Taylor's Temptation-Taylor Lautner visual

Kathy got herself ready for her date with Taylor. She totally adored him ever since The Twilight Saga: New Moon came out in theatres. She got it on DVD and gets turned on every time she watched it. For her, watching New Moon was like women’s porn for her, especially when it came to Taylor’s shirtless scenes. She often imagined herself being held in his strong arms and feeling his strong, hot body against her feminine body. She even dreamt she did sexy things that Bella’s too moody and scared to even do to him.

Kathy was dressed in a black strapless belted dress and black velvet and lace ankle boots. Her reddish brown hair was styled a tousled in waves and her neck was adorned with a multi-length, multi-colored freshwater pearl necklace. Her right wrist was adorned with a diamond bracelet. Her eyelids were colored with purple eye shadow and her lips were colored in a perfect shade of red. Once she got herself all together, the doorbell rang and Taylor came in with red rose bouquet in hand.

“Wow, Kathy. You look so sensational tonight. These are for you.” Taylor said as he gave a long-stemmed red rose bouquet.

“How sweet of you. Thank you.” Kathy said with a smile as they stepped out of her house and to their date.

They drove off in his car and first went to dinner. In Kathy’s mind, Taylor looked hot and do-able even in a suit. They started feeding each other, shared a few jokes, and he even ordered dessert and fed it to her. That was such a turn-on for Kathy. After dinner, they went back to her place. They took their shoes and got really comfortable on the cream-colored loveseat. Taylor moved a little closer to Kathy as he softly touched her hand. He slowly moved his hand up to arm and then to her shoulder. Kathy felt herself get the chills from Taylor’s touch. He gently wrapped one arm around her waist as he softly and deeply kissed her lips. As they kissed, Kathy then took his tie loose and flung over the living room table. She took off his dark gray suit jacket and unbuttoned his blue striped button down shirt. She ran her hands down his back as she slid the shirt off of his body, leaving him shirtless. His ripped, fit body made her hot with temptation, touching him made her want him more. Kathy got aroused at the feel of his ripped abs against her fingertips. They continued to kiss while he unbelted and unzipped her dress. Taylor looked at Kathy’s hourglass figure that was covered in black satin and lace underwear.

“Kathy, you look so beautiful right now.” Taylor said as he moved a little closer to her body.

Kathy smiled at his compliment as she took off his shoes and undid his pants. Taylor kissed her neck as she slipped her hand into his boxer shorts. She softly stroked his manhood as she kissed and licked his body. He softly sighed as his body felt her touches and kisses. She then slowly pulled down his boxer shorts and licked his manhood. She heard him sigh while she licked and tasted him. He called her name over and over while he ran his fingers through her hair. Kathy then got up and kissed his lips. She took out a lubricated condom from her purse, opened it, carefully slipped on to his manhood, and guided her pussy on to his cock. They both gasped as her pussy made contact with his young cock. Her moans and groans were loud and strong. She slowly bounced up and down, feeling her sugar walls squeezing his cock. Taylor planted kisses on her breasts, neck and lips as he held on to her body. Kathy’s hands stroked his body up and down.

Suddenly, he picked her up without losing his grip. Taylor carried her and placed her back against the wall, next to the bedroom. He passionately and deeply kissed her lips as he thrusted into her pussy deep. His lips moved down to her neck, kissing her there as they were heading for the climax. Their moans and groans increased in tempo as he thrusted into her a little harder and deeper.

“Oh Taylor, Oh Taylor…” Kathy moaned repeatedly.

“Come for me, Kathy. I wanna feel your orgasm!” Taylor urged.

Kathy felt herself come on to Taylor’s cock as they reached climax. A few minutes later, they simultaneously orgasmed while wrapped in each other’s arms. Their bodies were coated in a pheromone and hormone-induced sweat. Taylor deeply kissed her lips as he carried her into the bedroom where they had hot, passionate sex all through the night.



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