Scent of Desire (FINISHED VERSION)

Isabella Carver is a beautiful, smart, single, and brilliant chemist at Rowdy Rouge Cosmetics. She takes pride in making the best-selling and the best-smelling fragrances for the company. She got an eye for detail and a nose for scents, given that she has an excellent sense of smell. Ever time she creates a new perfume for the company, she gets excited. She loves to be around the many flowers, spices, and food-inspired scents, combining the scents, and creating the top, middle, and bottom notes for each fragrance. She anticipated creating Rowdy Rouge’s latest and newest fragrance. The bosses/siblings, Elizabeth Helena and Chanel Stella Rose, had asked Isabella to create a unisex for a famous couple with a male chemist. Isabella has already created the women’s fragrance. They even had someone to create the men’s fragrance, a fellow male chemist named Tyler Arrington. Tyler develops scents for the men’s fragrances. Elizabeth Helena told her about the couple, socialite/lingerie designer and model Melanie Olivia Smith and male model/actor/part-time exotic dancer Alexander Greene, wanted the unisex fragrance to be sexy, seductive, and enticing with a hint of romance and pleasure. “Isabella, how would feel about creating a unisex fragrance with Tyler?” Elizabeth Helena asked her. “I’m so thrilled!” Isabella happily replied as she contained herself. “Good to hear! Here is a sample of the men’s fragrance Tyler created.” Elizabeth Helena said as she handed Isabella one of the vials of the men’s fragrance. Isabella gently opened the vial and gave it a smell. The top notes had a mix of musk, leather, and sandalwood, the middle notes had cinnamon and ginger, and the bottom notes had warm cognac mixed with sensual woods and pheromones. “Wow, this men’s fragrance is complex yet pleasing to the nose. Great stuff right there.” Isabella replied. “What do you have for the women’s fragrance?” Chanel Stella asked Isabella. Isabella took out one of the vials of the women’s fragrance which she created a week in advance and gave it to the bosses/sisters. “The top notes have vanilla, jasmine, and sandalwood, the middle notes have roses, amber, strawberries, and champagne, and the bottom notes have pheromones mixed with honey, caramel, and chocolate.” Isabella explained to the bosses as they each dabbed their wrists with a drop of the fragrance. Chanel Stella and Elizabeth Helena each took a smell of the perfume once it dried on their wrists. “So what do you two think?” Isabella asked nervously. “This women’s fragrance just smells so delicious!” Elizabeth Helena exclaimed happily. “All those notes had me thinking about many different indulgent desserts all in one; it definitely has a man-catching, seductive vibe to it. You did great work on it, Isabella. We look forward to see and smell what you and Tyler created for the unisex fragrance.” Chanel Stella said to Isabella. “I’m on it!” Isabella said excitedly as she headed back to the laboratory. Isabella put on her white lab coat and got the lab ready for creating the unisex fragrance. She gathered some flowers, fruit, and everything else on the metal table. She then heard a young, male voice behind her as he said, “Excuse me, Miss Carver?” “Yes?” Isabella responded as she turned around to look at him. “I’m Tyler. Tyler Arrington. I was asked to create a unisex fragrance with you for Melanie and Alexander.” He said. Isabella got a good look at Tyler. He was 5’8; he had short dark brown hair and soulful chocolate brown eyes. He had on an olive green long-sleeved t-shirt with black pants and shoes underneath his white lab coat. “Why, yes. In fact, I got a sniff your men’s fragrance that you created for Alexander and it smelled sexy in a manly manner.” Isabella replied. “Thanks so much, Miss Carver.” Tyler said to her. “You’re welcome and also please call me Isabella.” Isabella replied. “Do have a vial of the women’s fragrance that you created for Melanie?” Tyler asked her. “Yes, I do.” Isabella replied as she offered a vial to Tyler. Isabella watched Tyler gently opened the vial and gave it a smell. He actually loved it and then said, “It smells decadent like a dessert cart at a fancy restaurant and the sandalwood and jasmine gave it a seductive feel to it.” “I totally agree. Maybe if we mixed together the women’s and men’s fragrances together, it would create a unisex scent.” Isabella replied. “That’s a great idea, Isabella!” Tyler happily exclaimed. “I have another idea. You and I could test the fragrances to see if they work with our body chemistries. I’ll test the women’s and you test the men’s.” Isabella added. “I definitely like how you think.” Tyler said to her as he flashed a smile at her. With that being