My Very First White Girl

This girl I know named Stephanie’s a cool chick. Me and her got things in common. For example, we both like going out to strip clubs where the men take it off. We also like to travel and go on trips. On one trip, me and her went to Las Vegas with a few our gal pals for a girls-only trip where we shopped, club hopped, dined, and checked out a couple of male strip shows. That was a blast and I couldn’t wait for the next trip.

Other than the obvious difference of me being black and her being white, we also have different preferences when it comes to men. Stephanie likes the black men and I preferred white men. Her liking and banging black men doesn’t bother me not one bit. One day, I invited her over to my house after a day of shopping, guy watching, and of course guy flirting.

Stephanie and I sat on the sofa as we talked about our day at the mall. We not only talked about what we bought at the mall, but we also talked about the guys we had flirted with.

“I saw how those brothas were checking you out over at Foot Locker.” I said to Stephanie as I giggled.

“I know right, but those hot white guys at Abercrombie & Fitch were ready to hit on you when stepped out of Frederick’s of Hollywood. Even the blonde-haired cutie at Baskin-Robbins over at the food court wanted to tempt you when you were getting ice cream.” Stephanie as she gushed.

As I said, it didn’t bother me that a white girl like Stephanie was into black men; I wasn’t even offended at the fact that she liked to have sex with black men. Yet I wondered if she had ever been with a black girl before. One day, me and her chatted online and she even showed me some pictures of herself. The first picture she showed me was one with her bare, freshly waxed pussy; it was so pink and pretty. Another picture she showed me was one which she took a picture of herself in the mirror, lifting her shirt up and revealing her tiny perfect tits and her flat stomach. I’ve never had an encounter with another girl before, but I was to have one, she would be my first.

I then asked her, “Stephanie, have you been pleasured by another female?”

Stephanie looked at me as she said; I’ve never been with another girl before.”

“Not even a black girl?” I asked her.

“Not even one.” Stephanie said bashfully.

“What if I told you that you have a sexy little body and if I were to have my first time with a girl, you would be my first?” I said as I moved a little closer to her.

“Oh?” Stephanie replied.

“And also that you look hot in those pics you sent me online.” I added as I glanced up and down her body.

Once we sat close, I softly touched her dark brown hair and then I softly kissed her pink lips.

Her lips were soft, smooth, and tasted sweet because she wore some vanilla flavored lip balm. As I softly kissed her lips, my hands sneakily went under her gray baby tee and gently fondled her small, perky breasts that were covered by a white bra. I gently broke the kiss and slowly took off her white baby t-shirt. I reached around the back of her bra and unhooked it. Her small tits had cute little nipples that were like berries that I would lick as if they were covered in sugar. I softly sucked her breasts, feeling her tiny nipples harden in my mouth. She moaned some more as I squeezed her breasts together and sucked both of her nipples.

While I kissed and licked her soft tits, I used my other hand to unbutton and unzip her jeans. I pulled off her jeans in one smooth movement; once the jeans came off; I kissed and licked her neck as I slid my hand into her matching white thong panties. Stephanie moaned as I felt her freshly waxed, pink pussy. There, I felt a damp wet spot that was on the crotch of her panties. I then kneeled down on the living room as I removed her jeans and panties in one smooth swoop. Once she was entirely naked, I slowly spread her woman lips open as I softly flickered my tongue on her clit. Stephanie’s moans ranged from soft and breathy to loud and passionate.

“Ohhhhhhh…..this feels so good….”Stephanie loudly moaned as I licked and fingered her pink pussy.

The more I licked her pussy, the wetter she became. As I tasted her some more, I slowly unbuttoned my short-sleeved pink blouse. After licking her, I straddled myself onto her lap as I said to her, “I know you’re used to seeing big black cocks, but have your been with a black girl with soft, womanly, big breasts?”

I reached around to the back of my bra and unhooked it. I freed my breasts and leaned in close as she put her soft mouth on to one of my nipples. I moaned as she softly kissed and licked both of my breasts while I gently played with her dark brown hair. I then took off my jeans before taking off my black lace panties.

As I took off my panties, Stephanie started licking my hair-free chocolate pussy. I moaned as she licked the inside of it. She continued licking me as her tongue licked my pussy up and down. I held onto one of the arms of the sofa as she tasted me again and again. After that, she then kissed me on the lips.

I then looked into her brown eyes and said, “If I had a strap-on, I’d make you cum like crazy.”

We then sat close across from each other as we started finger fucking each other’s pussies. We got each other wet in more ways than one. As we fingered each other, our bodies rubbed against each other. Our bodies created slick, lust-induced friction as we played with each other’s bodies.

After that, I gently opened Stephanie’s legs as I wrapped my legs around her waist. Our wet pussies along with our bodies rubbed each other as we tribbed. Stephanie and I moaned and groaned as grinded our bodies together on the sofa. Several minutes later, we then collapsed on one another as I gave Stephanie one more kiss on the lips.

“Did you like your first encounter with a black girl?” I asked her with a smile.

“I really enjoyed it! I might have to think up some way to thank you for making this a very hot experience for me.” Stephanie replied.

“Same with you.” I said as we got up and put our clothes back on.

“Wanna go try out things we bought at the mall?” I asked her.

“Sure, I’m game.” Stephanie replied.



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Wonderful site and great story. I'm a fan.
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