The Warmth of a Werewolf-Taylor Lautner visual inspired by New Moon

It was a bitterly cold, windy, clear winter night. On the outside, it was 30 degrees or lower. I was in my bedroom in my small house. The heater in my house that normally works went and shut down on me. I already felt like I was freezing. I stood by my bedroom window and looked at the luminous full moon in the clear nightsky.

After looking at the moon, I looked outside and there I saw a werewolf jump through my bedroom window. He was drawn to me and my womanly, voluptuous curves under my red silky nightgown. I turned around as I witnessed the werewolf transform into human. Jacob was tall with short, black hair, deep brown eyes, tanned Native American skin, and a ripped body.

He whispered, "I'm drawn to you." as he softly kissed my lips and touched my shoulders. I could taste his warm animal lips heating up mine.

He could taste the vanilla ice cream and hot chocolate in my mouth as we kissed. His warm hands caressed the silk of my nightgown. He pulled me close to his warm, half-naked body. I just loved the feel of his body heat. I felt my blood rushing through my body as we have gotten close. We continued to kiss as we manuvered to my queen-size bed.

"I want you." He said to me as he kissed down to my neck.

"I want you too." I moaned.

My hands were moving up and down his back as his lips never left my neck. His hands gently squeezed my full, natural breasts. His smooth, warm flesh brushed against my body as he gently lowered the straps of my gown. He slowly lowered his mouth to my breasts while he cupped them with his hands. He then kissed, licked, and sucked my breasts. My fingers played with his hair as I moaned and groaned. His lips then went up to my neck, kissing me there. I enjoyed the feel of his body heat with my body. He then moved his hands down to my hips. He slowly took off my red lace panties and inhaled my womanly aroma.

I watched as he transformed into wolf form and took his time licking my pussy with his long, wolf tongue. His wolf and human forms both aroused me. Being licked by a werewolf made me even hotter. Once he turned back into a human, he laid down on my bed.

"You taste so sweet and so good. Mind if I taste you again?" He asked as he smiled, looked into my eyes, and licked his lips.

"I don't mind that at all." I smiled at him and replied as I positioned my pussy onto his mouth.

While he licked my pussy and clit, my body quivered at the feel of his mouth tasting my juices like a bee gathering pollen from a fully-bloomed flower. I became more wetter than my flower garden after a heavy rainstorm. He then unzipped his jeans and stroked himself with one hand, getting himself ready for me. His other hand repeatedly went up and down the front of my body. I quivered wildly and moaned louder as he tasted me some more. For a brief moment, he winked at me, sensing my approval. Then, I got myself up and kissed his lips sharing the taste my lustful liquid silk. Our tongues lightly danced inside each other's mouths.

Then, I slowly moved down his body, took off his already unzipped jeans, and softly licked the tip of his cock. I took my time licking him with soft, cat-like licks. I could hear him moan and growl in pleasure as his hands caressed the silky strands of my long, medium auburn hair. Once he got nice and hard, I looked into his eyes and then kissed his lips again. Even he kisses me it feels warm to the touch. While I was still on top of him, I gently slid my pussy lips onto his cock. We gasped at the same time.

I slowly rocked my body against him as his cock went in and out of me. My hands stroked his ripped body up and down while his hands squeezed my butt cheeks. We moaned and groaned with just as much intensity and passion. My night had gone from cold to warm to sizzling hot! I loved how Jacob took pleasure in my orgasms and I also love how he can keep on satisfying me. He loved how I bring out the werewolf in him whenever we're in my bed. I rode him continuously and then he got up. He placed himself behind me, sat on his knees, and entered my pussy from there. As he went in and out of me, his hands caressed my entire while his lips kissed my neck, lips, and shoulders. I softly licked his fingers as he pleasured me.

My orgasms had went from loud to earth-shaking. Every touch, kiss, and lick he delivered to my body made me more hotter. Our desire-drenched bodies glowed in the shining moonlight.

Jacob licked my neck and ear. His breath heated against my skin as he whispered, "Come with me."

With him, I climaxed as he held me in his arms. Our loud, lust-filled orgasms turned to passionate sighs of breath as his milk exploded into my pussy. I fainted in his arms until he revived me with a deep, passionate kiss on my lips. We were wrapped in a lover's embrace in his strong arms while he was inside me. We kissed some more until he took his cock out of me. Under the covers, our bodies were covered in passion, sweat, pheromones, heat, and desire which made for an even sexier scent. His body was still warm as we were still in our embrace. His man/werewolf shapshifting took my desire and pleasure levels through the roof.

On the outside it was still freezing cold, but in my bed there was plenty of heat and warmth.



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