Lena McKenneth and Delilah Gerard were at the Styling Profile beauty salon, getting their hair done as part of their weekly beauty ritual. The two best friends were out and about in Atlanta, been best friends since junior high. “Girl, I’m so glad to be going out with you. So glad to be away from Greg, most of all.” Lena said to Delilah while they were sitting under the dryer. Lena recently had a bad break-up with her boyfriend Greg, who not only cheated on her but also couldn’t keep a job. Greg and Lena were college sweethearts that had lived together in their apartment. Greg was recently fired from his pizza delivery job because of customer complaints, late deliveries, etc. Lena, on the other hand, continued to work as a secretary at a major law firm. She also sells Avon among other things when she’s not in the office. “I know what you mean, girl. This is one of many things we need. After we get our hair done, we’re going to the nail salon, the mall, and even go to this club downtown later tonight.” Delilah said as she looked at a hair magazine. Delilah was fresh from a divorce from her husband Thomas, a medical doctor at Emory. She and Thomas were married for almost ten years and their divorce was almost like a Snapped episode meets a Terry McMillan novel. Thomas cheated on her with a nurse works at another hospital, was controlling with finances, and lacked in the romance department because he’s too tired to have sex with her. The divorce settlement made Delilah very wealthy yet she still works at a big advertising firm. Both women have a few similarities between them. They’re both successful black women, both fresh from bad relationships, and both live in Atlanta. Here’s what makes them different: Delilah’s the tall, black, fit yet curvy-in-all-the-right-places divorcee who lives in Buckhead; Petite and very voluptuous Lena’s the legal secretary who secretly dreams of being a successful entrepreneur who lives in College Park. The women chatted while they were getting their hair done. Three hours later, they went to the nail salon to get manicures and pedicures. “So tell me about this new club you heard about.” Lena said to Delilah. “This club is called Escape and it’s catered to black women only. The place has been open for two weeks and is the talk in town. The dress code there is very sexy. Plus, ladies get in for free always and they got a large dessert buffet. We must get our sexy on!” Delilah explained to her. “I’m game for it! I’m ready to bring my sexy on!” Lena said excitedly. “That’s my girl! I’m ready to get my sexy back, I’m glad to be free from uptight, snooty Thomas.” Delilah said. After getting their nails done, the women went over to the mall for some new outfits. They even stopped by a perfume shop for some new smell good, they also went to the jewelry store for new bling. Delilah even got herself a ring that had more diamond carats than her former wedding band. “So what time should we go to this Escape club?” Lena asked Delilah. “We’ll go at 9 o’clock. I’ll pick you up at your place.” Delilah replied. “Cool.” Lena said to her. That night, both women got themselves all dolled up and headed to Escape. They arrived in front of a three-story brick building with a silver, cursive-lettered sign that read “Escape”. They went inside the red paint and black lace decorated lobby. They were greeted by a thin black woman named Tammy. “Ladies, welcome to Escape. Let’s get you two your membership cards.” She said Delilah and Lena followed Tammy to the other side of the lobby with a red backdrop and took each other’s pictures with a digital camera. Then, Tammy transferred the pictures from her camera to the computer and printed them on to red and black lace decorated cards. “Here are your cards, ladies. Welcome to Escape and enjoy your visit.” Tammy said as she led them to a room with a door covered by a sheer white sheet. Lena and Delilah entered the large, vanilla incense-scented room. There were all sorts of hot looking white men making out and/or seducing a lot of black women. The room was furnished with ivory and white furniture. On the sofa, there was a fit black woman in a red dress being passionately kissed on the lips by a blonde-haired, blue eyed white man while a dark-haired white man sitting beside her caressed her legs. Over on the table, another white guy was on top of a thick black girl and the guy was half naked. “This whole room smells of sex and vanilla.” Lena said to Delilah. “Yes, this is what they call the Vanilla floor.” The black woman said standing next to Lena as she was about to take a white guy to the kitchen. Lena and Delilah then went into the dining room where they saw the massive dessert buffet with chilled oysters and champagne by the buffet table. The table had chocolate-dipped fruits, three chocolate