said, Isabella dabbed some of the women’s fragrance on the left side of her neck and Tyler dabbed the men’s fragrance on the right side of his neck. They both waited a few seconds to let the fragrances dry on their skins and stood a few feet from each other. After a few seconds, they smell the fragrances on each other. Isabella smelled the men’s fragrance on Tyler’s neck while Tyler smelled the women’s fragrance on hers. “Your men’s fragrance had a musky scent when it comes to the dry down. It makes me think of riding on the back of a motorcycle with a sexy, leather jacket wearing man.” Isabella said to Tyler as she smelled his neck. “And your women’s scent has a decadent, indulgent scent like that of a rich, fudge brownie topped with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce when it comes to the dry down.” Tyler replied after he smelled Isabella’s neck. The two chemists put both vials of the fragrances into a large glass beaker; they each took a sniff of the combined unisex scent. They loved it but they feel that something was missing, not sure what it was. Isabella then walked up close to Tyler, once their body chemistries agreed with the scents. They smelled each other’s necks again, only closer. Then, Tyler softly kissed her on the lips while Isabella placed her hands on his face. They briefly broke the kiss to catch their breaths. “You smell so good.” Tyler said to Isabella as he inhaled her scent “You do too.” Isabella replied to Tyler as she inhaled his scent. With those words being said, Isabella returned Tyler’s kiss on the lips. She then wrapped her arms around his neck as Tyler rested his hands on her lower back. Tyler slowly removed Isabella’s lab coat before removing his lab coat and hung them up on the coat rack. Tyler returned to Isabella and deeply kissed her lips. As they kissed, Isabella placed one hand on the back of Tyler’s head and her other hand on his upper back. Tyler softly kissed both sides of Isabella’s neck as he took his time unbuttoning a few buttons on her dark grey button down short sleeve shirt. He briefly stopped and carefully took off both her safety glasses and her light blue metallic framed glasses. He placed them by the sink so they won’t be damaged. Tyler then looked into her deep brown eyes and became enchanted by her beauty. Isabella took the hem of Tyler’s shirt and took it off of him. She became aroused by Tyler’s fit and tight physique. He had strong, toned arms, a firm chest, and very ripped abs. “My, you got a really hot body.” Isabella said to Tyler as she scanned his body with her eyes. “Thanks. I like to work out when I’m not at the lab. I do cross fit, cardio, weights, squats, and play different kinds of sports.” Tyler replied. “Looks, body, brawn, and brains, I like that in a guy. It’s like you’re part nerd, part jock, and part hottie mixed together.” Isabella said as she smiled at him. Tyler then finished unbuttoning Isabella’s button shirt and unzipped the back of her black pencil skirt. He was turned on, not only by her beautiful, brilliant mind but also by her body, which was curvy in all the right places with an hourglass frame. He gently took down the black ponytail holder and let down Isabella’s hair, which was down to her shoulders and had tight, big candy curls at the ends. He scanned her body with his eyes and even noticed the mint green balcony padded underwire bra and matching panties with a lace waistband. “For a minute, I thought you moonlight as a model. But you’re like every man’s dream come true, you got brains, beauty, brilliance, and booty all-in-one.” Tyler said in awe of Isabella’s beauty and everything else. “Why thank you, Tyler.” Isabella replied. “I don’t mean to be forward, but are the bra and panties from Melanie’s lingerie line?” Tyler asked her. “Yes, they are. I guess you can say I’m a fan.” Isabella said as she sexily walked up to Tyler and kissed him on the lips. Tyler kissed both sides of her neck while his hands caressed up and down Isabella’s body. He took her hand and kissed it as he led her to a room next to the lab, a private lounge where co-workers come to relax and have lunch and there’s a large, luxuriously comfortable red couch. Tyler and Isabella relaxed on the couch as he kissed her lips again; he even helped Isabella take off her black stiletto heels and rubbed both of her feet. After her feet were rubbed, Isabella became very relaxed; she then sighed as Tyler made a trail of kisses from the tops of her feet up to her legs. Isabella softly moaned as Tyler softly kissed and licked her belly and did the same to the tops of her breasts. Tyler then reached around and unhooked her bra. Once Isabella’s breasts were freed, Tyler took his time orally pleasuring them; licking, kissing, and