Dressed for Pleasure

Rosalie Thomas was doing herself a little shopping in downtown Orlando. She felt like getting herself some sexy clothes. A size 16 girl like her does love to shop at stores such as Lane Bryant, Torrid, and several others, but today she wanted to shop somewhere different. There, she stepped into this medium-sized boutique. The pink, black, and white sign up front said, “Femme Voluptuous” in fancy cursive lettering. Once inside, she took a gander at the sexy, gorgeous plus-size merchandise. The front windows featured full-figured mannequins dressed in lovely evening gowns in a window display that resembled a ballroom. Rosalie first looked at the dresses section. They were ranged from cute and feminine to elegant and classy to sexy and hot. The first dress that caught her eye was a baby pink and chocolate brown strapless short dress with a brown ribbon cinched around the waist.

“Can I help you, miss?” A male voice beside her said.

“Oh, I’m just looking at the fantastic selections. It’s my first time shopping here at the boutique.” Rosalie replied.

“Great, we also have plenty of jeans, lingerie, hosiery, and tops for all plus sizes. By the way, my name’s Blake. Just holler if you need me.” He said to her.

“Well, Blake lucky for you, I’m a size 16. I’ll make my visit worth your wait.” Rosalie said with a smile on her face.

After picking up a few more dresses, she then checked out the jeans section. The jeans section was in a large corner with a wall painted with in various shades of blue like the jeans themselves. Rosalie was instantly enamored with the whole boutique. She loved it all: the décor, the clothes, everything. She even liked the Blake, the cute salesman whom she just met not too long ago.

“We also have plenty of skirts, accessories, jewelry, and shoes. We even got shoes for chicks with thick thighs and wide feet.” Blake said to her.

With that being said, Rosalie checked out the shoe section next. It had all kinds of boots, sandals, heels, sneakers, etc. The shoes all came in wide widths and the boots ranged from ankle length to thigh high. She checked out and tried on several pairs of shoes. Blake from a distance took a look at Rosalie as she tried on shoes. He doesn’t have a shoe fetish, but has a weakness for big beautiful women. He’s been a fat admirer since he was a high school junior. He has three older sisters, who own and operate the boutique. Blake helps them out with the store when it’s busy. His sisters not only own and operate the boutique, but they are also designers with their own clothing lines.

Rosalie asked, “Which way is the dressing room?”

Blake replied, “It’s upstairs on the second floor. Let me show you.”

Blake walked with her, showing her the way. “I have a camera and I was wondering if you would like for me to take pictures of you with the outfits you’re trying on.” He said to her as she was getting dressed.

“Sure, that would be great. Me giving you a private little fashion show.” Rosalie replied.

Then, Rosalie came out of the dressing room with the first outfit she tried on, the pink and brown strapless dress with pink lace-up heels. Blake snapped a photo of her in the dress.

“Wow, you look sensational. You know with your hair in a sexy beehive with a low ponytail, you would look like a much cleaned up, plus size version of Amy Winehouse.” Blake said to her.

Rosalie smiled and giggled at the compliment she received. Next, she changed into a baby blue and purple lace-trimmed tank top, a pair of dark wash straight leg jeans, and blue-pink-and-white sneakers.

“You look very cute in that one.” Blake said as she took another picture of her.

“So do you work here often?” Rosalie asked Bake.

“Yeah, I help out my three older sisters very often. They own and operate the store. Plus, they’re also designers as well. My oldest sister Bettina designs plus size tops; she also designs jewelry and hats, my second oldest Candace designs plus size lingerie and swimwear, and my youngest sister Allison designs dresses, gowns, shoes, and gloves. Bettina and Candace went to FIDM—Los Angeles and Allison went to the Art Institute of Orlando. Like you, they’re all big girls.” Blake replied.

“That’s great! So what do you do when you’re not helping big girls find something to wear?” Rosalie said.

“I’m a photographer/underwear model. I’m also a DJ/club promoter at this club Explosive over on Main Street.” Blake responded.

“Awesome!” Rosalie exclaimed happily.

