Original Black Dress Diva-Part Eight

I planned my outfit right down to my shoes and accessories. I even took the time and wrote down the newest entry to my sex diary titled “Brendan: The Sexy Saint”. I even stopped by the mailbox and got my courier-delivered envelope from the Elite League, along with the rest of the mail. I opened the envelope and then opened the smaller envelope that had my $25,000 check plus a five-thousand dollar bonus. I put them in my messenger bag so that way I can put them in the bank on Monday. After that, I showered and put on some perfume. For a perfume to wear for girls’ night out, I went with Radiance by Britney Spears. As for my outfit, I went with a cobalt blue lace mini dress, a pair of black skinny jeans, a purple satin demi bra and panties, a pair of indigo blue stiletto heels, and a silver necklace with a rose pendant. At 8 p.m., Jetta, McKayla, Marissa, and Annaliesa arrived at my house, wearing their hottest outfits for girls’ night. McKayla wore a purple short-sleeved button-down blouse that showed off her toned arms with a black zip-up vest, a black satin pencil skirt that showed off her toned legs, a skinny magenta belt, a black fedora with a purple satin ribbon, an amethyst-and-diamond necklace, and blue violet rounded toe platform heels. Jetta wore a turquoise baby doll top with stonewash denim capri-length pants and turquoise flats; she even wore matching eye shadow and a turquoise and silver necklace that looked like something from a Southwest jewelry sale on QVC. Annaliesa had on gold sequined one-shoulder dress with gold butterfly earrings, and gold Jimmy Choo heels. Marissa wore a red satin strapless dress with a ruby necklace and red satin wraparound heels. “You girls look so gorgeous! Especially you, McKayla. Love the hat, too!” I said to them. “Thanks, you look stunning yourself.” McKayla replied as she tipped her hat to me. “So what do you have planned for our girls’ night out?” Annaliesa asked me. “First, we’ll have dinner at Asada Laguna Beach. Then, go dancing at Villa Sorriso in Pasadena. Finally, we go back to Laguna Beach for dessert at Dolce Gelato.” I replied. All the girls were very excited about the agenda that I originally planned with Clarissa, but since they had other plans, I wasn’t going to let girls’ night out be a waste. Luckily, I had my sister-in-law and my three Elite League female friends to go out with. I even appointed Annaliesa as the designated driver. The five of us got into the Phantom and drove over to Laguna Beach. Once we arrived, we went to Asada Laguna Beach and dined on delicious Mexican food. “Are any of you girls available tomorrow? I asked because my best friend Clarissa and I originally planned on having what I called a 6S Saturday, which is salon, spa, shopping, snacks, sleepover, and sunshine.” I said to them. “All that sounds great and everything, but I have a project that’s due on Monday. I thank you for asking me.” Annaliesa replied. “I’d love to go, but I might work late on Saturdays and I’m a lot busier on Sundays. Thanks for asking though.” McKayla replied. “I’m free.” Jetta said happily. “Count me in.” Marissa said excitedly. After eating Mexican food for dinner, we all went to Villa Sorriso over in Pasadena for a night of dancing. Not only did we dance, we also had one drink each and I even flirted with a few guys while on the dance floor. We then drove back to Laguna Beach and had homemade gelato at Dolce Gelato. “So what plans do you have for this 6S Saturday?” Jetta asked me as she dipped her spoon into her cup of vanilla bean gelato. “Spending the whole Saturday over at Fashion Island on Newport Beach. Maybe even have a sleepover at a nearby hotel.” I replied as I took a scoop of Oreo cookie gelato. “I’ve always wanted to go there. I hear they also have a movie theatre that serves wine and really good food.” Marissa said. “We must definitely catch a movie at that theatre. At least, they’ll have something new aside from the usual move theatre concession fare, not that there’s anything wrong with popcorn, candy, and a cold soda.” I agreed. After we ate our gelato, we got into the Phantom and drove back to my house in Fair Oaks. I had a great time with the girls that night. Annaliesa, Jetta, Marissa, and McKayla each went home in their cars after we exchanged goodnights and goodbyes. I looked forward to seeing Jetta and Marissa on Saturday. I then went online and Skyped with Simon and Bianca; we talked about the upcoming vow renewal ceremony. I even showed them the dress I would wear to the ceremony. I couldn’t wait to see them in person just like they can’t wait to see me in person. I could just imagine the fun I would have with them in Las Vegas. Saturday morning, I woke up, had a fresh fruit smoothie with Maca root, exercised, deposited my twenty-five thousand dollar check and five-thousand dollar bonus into my bank account, and got myself ready for a girls’ day out with Jetta and Marissa. I even made my bed and thought about having a yard sale next week so I could sell all of Carl’s clothes and things; all that and donate Carl’s Explorer to Goodwill. I