Preview of my Taylor Launter visual inspired by New Moon

It was a bitterly cold, windy, clear winter night. On the outside, it was 30 degrees or lower. I was in my bedroom in my small house. The heater in my house that normally works went and shut down on me. I already felt like I was freezing. I stood by my bedroom window and looked at the luminous full moon in the clear nightsky.

After looking at the moon, I looked outside and there I saw a werewolf at my bedroom window. He was drawn to me and my womanly, voluptuous curves under my red silky nightgown. I listened as my bedroom door opened. I turned around I witnessed the werewolf transform into human. He was tall with short, black hair, deep brown eyes, tanned Native American skin, and a ripped body.

He whispered, "I'm drawn to you." as he softly kissed my lips and touched my shoulders. I could taste his warm animal lips heating up mine.

He could taste the vanilla ice cream and hot chocolate in my mouth as we kissed. His warm hands caressed the silk of my nightgown. He pulled me close to his warm, half-naked body. I just loved the feel of his body heat. I felt my blood rushing through my body as we have gotten close.


femlycan said…
Oh wow, that is a visual, virtual, temporal, corporal an all the other
"als!" LOL
I take it that this occurred sometime after you passed out from the cold and struck your head on the way down.:) If I had a visual like that, I'd strike myself purposely

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