The next outfit Rosalie tried on was a long, dark purple halter satin gown with purple ruffled stilettos. The gown complimented her black, naturally wavy, shoulder-length hair while the stilettos fit the shape of her feet like gloves.

“Beautiful! Just beautiful.” Blake said excitedly as she snapped another photo of her.

“So Rosalie, what do you do for a living?” Blake asked her.

“I’m a travel agent by day, a librarian’s assistant by mid-afternoon, and a social butterfly by night.” Rosalie replied.

After trying on several outfits and being photographed in them, she then checked out the lingerie section, which was also upstairs. The section featured all types of plus size lingerie including bras, panties, pajamas, nightgowns, bustiers, corsets, etc. The section was styled with red and pink silk like a boudoir in those old-school pin-up photos. She then tried on a red satin bustier with black lace in the front. When Blake saw her in it, he became extremely aroused. In his sparkling blue eyes and in his mind, Rosalie was the sexiest woman he had ever seen. Rosalie checked herself out in the three-sectioned mirror. The bustier gave her rubenesque frame an hourglass shape. Even though she’s 5’4, it made her inner sex kitten come alive.

“How do I look?” Rosalie asked.

Blake was behind her and said, “You look very sexy. So sexy, you would make the girls over at Victoria’s Secret green with jealousy.”

He then put an Austrian crystal necklace with crystal heart pendants onto her neck. Once the clasp was fastened, Rosalie was stunned at the sight of the gorgeous necklace, especially at the way the third pendant rested against her ample cleavage.

“Blake, would you mind ringing up all the items I’ve tried on and also ring up this necklace?” Rosalie asked as she help gathered the items as they went downstairs to the register.

While paying for everything, both Blake and Rosalie got a rush. Rosalie got a rush from the fashion and the shopping; Blake got a rush from Rosalie trying on the clothes and taking pictures of her. When Blake saw her try on one of the bustiers, he had a hormonal, testosterone-induced rush which caused the bulge in his pants to grow with instant desire.

With Blake being a fat admirer and all, he was already turned on by Rosalie. Rosalie got her shopping bags filled with new clothes and things.

“I’m going to recommend this boutique to all my big girl friends, so I can throw some business your sisters’ way!” Rosalie happily said.

“My sisters and my mom would love that! They’re in New York City for Fashion Week to get some inspiration.” Blake said excitedly.

“I also work at a photo studio that specializes in boudoir/pin-up photography. I was thinking maybe I can take some photos of you there.” He added.

“Fantastic! Maybe I can model some with some of the new lingerie I bought.” Rosalie replied.

Blake gave her two business cards: one for the boutique and the other one for the Intimate Portrait Photography Studio. Blake’s card for the studio had the numbers for his cell phone and for the studio. After signing up for the boutique’s mailing list, Rosalie took her bags and purse with her and got herself ready for the impromptu photo shoot.

Later that day, Rosalie arrived at Intimate Portrait Photography Studio. She came in with the new lingerie she had just bought from the boutique. The studio walls were painted in peach and black vertical stripes and were adorned with pin-up styled pictures of women who come into the studio. Blake greeted her with a hug and a kiss.

“I look forward to taking pictures of you.” Blake said with a smile.

Blake and Rosalie got themselves ready for the photo shoot. Blake got his camera ready and Rosalie got herself dressed in lingerie. The first piece she wore was the red satin bustier she tried on at the shop. The bustier came with a matching g-string. She wore both pieces along with the black heels with bows in the front. Blake was not only turned on but was also amazed by her radiant natural beauty and her feminine charm. Rosalie positioned herself in some seductive, alluring poses while Blake took the pictures.

“You’re quite the natural in front of the camera, Rosalie.” Blake said to her.

The backdrop was of a romantic bedroom setting with white satin sheets on the queen-sized bed, a lovely vanity set, and a few lit candles beside the bed. Rosalie felt as if she was seducing Blake’s green eyes right through the camera lens. For the next set of photos, Rosalie changed into a white satin gown with slits on both sides. To Blake, she was a vision of natural loveliness. Rosalie had a form of sexiness that was just right, not too subtle and not too risqué.