got into the E-Class, picked up Marissa in Anaheim, picked up Jetta in Santa Barbara, and drove over to Newport Beach. Once we got there, we went to Fashion Island. “Wow! This place is so amazing!” Jetta happily exclaimed. “Does your mom have a birthday coming up?” I asked Jetta. “Why yes, her birthday’s next week.” She said to me. “Cool, so what do you and your family do to celebrate her birthday?” I asked. “Well, my mom’s originally from Denmark and since my little brother Hans, little sister Helena and I are born here in California, which makes us Danish-American. My siblings, father, and I would fix her breakfast in bed and take her to Solvang, which makes her feel like she’s back home in Copenhagen with all those windmills and Dutch-style buildings but she really loves America just as much. She speaks very good English and works as an interior designer. Afterwards, my dad would take her out for a date night. They’ve been married for nearly twenty years and are very much in love. My dad’s manages an office supply store, in case you’re wondering. Last year, I got my mom a pair of wooden clogs and even painted them myself. She loves to wear them on her days off; she’s a good clog dancer. This year, I want to get something very special. ” Jetta replied. Solvang is a city that was discovered 1911 by three Danish-American educators and is thirty-five miles north of Santa Barbara. Jetta even told about the Danish bakeries they have in Solvang that have bakeries with very yummy treats and her grandma on her mother’s side even taught her how to make pancake balls stuffed with raspberry jam and covered in powdered sugar, which they call aebleskiver. I even thought of getting a few gifts for Jetta’s mom as well, along with a few things for myself and the house while out with the girls. We also went to Heavenly Couture, BeachCandy Swimwear, B. Candy, and the Crystal Cove Promenade while in Newport Beach. After nearly a whole day of shopping, we went to The Alley Restaurant & Bar for dinner and then went to Casey’s Cupcakes for dessert. The three of us split a dozen cupcakes (four for the each of us); the dozen came in three flavors of four: decadent milk chocolate, sassy strawberry, and vivacious vanilla. “So have you booked a hotel room for the sleepover?” Jetta asked me. “No, I haven’t gotten the chance to do that. Why do you ask?” I said to Jetta. “I have to plan my mom’s birthday party with my dad and little siblings tomorrow. Plus, I haven’t brought my overnight bag, nothing personal.” Jetta replied. “Oh, no worries. I have to visit my mother-in-law in San Diego tomorrow; she’s having a get together with her friends and all.” I happily replied. “I have to visit family back in Las Vegas tomorrow as well.” Marissa replied. “It’s no problem, maybe some other time then?” I said to them. “Yeah, but we all had a great time today.” Jetta said. It was early in the evening and I dropped off Marissa and Jetta at their houses; then I made a quick stop at BevMo! in Folsom and bought some wine before I went home. As soon as I got into the house, I emptied my shopping bags and put up everything. After that, I called my mother-in-law and told her I’m coming to the get together at her house tomorrow. The two dozen cupcakes I bought from Enjoy Cupcakes in Santa Barbara were still moist and fresh, perfect for the get together. I took a warm shower, slipped into some comfortable pajamas, and then had an online cyber sex session with Simon and Bianca. I went into my room and planned my outfit for tomorrow’s get together with my mother-in-law. My cell phone vibrated and I received a text message; it was from Kwan. The message said: “Monday night, 9 PM, on the corner Fairfield & Tanner. Pay out: $50,000. More details coming soon.” I replied to the message saying, “I accept.” After that, I checked out messages from Jetta and Marissa, thanking me for a great time today. I then called Clarissa and the others about my girls’ day with Jetta and Marissa, giving them all the details. I also treated myself to an at-home pedicure and foot treatment consisted of soaking and scrubbing my feet, clipping and trimming my toenails, dipping them in paraffin wax, rubbing them with good peppermint-scented foot lotion, and covering them with soft aloe-enriched socks. The next morning, I got up early, prayed, exercised, tidied up, and got myself ready to go to my mother-in-law’s house in San Diego. For my outfit, I went with a blush crepe bustier dress with off-white rose print, full black satin lining, side bones, a black elasticized waistband and back panels, and zip fastening in the back; for my shoes and accessories, I went with the blush pink Charlotte Olympia silk and mesh pumps with almond open toe, buckle fastening straps and Swarovski-crystal embellished tulle pompoms, a Miu Miu Swarovski and faux pearl choker, a pearl bracelet with a flower clasp I got from Neiman Marcus yesterday, and a crystal bag shaped like a flower basket. I put my hair up in chic low ponytail secured by a rhinestone flower-shaped ponytail holder. Once I got my things ready, I put the two boxes with twenty-four (twelve in each box) cupcakes I bought from Enjoy Cupcakes in the backseat of my Altima. Both sets of cupcakes were custom-ordered; each of the dozens had twelve flavors. The first dozen had wine-flavored cupcakes and the flavors were caramel pinot, mimosa, orange creamscicle chardonnay, white sangria, raspberry mascarpone chardonnay, bubbly strawberry champagne, lemon lime meringue chardonnay, pineapple strawberry chardonnay, honey grapefruit chardonnay, lemon mint chardonnay (mojito), chocolate blackberry syrah, and citrus sauvignon blanc. The other box of a dozen cupcakes had four sets of three flavors: triple chocolate mousse, white & dark chocolate s’mores, and vanilla caramel latte. Also, I put three bottles of wine (a bottle of merlot, a bottle of chardonnay, and a bottle of cabernet sauvignon) in my wine bag in the backseat. I got into my Altima and drove over to San Diego. After I made the long drive, I finally arrived at my in-laws’ house. William and Jessica’s house was a palatial mansion in the Fairbanks Highlands subdivision with amazing views of the California Coast; it had five bedrooms, six baths, a gourmet kitchen, etc. I got out of the car, took out the cupcakes and wine from the backseat, and rang the doorbell. “Katherine, I’m so happy to see you. Please come in.” Jessica greeted me with a big smile. “I hope you don’t mind, I bought wine and cupcakes for the get-together.” I said to her. “I’m glad you bought them. William had gathered all the men and took them to the country club for golf.” Jessica said as we went into the kitchen where I put the cupcakes and wine on the counter. My mother-in-law and I went into the living room where there were a lot of women in their flowery, pretty dresses and shoes. “Ladies, I want to introduce you to my daughter-in-law Katherine.” Jessica said to the other women. “Hello, ladies.” I kindly said to the other women with a smile on my face. “Katherine has also bought some wine and cupcakes, which are in the kitchen.” Jessica said to them. While Jessica went into the kitchen and got all the food set up, I started mingling and introducing myself to all of her friends. There were cougars, MILFs, divorcees, soccer moms, trophy wives, single ladies, and a couple of widows at the party; all that plus some of them bought their grown daughters along. They’re not just wives and/or mothers, they’re entrepreneurs, businesswomen, executives, doctors, teachers, lawyers, etc. I told everyone about my brief life as both a married woman and expectant mom. They hugged, advised, and consoled me; even the other widows supported me. “Hear me when I say this. Just because your married life has ended, it doesn’t mean that everything else in your life should end.” A tall, redheaded woman named Yolanda said to me. “Well, I’ve been going out and meeting new people lately. I got myself a motorcycle license, went to a biker bar, been working out, and also went to the beach.” I said to Yolanda. “That’s good to hear.” Yolanda replied. “When my husband Paul and I had divorced, I went back to school and paid for it using the divorce settlement. Before I went back to school, I thought about my interests and dreams, what I like do to, and researched careers online based on my interests. So I applied to the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in Long Beach and studied jewelry design. I’m saying find your dreams and go for them!” a short-haired brunette named Millie said to me. “Also, don’t forget to take time for yourself. Because when I had lost my husband Edmond in a car wreck, I was under a lot of distress. Aside from planning my husband’s funeral, I had to deal with beneficiary business, his family, my family, etc. Every twice a month, I like to treat myself to a spa day and I must give you a list of my favorite spas to go to.” A champagne blonde named Paulina told me. Once Jessica came back to the living room and served up the food, she served it on platters on the living room table. Everyone, including me, socialized as we snacked when the doorbell rang. Jessica opened the door and there was a dark brown-haired woman wearing a green Michael Kors stretch wool-crepe knee-length dress with matching green Charlotte Olympia crepe de chine platform sandals. “Piper, how are you? Please come in.” Jessica said as she let in the house. Piper Newburg is a Palm Springs socialite/spa owner. She owns four spas around Palm Springs, two of them are salons/spas. One of the spas she owns which I have heard of was called Pampered To A Pulp. This spa has all sorts of beauty treatments made from fruits and superfoods such as avocado and coconut hair mask, lemon cleanser, carrot facial mask, to name a few. The spa even offers avocado beauty treatments (hair, skin, and body), which are very popular during the California Avocado Festival and when avocados are in season. “It’s official! My divorce from Adam is done and I’m now a free woman. I’m going to celebrate by having a very big divorce party.” Piper said to everyone. Jessica then introduced me to Piper as I munched on snacks and sipped chardonnay. We exchanged former wife stories; Piper