Preview: All Worked Out-Liam Payne visual/fan fic

(Author's note: This is my very first fan fic involving One Direction) I was working out in my home gym, doing some of my favorite workouts to lift my mood and also to de-stress. I like to do yoga, belly dancing, strip aerobics, Zumba, and walking for 30 minutes on my Treadclimber twice a day; sometimes I like to kickbox whenever I’m in a bad mood and/or have the urge to kick somebody’s ass. I had just finished an hour-long workout of kickboxing, Zumba, and strip aerobics when I heard a knock on the door. I walked up to open the door and there was this tall, shirtless, and slightly sweaty young man with brown eyes and very short dark hair. He had on a pair of red shorts with socks and sneakers and a few tattoos on each arm. “Hi. May I help you?” I asked him. “My name’s Liam. I was wondering if you would like to workout with me.” He said in his British accent. “Sure. I have a gym here in my house. Why don’t you come inside?” I said to him as I let him inside. I then led Liam to my home gym, where he can get out of the blazing hot sun. My home gym was very equipped and was also cool by way of air conditioning. We started our workout with a good 30-minute stretch/warm-up on my purple mat. After that, Liam started doing pull-ups with his TRX and I started on my yoga. I briefly watched Liam as he worked on his pull-ups; I noticed his arms and back muscles working together and flexing, he looked really fit. I then went into the downward facing dog pose where I noticed him checking me out. Once Liam was through with his workout, he then said to me, “I’m going to get some water. Would you like some?” “Yes, thank you. The kitchen’s down the hall to your right.” I replied as I changed yoga positions on my mat. A few minutes later, I had finished my yoga workout and then Liam came back into my home gym with two cold bottles of water. “Here you go.” Liam said to me as he sat next to me on the floor. “Thanks.” I replied with a smile. I took a sip of my cold, refreshing water and then said to Liam, “You’re really fit for a Brit.” Liam lightly laughed as he said, “Why thank you very much. I briefly checked you out doing yoga while I was working on my pull-ups. I bet you’re very flexible.” His compliment made blush a little, I then replied, “I do yoga to relax and calm down when I’m stressed, and also to maintain flexibility.” I watched as Liam took a few sips of his water and some of the drops fell down his fit upper body, especially down to his six-pack abs. In a sudden moment, I softly kissed his lips. Liam and I looked at each other for a brief moment and then he kissed me back. Liam smiled at me and he said, “I didn’t know kissing was a workout.” I giggled and replied, “It’s a fact that kissing does burn calories.” We then kissed each other’s lips some more; I placed my hands onto his chest as we kissed. Liam gently broke the kiss as he spoke, “If this were cardio, I definitely want to keep going with you.” “Keep going then.” I happily urged as we continued making out.


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