After snapping some more pictures, Blake walked up to her and said, “That was so great, Rosalie. You’re very stunning.”

He then took her hand, kissed it, and then kissed her lips. “Rosalie, I have a weakness for big, fuller-figured girls like you. Ever since you first stepped into the boutique, I’ve been so aroused by your curves, your beauty, your smile, and everything else. I want you.” Blake said to her.

He placed his camera down on the vanity and kissed her lips again. He kissed her lips with more passion as he gently lowered both straps of her gown, making them rest on her shoulders. Then, Blake took off his green and black striped rugby shirt. He had quite a body on him. Tight, chiseled abs, smooth skin, strong arms, and a defined chest.

“Your body’s very appealing, Blake.” Rosalie said as she looked at him.

“Thanks, I workout by swimming, doing a little MMA, yoga, and also some weightlifting.” Blake replied with a smile.

Rosalie touched his smooth, well-tanned skin. Her fingertips also felt the ripples of his abs. She then returned his kiss on the lips. His hands gently rested on her back while her hands stroked through Blake’s short reddish blonde hair. Blake moved his lips down to her neck. Rosalie sighed against his ear at the feel of his lips on both sides of her neck. Blake then joined her on the bed as he softly lowered the gown to her waist.

Once he took off his green sneakers, he cupped Rosalie’s ample, soft breasts in his hands and orally pleased them both. Rosalie moaned at the sensation of her breasts being licked and sucked by him. She felt his bulge growing through his jeans. Blake then took off her gown and slipped one hand into her soft panties. While Blake stroked her inner and outer woman lips with his fingers, Rosalie unzipped his black jeans and stroked his awakening cock through his dark gray boxer shorts.

They turned on each other on as they moaned and groaned in sexual harmony. Blake began stroking his cock as he kissed down her belly. He then took off her panties and began tasting her honey leaking from her honey pot. She tasted honey sweet to his mouth and tongue. Rosalie’s moans had reached fever pitch as Blake orally pleasured her woman cave.

While tasting her, Blake took off his jeans and his cock was hard in his boxer shorts. After that, he passionately kissed her lips. Next, he got out a lubricated condom from his jean pocket and carefully put it on his hardened cock.

He slowly and deeply entered her pussy as he held her close in his arms. Rosalie placed her hands on Blake’s firm ass and held on while he was on top of her. As he thrusted in and out of her, he licked and kissed her breasts and neck. He then laid on his back, placing Rosalie on top of him. She slowly bounced up and down on his still intact condom-covered cock. The sight of Rosalie’s ample, voluptuous body bouncing in time with his cock became a turn-on for Blake. Her breathing had gone from soft and light to heavy and rapid as they were reaching climax together. Blake’s hands softly squeezed her lush breasts as she rolled her hips, intensifying the experience.

He looked into her soulful, chocolate brown eyes and said, “Rosalie, I want to come with you. Come with me.”

They were in climax as they simultaneously moaned and groaned. After the climax, their collective orgasms were spent and Rosalie laid her body on top of his. She deeply kissed Blake’s lips while their bodies rested, covered in lust and sweat.

“Blake, you’re so astounding. It was out of this world!” Rosalie happily raved.

Blake flashed a big smile at her and said, “Rosalie, having sex with you was the best! I look forward to seeing more of you. Both at the boutique and in bed. In an actual bed, that is. “

“You could also see me at Explosive, too.” Rosalie added.

“Right. I’m also a club promoter at this BBW nightclub Bountiful on downtown and an exotic dancer at another club called Body Heat.” Blake said as he took himself out of her pussy, took off the cum-filled condom, and got up off the bed.

Blake and Rosalie gathered all their clothes and put them back on. Rosalie gathered the lingerie and put them in her shopping bag.

“I’m definitely planning on coming back to Intimate Portrait. From all that you have told me about yourself, you sure keep yourself busy a lot.” Rosalie said to Blake.

Rosalie kissed Blake on the lips and left the studio. Blake told her the pictures would be ready in a day or two. Rosalie gave him her phone numbers and told her plus-size friends about the boutique, clubs, photo studio, and of course Blake.



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