Original Black Dress Diva-Part Five

“My name’s Josh. What’s your name?” He said to me. “My name’s Katherine, but you can call me Kat.” I replied. Josh then introduced me to his friends, a young female with ash blonde hair named Ingrid and another young male, a dark haired friend named Drew. “I like your swimsuit. It really fits your body nicely. Where did you get it?” Ingrid said to me. “I got this at the Beach Bunny Swimwear website.” I replied. “Wow! That is so cool! I get most of my swimwear from that website too. We should go swimsuit shopping sometime.” Ingrid happily exclaimed. “We should! I like your swimsuit, too.” I said as I looked at Ingrid’s black monokini with pink lace trim that fit her slender-yet-not-very-skinny body. “Thanks.” Ingrid replied happily. The four of us played a fun-yet-competitive game of beach volleyball. I had a lot of fun and I didn’t diving into the sand a few times. Even Josh and his friends were impressed with me. “How did you get so good at volleyball?” Drew asked me. “I played volleyball in high school. In fact, it’s been a long time since I’ve played.” I said to him. We played for a good set of five rounds. Being a good sport, I shook Drew and Ingrid’s hands and said to them, “Great game.” “You can play with us anytime.” Ingrid said to me. Ingrid and Drew decided to leave early because they had some other plans. I rinsed the sand off of me, showered, and changed into some clothes from my beach bag. After that, Josh and I went to the Beachside Bar & Grill for some lunch. We dined on some surf & turf tacos, which were twelve soft tacos, filled with carne asada, shrimp, and seared scallops and topped with pico de gallo, sour cream, and guacamole. “I had a great time playing beach volleyball with you and your friends, Josh.” I said to him as I took a bite of one of the tacos. “I had fun too, Kat. I might say you look hot in your bikini.” Josh replied to me. “Why thanks for noticing.” I said as I took a sip of my Diet Coke. “So are you single, married, or divorced?” Josh asked me. “I’m widowed. I lost my husband a couple of months ago.” I said. “I’m so sorry to hear that.” Josh said to me. “That’s okay. So how about you? Are you seeing anyone special?” I asked him. “No, I’m very single. Want to hang out and chill at my place?” Josh replied. “Sure, where do you live?” I asked him. “I live over in Venice Beach.” Josh said. After a very delicious lunch, I went into my car and followed him and his red Jeep Grand Cherokee to his place. I was amazed by the sight of his place in Venice Beach. It was a 3,700 square foot, Mediterranean-style house with three floors, high ceilings, tall doors, and French windows; the house also had three and a half bathrooms and four bedrooms. As soon as Josh opened the door with his house key, he gave me the grand tour. The center-island cook’s kitchen was equipped with Viking appliances, granite counters, and a porcelain farmhouse kitchen sink. He even showed me the laundry room on the second level and the dining patio. The lower level had a fifth bedroom, an office, and the two-car garage with outdoor gated area for two more cars. He then showed me his bedroom, which was the master bedroom suite upstairs. His bedroom had a private balcony, an antique-tiled fireplace, and a spa bathroom. “What a very nice place you have there.” I said to Josh as we went into the living room and sat on the sofa together. “Thanks. Sometimes I let my parents use my place to entertain their friends when I’m not around, especially with the private wine cellar and all.” Josh replied. “Where do you your parents live?” I asked him. “They live in Santa Monica and I call them once a week. Another thing about my place is that it’s a few blocks to and from my school. I go to Venice Senior High, I’m a senior there and I plan on going to Stanford once I graduate.” Josh said. “That’s amazing! I have a little brother who goes to UCLA, he’s majoring in engineering. I, on the other hand, took a few courses at a community college.” I happily replied. “I bet your mind is just as beautiful as your body.” Josh said to me. I blushed at his compliment as he moved a little closer to me. He then planted a soft kiss on my cheek. “Have you ever had sex with a widowed woman before?” I asked him out of the blue. “Honestly, I’ve never EVER had sex. I waited for the right girl while in high school and the furthest I got was first base. I was in love with a girl I dated but we broke when she moved east. As of now, we’re only friends. Right now, I want to get to know you.” Josh replied as he softly kissed my lips. He looked into my deep chocolate brown eyes and softly stroked long hair as he kissed my lips once more. My arms wrapped around his shoulders while Josh’s hands were on my lower back. “Let’s get more comfortable in my room.” Josh said to me with a smile on his face. I responded by nodding my head as he took my hand and went into his master bedroom suite upstairs. We went into his master bedroom suite where we had resumed making out as he gently we laid on the king-sized, Ralph Lauren navy and white solid colored, sheet-covered bed. I got on top of him as I slowly took off my white Hollister baby tee and Josh took off his olive green t-shirt. I looked into his green eyes as he softly played with my hair. His kisses were soft and sweet; he then reached around and unhooked my white t-shirt bra. He massaged my breasts before kissing and sucking on them. His hands traveled up and