Preview: A Photographer's Erotic Fantasy Journal: Texas Twins

Hey there, it’s Kristy Garrison. My assistant photographer and best friend Wendy Carson are back on a brand new photo assignment for Fantasies for Women magazine. Teresa Williams, the magazine’s editor-in-chief, has placed on a new assignment and it involves male twins. She called the new issue, “The Double Your Pleasure Issue” and it features sexy male twins from across the country. Teresa even found a pair of twins from Texas to be the cover boys. The twins’ names are Ethan and Evan Lockworth. They live in Houston; Ethan’s a real estate agent specializing in upscale properties and Evan works at an energy co-op. When they are not keeping real estate afloat in tough economic times or finding solutions for alternative energy, the Texas twosome love to socialize, travel, take care of the horses at their family’s stables, and also love to play as hard as they work. So Wendy and I packed up our equipment and flew on down to Houston. Once we arrived and checked in at the Hampton Inn Houston Galleria, we gathered our equipment and drove over to the Wild Horse Ranch, the Lockworth’s home. The mansion was Texas-style and palatial and the ranch in the back was spacious; the stables had several horses on the inside. We first met Evan on the ranch, getting one of the horses ready for a bath. “Hi, Evan. I’m Kristy and this is Wendy. We’re from Fantasies for Women magazine. We’re here to do a photo shoot on you and Evan for the magazine.” I said to him. “Pleased to meet you, ladies.” He said as he tipped his cowboy to us. Evan had short dark brown hair, bright blue eyes, and a fit, medium build. He was in his cowboy gear, which consisted of a white t-shirt, blue jeans, brown chaps, and cowboy boots. “Let me give you ladies the tour of the stables and ranch.” Evan said with a dimpled smile and a Texas-style drawl. Evan gave us a guided tour of the ranch and the stables. Wendy and I even got to know some of the lovely horses and also saw a few colts and ponies. He then introduced us to a black stallion named Black Jack and gave us sugar cubes to feed to the horse. As Evan got one of the horses out of the stables and ready for a bath, Wendy and I got our equipment ready for the shoot. “I hope you don’t mind, but we would like take pictures of you washing one of your horses.” Wendy said to Evan. “I don’t mind at all, ladies.” Evan replied. For the first few pictures, we photographed Evan as he washed one of the horses, a white colt named Angel Heart. We took some more pictures as he took off his t-shirt and washed Black Jack. For a guy who works at the stables and works at an energy co-op, he had a nice body on him. He had strong arms, a firm chest, and a ripped eight pack. He told us that he likes to keep fit by cross fit, playing football and basketball in his spare time, and also borrows Ethan’s Bowflex machine every so often. Once Black Jack was all cleaned up, Evan took another horse from the stable and walked with him. We then got ready for the next set of photos. As Wendy changed into an outfit, Evan and I gathered our things and relocated to an area far away from the ranch. “This brown beauty is named Forest. He’s one of the many stallions we have at the stables and also one of our prized horses.” Evan said to me. Wendy met up with us a few minutes later. She wore an outfit that made her look like a historical Western romance novel heroine.


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