PREVIEW: Midnight Snack-a One Direction fan fic/Niall Horan visual

I slept soundly in my queen size bed in the middle of the night when I was suddenly awakened by the sound of the refrigerator door opening and closing. I quietly walked into the living room and then into the kitchen where I saw Niall gathering food from the fridge; I sneaked behind him and softly kissed on one of his shoulders. Niall slowly turned to me and said in his Irish accent, “Hey.” I replied, “Hey there, I heard you in the kitchen, trying to find a bite to eat.” I looked at the fruit that he took out from the fridge; there were bright red strawberries, vibrant yellow bananas, and sweet seedless white grapes. Niall then walked to me and kissed my neck as he said, “Being in bed with you had made me hungry.” I then heard my stomach growled in agreement, so I opened up the pantry and took out two jars of creamy peanut butter (one of them being white chocolate-flavored), a bear-shaped bottle of honey, a jar of Nutella, and a bottle of chocolate syrup. I opened a loaf of white bread and took out four slices before closing it up. I plugged up the silver toaster and started slicing up a banana while Niall had his arms wrapped around my waist. Once I toasted all four slices of bread, I spread Nutella and white chocolate peanut butter on each of the bread slices before adding the banana slices; I briefly watched as Niall bit into a fresh, juicy strawberry, which he had it dipped into the Nutella. He then took out a new, unopened gallon of whole milk and poured it in two glasses he got from the cupboard. “The sandwiches are ready.” I happily said to Niall as I put them onto a plate. I sat on the kitchen counter while Niall stood next to me. I watched as Niall took a bite of his sandwich while I took a bite of my sandwich, the two of us enjoyed the sandwiches. I then drank my milk when I noticed that Niall had a smidge of Nutella on his cute, kissable lips. “Niall, you got some chocolate hazelnut spread on your lips.” I said to him with a smile. He smiled back and said, “Where?” I replied, “On your mouth.” He licked some of the spread from his mouth and said, “Yummy.” He then walked up to me and softly kissed my lips as he placed both of his hands onto my hips. I gently broke the kiss and said, “Your kiss is just as sweet as the Nutella.” “Are you ready for another snack?” Niall asked me. “Oh, yeah.” I replied. With that being said, Niall got the bottle of chocolate syrup and a can of whipped cream from the fridge. He poured the chocolate syrup on one of my upper thighs before spraying the whipped cream; he took out a strawberry from the basket, scooped up the chocolate syrup and whipped cream from my upper thigh with the strawberry, and fed it to me.


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