softly sucking on them, made her moan in sheer delight. After he pleasured her breasts, Tyler kissed Isabella’s lips again. He slowly removed the panties from Isabella’s waist. He gently rubbed the outside of Isabella’s lust canal; she was moist from his touches and kisses. Isabella let a long moan as Tyler slid two of his fingers into her lust canal; her body quivered in response. Her moans and groans turned intense when Tyler licked her clit while fingering her pussy. After that, he knelt in front of Isabella and tasted her wetness. He then unbuckled his pants and stroked his cock inside his briefs while going down on her; he took his time tasting her wetness, savoring her like she was a decadent dessert. “Ohhhh, ohhhh Tyler….” Isabella loudly moaned again and again as she softly played his dark brown hair. Tyler got himself hard stroking his cock in his hand as he licked her pussy till she was nice and wet and he was nice and hard. He kissed her inner thighs before he kissed her lips once more. “Do have any…?” Isabella asked him. “I have it. Let me get that.” Tyler said as he went into the lab and got a small plastic bag with condoms and wipes from his lab coat pocket. He got out a condom from his little bag, tore open the foil wrapper, returned to the lounge, and properly put it on his hardened cock. After that, he held Isabella in his arms and looked into her deep brown eyes as he slowly entered his cock into her pussy. Isabella deeply moaned at the feel of him inside her; Tyler kissed both sides of her neck as he went in and out of her pussy. His thrusts gradually increased without losing his hold on Isabella’s body; he even rubbed her clit, which made her orgasms more intense yet pleasurable. Their bodies quivered and rubbed against each other, every nerve ending they have burned with pleasure. Their moans and groans created a sexual harmony as their bodies perspired with lust; Isabella felt a few drops of Tyler’s sweat onto her body. They then switched positions as Tyler lay on the sofa on his side and Isabella did the same. Tyler slid his cock into her pussy as they reached climax together. As soon as Isabella came, Tyler took himself out, removed the condom, and spilled his man milk onto Isabella’s stomach. They shared a deep, passionate kiss and then Isabella said to Tyler, “I think I know just what this fragrance needs.” She then got up and took Tyler’s hand. Once they made it back to the lab, Isabella took a small piece of cloth and rubbed the lust-induced perspiration from both of their bodies. From there, she squeezed the drops from the cloth into the fragrance. She mixed it up and they both took a smell. The fragrance was perfectly mixed; she and Tyler put the newly mixed fragrance into small vials and have them ready for the bosses; they cleaned themselves up, put their clothes back on, and went home for the night separately. The next day, Isabella and Tyler gave the vials of the unisex scent to Elizabeth Helena and Chanel Stella. They smelled the scent and it was approved. The same day, the chemists and the bosses met with Melanie and Alexander. Melanie Olivia looked like a redheaded version of Kate Upton and Alexander was like a younger, yet equally fit version of Channing Tatum. Melanie and Alexander took a sniff of the unisex fragrance and their noses approved. “So what should we call the desired unisex scent?” Elizabeth asked Melanie. “Hmmm…desire. How about Desirable?” Isabella suggested to everyone. “Desirable…I love it!” Melanie replied. “Me too. We should also call it Desirable for both the men’s and women’s fragrances as well as the unisex fragrance.” Alexander added. With the scent being a success, Elizabeth and Chanel got to work discussing promotions, bottle designs, social media, and print/television ad campaigns with Melanie and Alexander. “Excellent work, Isabella and Tyler. Can you two work together again for the bath and body sets for Desirable?” Chanel asked the chemists. “Absolutely, we’ll work together on it first thing tomorrow!” Isabella happily exclaimed. “Great work!” Elizabeth happily said. As soon as Tyler and Isabella left Elizabeth and Chanel’s office, the chemists privately congratulated each other with a hug and a kiss in the hallway. “Can I take you out to dinner to celebrate?” Tyler asked Isabella with a smile on his perfect face. “I would love to go and celebrate with you.” Isabella replied. “We should create more unisex fragrances together.” Tyler said to her. “I agree!” Isabella happily exclaimed. When they were in the lab together yesterday, Tyler and Isabella discovered that scent can be a very power attractant, especially when it comes to perfume. THE END


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