my loft apartment in uptown Toronto. The doorbell rang and I saw these lovely bouquet of flowers and a box of cookies on the doorstep. I picked up the flowers and the cookies. My flowers had a card and I started reading it. As I read the card aloud, Thomas walked in and he stood behind me.

I turned and said, "Oh my God! Thomas, you surprised me."

He smiled at me and said, "Dr. Thompson, I thought I could come over and say thank you for all you've done for me after my accident."

I smiled back at him and replied, "The flowers are lovely and these cookies look delicious."

I took a bite of one of the cookies. As I ate the cookie, I felt Thomas's arms snaking around my waist. After I ate, I looked into his eyes and stroked his hair. He deeply and slowly kissed my lips. One of his hands softly touched face while his other hand rested on the small of my back. He took his time kissing me. His hands carefully took off my white doctor coat and placed it on the cream-colored sofa. His fingers moved lower to my neck where his kisses followed suit. I moaned at the feel of his lips on my neck as his hands ran through my long, black curly hair.

Thomas slowly unzipped my nurse's uniform and then unbuttoned my navy blue button-down shirt. He softly kissed my neck and throat before moving down to the tops of my breasts. With my size 44E breasts, you can say I'm very well-endowed.

"My God, you look very luscious, Dr. and Nurse Thompson. My dream's finally coming true." Thomas said with an aroused look in his eyes and a smile on his face.

"I'm off work, Thomas. Please call me Kelly." I said to him.

"OK, Kelly." He said before he slided both my uniform and shirt off of my voluptuous body.

Thomas reached around to unhook the back of my white lace underwire bra. I moaned and sighed feeling his kisses and caresses. He then picked me up and carried me to my bedroom while kissing my lips. Once we arrived in my bedroom, he gently laid me down on the bed. He knelt down to take off my white sneakers. He got up and then took off his shirt. His lean, ripped body turned me on in a straight second. His hands reached to the waistband of my black stretch pants and unzipped them. Carefully, he pulled them off of legs before getting on top of me. He kissed and licked my neck and throat. His fingers removed my bra as his mouth gently suckled my breasts and nipples. I arched my back as I responded to his kisses and licks on them. I continued to moan and groan as he moved his lips lower to my stomach, kissing and licking around my belly button.

My body started heating up from his foreplay. His fingers traced thewaistband of my white lace thong panties. He pushed them aside, exposing my hair-free cunt, and took his time licking and kissing it. I rocked my hips against his mouth as he tasted my woman honey. The tempo in my moans had increased to a crescendo. He lapped my juices like a cat lapping up milk from the saucer. After that, Thomas positioned himself in the middle of the bed, on his back. I sat on his face and let him lick me some more. His hands held on to my hips as he tasted me continuously. My juices were leaking into his mouth and tongue. His hands went up and down my body.

Then, I leaned forward and unbuttoned and unzipped his stonewash jeans. I took out his nearly-hardened cock from his blue boxers and stroked it. As I stroked his cock, I softly and slowly took long licks on it. We both moaned and groaned stimutaneously. His hands softly played with my hair as I tasted him. I took him out of my mouth and felt myself cum in his mouth. Thomas got from underneath me and kissed my lips.

"Mmmmm Kelly, you taste delicious and sweet like vanilla and honey. I'm so hard for you right now, I can't wait to be inside you." Thomas said to me.

So I took off his boxers and jeans until he was entirely naked. I got out a condom from my nightstand and put it on his cock. Thomas wrapped his arms around my waist as he entered my pussy. He took his time going in and out of me while kissing my lips, neck, and breasts. For a moment, I looked into his blue eyes and he looked into my brown eyes.

He told me how good I feel to him. My hands touched his body and face as he continued moving in and out me. Once we reached our mutual climax, Thomas laid back, having me on top of him with his cock still inside me. As I rode his cock, his hands slowly explored my body, caressing my soft skin. I leaned back while his hands gently squeezed my breasts. Next thing you know, my orgasm was spent. I softly collasped in Thomas's arms as my body rested and he passionately kissed my lips. We were in a post-coital embrace with a full-on afterglow.

"You're amaze me, Kelly. Mind if I keep you company in bed?" Thomas said to me.

"I don't mind that at all. Maybe we can role play with my nurse's uniform and my doctor's kit." I replied with a smile.

"That would be great." Thomas said as he kissed my hand.

It's was great having Thomas as my patient at the hospital, but him as a lover in my bed was even better than I imagined.


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