fountains (with marshmallows, buttery shortbread cookies, strawberries, cheesecake pieces, pineapple slices, and Rice Krispie Treats surrounding them) and a few cans of whipped cream. Lena and Delilah fixed their two separate plates with plenty of dessert and oysters and filled their glass flutes with champagne. They then say down on plush white sofas at the vanilla lounge area that was surrounded by sheer white drapes. “I’m definitely feeling this place.” Delilah said to Lena as she took a bite of the chocolate-dipped strawberry. “Me too, girl. I hope we can meet some hot looking white men. I could use a little cream in my coffee, if you know what I mean.” Lena replied. The two women were then approached by two white men. The first guy had dark brown hair and baby blue eyes while the other guy was tall with dark blonde hair and green eyes. “Hello, ladies.” The tall dark blonde said to Lena and Delilah. “Hi.” The ladies each said. “What are you names?” He asked them. “I’m Lena and this here is my friend Delilah. And you are?” Lena responded. “My name’s Drew.” The dark brown haired, blue-eyed hunk said. “I’m Liam.” Said the tall, dark blonde man. The four of them sat together on the plush white sofa and gotten to know each other better. Dark brown haired, blue-eyed Drew’s a nursing student at Emory while dark blonde Liam’s a culinary school student by and waiter at a bistro by night. “So, Drew, Liam tells me that you’re a nursing student over at Emory?” Lena asked him. “Yeah, I go to Emory on a nursing scholarship. I’m studying over at the Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing, so I can get my registered nursing degree.” Drew replied. “What hospitals are you looking into for employment?” Lena asked. “My top five hospitals here in Atlanta are Emory University Hospital, Piedmont, Grady Memorial, Atlanta Medical Center, and Northside Hospital. I’m also considering the Shepherd Center and St. Joseph’s Hospital. ” Drew responded. “That’s really great, Drew. What about you, Liam? Where do you go to school?” Delilah asked. “I, on the other hand, am a culinary school student. I go to The Art Institute of Atlanta. Like Drew, I’m also a scholarship student but I’m studying to be a chef with a minor in restaurant management. I’m currently working as a waiter at the Atlanta Bistro over in Midtown, making plenty of good money to pay the monthly bills.” Liam responded. “That’s amazing, Liam.” Delilah replied in an interested manner. So what do you do, Lena?” Drew asked her. “I’m a certified legal secretary at a prestigious law firm here in Atlanta.” Lena replied as she took a small sip of champagne. “How about you, Delilah?” Liam asked her. “I work at a successful advertising firm. In fact, I’m the main manager of the company.” Delilah said as she took a bite on one of her chocolate-dipped strawberries. “That’s impressive.” Liam replied to her. After talking with each other and nibbling on some food, the four of them decided to go upstairs; this has both a master bathroom and a master bedroom. Drew and Lena went into the master bedroom while Delilah and Liam went into the master bathroom. The master bedroom that Drew and Lena went into was white; the queen-sized canopy-style bed had super soft Egyptian cotton sheets, comfortable pillows, and sheer white covering over the bed. White candles of various sizes and soft lighting surrounded the room; the candles were vanilla-scented with a hint of sandalwood. They shared their first passionate kiss near the bed. Drew ran his fingers through Lena’s long, silky, natural jet-black hair as they kissed. Liam and Delilah arrived into the posh white master bathroom; the room had immaculate features such as a white round bathtub surrounded by white marble, a rectangular fire pit, an antique mirror behind the tub, and a white sink with antique silver fixtures. Close to the edge of the bathtub was a shower with a glass door; there was also a candy dish filled premium chocolate truffles by the bathtub. The bathtub was filled with fresh milk and warm water, the warm water/milk mixture had been sprinkled with a lot of rose petals and a couple of lime slices. On the ceiling, a crystal chandelier hangs over the entire bathroom. The bathtub was surrounded by vanilla lime-scented candles in glass candle holders. “This bathroom is just as exquisite as the bathroom in my house!” Delilah exclaimed in amazement. “I’ll say.” Liam agreed with her. They then looked into each other’s eyes before Delilah made the first move. She deeply kissed Liam on the lips as she rubbed her hands all over his body. Liam took his time warming Delilah up with his kisses and caresses before removing her clothing, one piece at a time till she was in her lingerie. Meanwhile in the master bedroom, Drew and Lena have gotten each other turned on