Original Black Dress Diva-Part Three

There were plenty of motorcycles at the front of the biker bar. The exterior had a wild western feel while the inside had biker attitude all over. The bar and a couple of tables were filled with bikers and bar hoppers. As soon as I entered the bar, I could hear AC/DC’s “Back in Black” playing in the background because the DJ played it from his IPod. Some of the young and cute bikers even checked me out and I smiled back at them. I even got a few stares from the biker babes and a few old school bikers. I found myself a vacant table and sat myself down. Then, a well-proportioned, chocolate brown-haired waitress named Rosalie stopped at my table and offered me two menus: a food menu and a drink menu. “Welcome to the Wild White Horse Saloon. My name’s Rosalie and I’ll be your waitress. Can I take your order?” She said to me. “It’s my first time at a biker bar and I’ll need a few minutes.” I replied. “Okay, I’ll be right here if you need me.” Rosalie said as she smiled and went to another table. I took a few minutes to look at both the food and drink menus as I took two Chasers from my purse. I made a decision about my order after a couple of minutes. Rosalie then came back to my table and asked, “Are you ready to order?” I said, “Why yes, I’d like the Double Mushroom Burger plate with sweet potato fries for my main course and for my appetizer, I like the 20 hot wings with ranch dressing.” “Great, would you like something to drink to go along with your meal?” Rosalie asked me. I replied, “I’ll have the Paradise Squared with a shot of tequila, a shot of Alize Red Passion, and two glasses of ice water.” “Coming right up.” Rosalie said as she took up both menus. I took a good look around the bar; the patrons ate, drank, and danced; having a good time and all. My drink order came a few seconds later, my Paradise Squared came with the two ice waters along with my shots of tequila and Alize Passion in shot glasses. My Paradise Squared was like an amped up rum and coke, it was Coca-Cola mixed with Malibu Red and Bacardi Vanilla rum and garnished with a lime slice. I took a small sip through a small straw and it was definitely paradise. Then, my hot wing appetizer came and Rosalie said, “Your burgers will be ready shortly.” I smiled and said, “Thanks, Rosalie.” I started eating a few of my hot wings and even dipped them in the ranch dressing; I also ate all the celery and carrot sticks. I slowly drank my tequila and Alize Passion shots and ate one or two more hot wings. Few minutes later, my burgers and fries have arrived. My plate looked scrumptious; it had two double mushroom burgers: the first one had two slices of melted Swiss cheese and the other one had two slices of melted cheddar cheese. Both burgers have grilled onions and sautéed Portobello mushrooms. The sweet potato fries were steakhouse style wedges and were very delicious. I savored my burgers and fries along with my Paradise Squared cocktail. Good thing I already took my Chasers before drinking, so I was set; I then drank the first glass of cold ice water. “Excuse me, is this seat taken?” a deep, smooth male voice asked me. I then looked up at him and there was this tall, white man with a shaved head and sparkling blue eyes. He wore a gray Affliction shirt with a black leather jacket, dark blue jeans, and black shoes. I said to him, “Sure, you can sit with me.” He then took a chair from an empty table behind us and sat across from me. “I couldn’t help but notice you when I first walked into the bar.” He said to me. “Well, it’s my first time at a biker bar.” I replied. “Can I get your name?” He asked me. “My name’s Kat as in Katherine. What’s yours?” I said. “My name’s Devin.” He said. “So Devin, what brings you to California?” I asked him as I took a big bite of one of my mushroom burgers. “I’m here on vacation, much needed time-off from my work. I built custom-made motorcycles on the east coast.” Devin replied. “Interesting, my late husband has a custom-made motorcycle, except it’s a Harley-Davidson. I’m a bit a novice rider since I just got my motorcycle license.” I said. “Good for you. Not only do I design motorcycles, but I also do repairs. Several years ago, I was honorably discharged from the Marines after a hostage situation overseas, saved a lot of lives there. I went through a lot of physical therapy after suffering a couple of injuries