tells me about her now ex-husband’s affair with a co-worker at his job (Adam works at a financial firm in Orange County) and I told her about my less-than-five-year marriage and my brief stint as a mother-to-be. In an instant, we became friends. “Katherine, do you know any good party planners that can help me with planning my divorce party?” Piper asked me. “Why yes I do. My best friend Clarissa Bailey is not only a really good party planner; she’s also my very best friend. Let me give you her phone number, so you can call her. Plus, I know a good caterer who can fix the food and a stationery shop where you can create the invitations.” I said to Piper as I took out my cell phone, wrote Clarissa’s work number and the other numbers on a blank piece of paper. “Thanks so much for your help, Katherine. Here are my business cards for my spas, feel free to call me when you need a spa day.” Piper said to me with a toothpaste commercial-perfect smile. That Sunday, I made plenty of new friends, socialized, added more phone numbers to my cell phone, and had a good time all in one day; I even chatted with a woman named Orabella Greenwood, who is a flight attendant at Delta Air Lines and has a side job as a Slumber Parties consultant. I told her I thought about being a Slumber Parties consultant which would not only give me financial freedom, but also as another way to keep myself busy. Orabella gave me her card with her home and cell phone numbers. “If ever you need to order a few things, just give me a call.” The five-foot-seven, auburn-haired woman said to me. After nearly an entire day of socializing, I happily hugged and greeted my mother-in-law goodbye before going home to Fair Oaks. I then drove over to nearest Applebee’s and had dinner there by myself; I had a light breakfast this morning and I was ready for dinner. Once I was seated by the hostess, I then checked my cell phone for text messages from the Elite League. I got a message from Kwan about my assignment for tomorrow night. The message said I have to team up with DeMarcus and McKayla. It also helps to have knowledge and skills of poker and Texas Hold ‘Em since there would be card games at that house, which is perfect to me since I know a relative who plays a lot of card games and plays mostly for money. Once the waiter arrived, I ordered the mango iced tea for my drink, the steak quesadilla towers for my appetizer, and the shrimp and parmesan sirloin for my main course. As soon as my order was taken, I got out a notepad and a pen from my purse. I started writing down my interests and dreams for potential careers while sipping on my mango iced tea, I had been thinking about what I would do as part of my fresh start in life. A few minutes later, my appetizer had arrived at my table and I took my time eating it. I only half of my main entrée and I then ordered the triple chocolate meltdown for dessert; I ate only the ice cream part of my dessert. I told the waiter that I needed two to-go boxes for my food and asked for the check. I paid the check after packing up my food into the to-go boxes and leaving a big tip for the waiter. I then went home with my food; I then went online to research occupations based on my interests as soon as I put my to-go boxes into the refrigerator. I sat at my computer, looked at my list, and research career options. On my list of interests were shopping, fashion, clothes, books, spas, and food. I took out another piece of paper, I wrote a sub list under each of my interests. For example, I wrote shoes, lingerie, jewelry, and clothes under my “Fashion” list. As I looked up Google and Bing for each career opportunity based on my interests on internet browser window, I also checked my email in case I hear from Simon and Bianca about Las Vegas. I got so much on my mind right now, especially my assignment for tomorrow. On the back of the same sheet of paper, I wrote down another list, this time it was about the careers that based on my interests. After an hour or two, I took a break from research and looked into my purse. I then found a card I had gotten from one of the women I met at my mother-in-law’s get-together; it was a business card for a real estate agent who works at Coldwell Banker and has an office in Orange County. A woman in her early 30s named Carminda Gonzalez, a legal secretary at a law firm in Irvine, gave me the card because she bought herself a new house from that agent. Like me, she was a first-time widow; she had lost her first husband last year to multiple sclerosis; she temporary stayed at a short-term apartment five months after she buried her husband. The card even had his name and the company logo on the left and his office and cell phone numbers on the right; the name on the card said Grayson Brighton. Carminda even told that there’s an open house on Tuesday; I even thought about getting myself a new place for quite some time, especially since it’s part of my plan for a new beginning. I was definitely going to that open house on Tuesday, but tomorrow I got some business to take care of first.


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