down my body while I carefully took off my blue denim miniskirt. I enjoyed my afternoon with Josh as we lay in his bed together. “You’re really amazing, Josh.” I said as I looked into his eyes. He smiled at me as he kissed my cheek and said, “So are you, Kat. You’re like the first woman I ever had sex with, a widow even.” I smiled back at him and said, “Well, I’m much honored to be your first.” With that being said, I kissed his lips. A few minutes later, Josh’s phone rang and he answered it. I gathered all my clothes, went into the bathroom, and got dressed. “Kat, that was my mom on the phone. She and my dad need to borrow my house to entertain some old college friends. I’m sorry you couldn’t stay over.” Josh said as I got out of the bathroom. “It’s okay. I have to get back to my house anyway.” I said as I wrote down my phone numbers on a blank piece of paper and gave it to him. “It was nice meeting you. We should get together sometime.” He said as he walked me to the front door. “Yeah, we should hang out sometime.” I replied as I kissed his lips before getting into the car. As I drove from Josh’s house in Venice, I thought about the encounter and it gave me an idea. I made a quick stop to Barnes & Noble on my back to my house in Fair Oaks and bought a notebook and pen. I got home, sat in my living room, and began writing the very first entry of what was to be my sex diary. I mean, just because I’m a widowed woman, it doesn’t I have be by myself all the time and staying home every day and night. I wrote down in full details the date, time, and what was done on my sexual encounter with Josh. I even wrote a title on the first line by writing down the name of the guy and even gave a nickname for him. For Josh, I wrote, “Josh: The Virgin No More”. After writing in my sex diary, I put the notebook and pen under my bed in the bedroom. Several minutes later, I called my in-laws on my cordless phone by way of speaker phone. I talked them about Carl and the stuff I found in his safe deposit box at Wells Fargo. I told them about the franchise papers, the overseas bank accounts, and the luxury vacation homes. “I had no idea that Carl was making extra money. I mean, he did well for himself with his bank manager’s salary.” William said. “As long as Carl and I had been married, we worked and made good money together. We even paid all the bills together, sometimes early. Plus, we’ve never fought over money EVER!!” I replied. “Not to go off topic, but where are those vacation homes located?” Jessica asked me. “They’re scattered throughout the Caribbean in various locations.” I said to her. “Kat, there’s something I have to tell you.” My father-in-law William said. “What is it?” I asked him. “Carl had another job before the two of you got married.” He said. “I already know about his secret job as a contract killer. A federal agent came by my house one day and told me about it. Did you know about it?” I replied. “I didn’t, but I do know about the extra money he had, in addition to his bank manager salary.” William replied. “If Carl’s so smart about his money, why did he leave a will before he was killed?” I asked. “Well, even though he didn’t have a will, he wanted to make sure you and your unborn baby are financially well-provided.” William replied. “Sadly, I had miscarried and I know how much you two wanted a grandchild.” I said to them. “We were heartbroken when we first heard about it, but keep in mind that we love you very much and also we want you to be happy. Now, don’t you worry about kids right away, just take good care of yourself and focus on other things.” Jessica said empathetically. “If you get the chance, come visit us sometime. We would really like to see you” William added. “I certainly will. Love you both.” I said as I hung up the phone. I then went online and chatted with Bianca via Skype. She was still excited about her and Simon’s impending anniversary. She even showed the ring Simon got for her, which was her re-engagement ring. It had a platinum band with three heart-shaped diamonds; the center heart was bigger and it was also blue. She also showed me the engagement ring she had, which had a 20-carat square cut diamond and set on a silver band. “Those rings are so beautiful.” I said to her happily. Then, I showed her my wedding and engagement rings which were on a sliver chain that I wear as a necklace. My wedding ring was a diamond-encrusted ring set on a rose gold band with a 15-carat round cut diamond surrounded by a circle of mini pink diamonds; my engagement, on the other hand, was a simple square cut diamond ring set on a silver band. I looked forward to see Bianca and Simon renew their wedding vows in Las Vegas. Bianca even showed me a photo from her and Simon’s wedding sixteen years ago. In the black-and-white photo, they smiled and looked into each other’s eyes. They were very happy and very much in love as they were now. I showed her a photo of me and Carl from our wedding; I sometimes look at my wedding photos from my scrapbook and even cried. “Carl was very lucky to have you.” Bianca said to me sympathetically. “Yeah, he was.” I replied as I briefly looked at my rings on the necklace. “Simon and I can’t wait to see you in Las Vegas.” Bianca said happily. “I’m already looking for a dress and a pair of shoes to wear for the ceremony. Say hi to Simon for me.” I said to Bianca with a grin on my face as I logged off for the night.


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