from that mission. Not to be nosy, but are you married?” Devin said. “I’m widowed, unfortunately. My husband was killed a few months ago, being at the wrong place at the wrong time.” I said to him. “Sorry for your loss.” Devin said to me. “I appreciated it.” I replied as I took a few small sips of my cocktail. I then called Rosalie for two take-out boxes and my check. I then put the wings, burgers, and fries into both take-out boxes and put them in a bag. I also put the cash and tip onto the table along with the check. Rosalie then gave me my change and I went into the ladies’ room with my food in tow. “Excuse me; I have to go freshen up.” I said to Devin. “I have to go to the guys’ room.” Devin said as we both went into the same direction. I went into the ladies’ room and washed my hands. As I washed my face and hands, I had thought of something. I led Devin into the ladies’ room as soon as I finished washing up. “Are you seeing anyone special at the moment? I just want to know.” I said to him. “I’ve just gone through a messy divorce with my first (and last) wife, no kids, and most of her family can’t stand me.” Devin replied as he looked into my chocolate brown eyes. “Well, Carl and I have been married for less than five years and were expecting our very first child together. Carl got killed while I was pregnant and then I miscarried months later.” I said. “You’re very gorgeous for a woman who has gone through a lot. I mean no offense when I say this; you’re the very first woman I’ve ever met that is widowed.” Devin said with a sexy smirk on his handsome face. “Thanks for noticing and none taken.” I replied. Without losing any focus on those blue eyes of his, I slowly unzipped my black leatherette jacket and walked up to him. “Can I see your body?” Devin asked me. I moved a few feet back so he could get a glance. His blue eyes traveled from my face down to my waist down to my legs. “I really like what I see. Can I touch you slowly?” Devin asked me. “You may.” I said. His large hands traveled slowly from my face, feeling the soft texture of my leatherette jacket to the lace of my bodysuit, the satin of my red bra, and down to my leather miniskirt. I responded with a soft, yet audible sigh. I felt shockwaves to every nerve ending on my body. “Let me show you mine.” Devin said as I watched him slowly take off his leather jacket and then lifted his shirt. “Would you like to touch?” He asked me. “You don’t have to ask me twice.” I replied as I softly touched his fit, ripped upper body. His chiseled, eight-pack abs rippled against my fingertips as my eyes scanned the rest of his body. I then looked at his muscular arms that were covered in various tattoos like sleeves. With Devin’s shirt still lifted, my body softly brushed against his. I slowly pulled away and said, “I have to go, it’s getting late. It was so nice to meet you, Devin.” “I’d like to see you again, Kat.” Devin said to me as he handed me my take-out. Don’t worry. You won’t be the first or last guy I meet. I thought to myself. I had left the Wild White Stallion Saloon with my food and my purse and rode home on the Harley. Once I got home, I put my leftovers in the kitchen and hang my purse on the hook. I looked on my cell phone and got a text from Jonathan. It said: “Still on for Saturday?” I texted back, “Yeah.” Then, I called Clarissa, asking about girls’ night out next Friday with her, Diana, Holly, Naomi, and Andrea. “Yeah, we’re still on for girls’ night next Friday. I’ve talked to the others and they’re still interested.” Clarissa replied. “I got an idea!” I happily exclaimed. “What’s that?” Clarissa asked me. “In addition to girls’ night on next Friday, we should also have a 4S Saturday, as in Salon, Spa, Shopping, and Snacks. We can even have it at Fashion Island in Newport Beach.” I responded. “That’s a great idea, Kat. I got two other S’s to add: Sleepover and Sunshine. I’ll tell the others! Good night.” Clarissa happily replied as we both hang up our cell phones. I then got a text message from Kwan: “Meet you at the firing range with DeMarcus on Tuesday.” Another message I got was from McKayla: “I’ll meet you at the gym for kickboxing, MMA combat, Krav Maga, and cage fighting on Monday.” I’ve already had phase one complete, now I had to be ready for phases two and three to complete my contract killer persona.


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