Preview: Burlesque Weekend (Sexy Girls Weekend)

Nikita Amanda Taylor had just finished a busy, stressful week at the office when she invited five of her girlfriends for a girls’ weekend. On Thursday, she planned an agenda which inspired her after watching the movie Burlesque. The plans in the agenda include burlesque and striptease classes, shopping for sexy lingerie and costumes, and of course having fun.

Her to-do list was a little longer though. During the week, she had to get the refreshments, create a mixtape, and have the invitations made, which she sent online to her friends. After work, she invited her girlfriends Reina, Heather, Molly, Ellen, and Sandy. She messaged them to meet her at Body Movement, the local dance studio, for burlesque and striptease classes. Once they were there, the girls changed into their comfortable attire and got ready to move their bodies.

“Nikita, this is a great idea to start our girls’ weekend with a sexy striptease class.” Molly the baker said.

“Yeah, this beats taking my mom and her friends to Bingo.” Ellen the busybody agreed.

“Girl, I’m ready to get my sexy on!” said entrepreneur-in-the-making Reina said.

“Me too!” Sandy and Heather agreed in unison.

The girls along with a few other women got started at the striptease/burlesque class taught by a tall, voluptuous woman named Kendra. The girls not only have fun, they also got a good workout in the process. After the class, the girls went to Frolic, a sexy lingerie/costume boutique, to get some sexy costumes for the weekend.

“Ooh, look at what I got!” cooed Sally, the country club bartender, as she showed the girls her sexy sailor costume.

Aside from getting some sexy costumes and lingerie, they also bought fishnet stockings, accessories, and some body glitter. A young, freckle-faced, brown-eyed redhead cashier saw the girls with baskets full of items.

She then said, “”Wow! You ladies are buying a lot of merchandise today. What the occasion?”

Nikita happily told the cashier, “We’re having a girls’ weekend and the theme is sexy burlesque.”

“Ooh, sounds like fun!! I get off soon, so can I come?” The cashier asked Nikita as she rang up everybody’s purchases.

“Sure you can! Let me give you directions to my place. By the way, I’m Nikita and these are my friends Molly, Reina, Ellen, Sandy, and Heather.” Nikita said as she and her friends paid for their things.

“Nice to meet you all, my name’s Kylie.” The cute redhead cashier introduced herself.

“Nice to meet you too, Kylie. You’re welcome to join us on our girls’ weekend. Bring two of your sexiest costumes and come to my place.” Nikita said.


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