and warmed up. Drew passionately kissed Lena’s lips as they took off each other’s clothes; they explored each other’s bodies with their hands as they laid on the bed. Lena sensually moaned as Drew as he kissed and licked every inch of her frontal body; she saw how passionate he was in bed and how he put her sexual needs before his own. Lena moaned loudly as Drew tasted her chocolate pussy while he reached down in his pants and stroked his cock; Lena could not only feel Drew’s mouth on her woman cave, she also heard his moans as he orally pleasured her. Over in the master bathroom, Liam and Delilah had a passionate foreplay session in the bathtub; they rubbed rose petals and bath water all over each other’s naked bodies. Then, Liam had Delilah sit on one end of the bathtub while he stood up in the tub. Delilah watched as Liam took a lubricated condom from a bowl beside the bathroom sink. “Good thing there are condom bowls all over the club.” Liam said to her as he properly protected his well-endowed member with the condom. Liam then wrapped his toned arms around Delilah’s waist as he slowly and deeply entered her chocolate pussy. As he went in and out of her pussy, Liam planted kisses all over her neck. Delilah enjoyed each orgasm with Liam in the bathroom; they then switched positions to where Liam sat on the end of the bathtub and Delilah sat in front of him. He held Delilah close as his vanilla cock entered her chocolate pussy from behind and wrapped his arms around his waist. Their moans and groans were loud and pleasurable as they enjoyed each in the bathroom. The tempo of Liam’s thrusts went from slow to fast and back to slow; all before he took the condom off his cock and squirted his man milk onto her tummy. They then relaxed and rested in the bathtub as they soaked their naked bodies in the bath water. Meanwhile in the master bedroom, Drew and Lena were going strong between the sheets. Drew took Lena’s pussy in so many positions and also created a few new ones; he was definitely well-endowed between the thighs at eight and a half inches. The two also took turns pleasuring each other’s genital areas, both orally and manually. They couldn’t get enough of each other as they reached climax in sexual unison; their orgasms reached a fever pitch. A few minutes later, Drew took the condom off from his hard, young cock and his man milk splashed onto her Lena’s stomach. He then tasted her pussy once more, giving her plenty of sheet-clenching orgasms. After that, he held her close and kissed her lips. An hour or two later, both couples exchanged their phone numbers and said their goodnights as they left the club separately. Delilah and Lena went on over to the Waffle House for a late-night meal and exchanged stories of their encounters with Liam and Drew. “I really enjoyed myself at Escape tonight. How about you, Delilah?” Lena asked her as she looked at the menu. “Same here, I especially enjoyed Liam. He’s handsome, a good kisser, and he cooks too. I wonder if Ryan Gosling knows he has a twin from another kin down here.” Delilah replied. “So how was Drew’s bedside manner?” she asked Lena. “Girl, I must say, he could really put in work between in the sheets. No complaints from me and he’s so passionate.” Lena responded. “Do you know who Drew reminds me of?” Delilah asked Lena. “Who does Drew remind you of?” Lena asked. “I swear, he kind of reminds me of that porn actor James Deen. They both have dark hair and blue eyes.” Delilah replied. “I never thought of that before.” Lena responded as she lightly laughed. Before both women could decide on what they want to eat, both Lena and Delilah’s cell phone rang at the same time. Lena got a text message from Drew while Delilah answered her cell phone and got a call from Liam. A few seconds later, they put their cell phones into their purses. “Well, Drew wants to see me again and also asked me out on a second date.” Lena happily said. “That’s great news. I, on the other hand, got off the phone with Liam; he has just asked me out on a second date. Not only that, he also wants to take me out for a picnic at the park.” Delilah said. “We should definitely tell our female friends about this club.” Lena replied. “Indeed, they should know about it, especially since we’re members and all.” Delilah agreed. “So what are you having?” Lena asked Delilah. “I’m having the All-Star breakfast with two sausage links. How about you?” Delilah said. “I’m gonna have the eight ounce ribeye with two eggs and a double waffle. Because after tonight, I’m gonna need my appetite. Maybe I should order an extra double waffle to go for my breakfast in the morning.” Lena responded. “Here’s to Escape.” Delilah said as she and Lena clinked their glasses of orange juice together. THE END


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