Original Black Dress Diva-Part Seven

The next morning, I took a drive to over to Los Angeles for a day out. I first did some lingerie shopping at two of my favorite shops: Trashy Lingerie and Frederick’s of Hollywood. I feel confident when I have some new lingerie to wear; I even bought some boots while I was at Frederick’s. I then stopped for lunch at one of L.A.’s many food trucks and went to Sprinkles Cupcakes for dessert. Then, I went to the local farmer’s market for some very fresh fruit (strawberries, bananas, blueberries, raspberries, mangoes, passion fruit, oranges, limes, lemons, grapefruits, and peaches). After that, I went to a health food store and bought some Maca root powder along with some vitamins. While at the health food store, I read a couple of text messages I have received on my cell phone. The first ones I’ve read were from the Elite League; they told me about the targets, directions to the Drummond House, what to bring to my assignment, and descriptions of the targets’ cars. The other text messages I got were from Diana, Naomi, Holly, and Andrea, telling me that they couldn’t make it to Girls’ Night on Friday because of work, family, etc. Plus, Clarissa couldn’t make it either because she had to plan a party for a client. The last text message I got was from my mother-in-law, inviting me to a get-together with her friends next Sunday. I replied telling her I would be there. After my day out in sunny Los Angeles, I went back home to Fair Oaks, changed clothes, and went over to the Wild White Stallion Saloon on my Harley. I parked my Harley up front and went inside the biker bar. I greeted a few patrons as I sat at a table. “Can I sit with you?” a familiar voice asked me. “Hi, Devin.” I said to him. “So how are you?” Devin asked me. “I’ve been busy as usual. And you?” I replied. “Same here. I wanted to know something about your marriage to Carl.” Devin said. “Carl and I had a very good marriage; we were married for less than five years. We got along with each other’s parents and Carl just adored my dad. I admired his mother and younger sister.” I replied. “Last time you and I met, you told me about your messy divorce. What was that all about?” I said. “I was married to my wife Emily for almost six years. Her family can’t stand me; they never liked me because of my employment and also my motorcycle hobby. We tried to work things out, but nothing worked. We’ve had blowups big and small; I mean, there was one time that both of our families got involved in a fight that was both physical and verbal.” Devin replied. “Yikes!” I exclaimed. “I know, but luckily the police haven’t been called.” Devin added with a slight smile on his face. “So what was Emily like?” I asked him. “When I first met Emily, she was a medical student, studying nursing at St. John’s University. We dated and as soon as she graduated, got married. She had clocked long hours at the hospital, as in 70-80 hours a week. She still works there. Our divorce got messy when our parents got involved, my mom called Emily a busybody who didn’t make time for me and her dad called me biker wannabe without a steady job. My mother even blamed Emily’s job for our marriage being strained. The end result was irreconcilable differences and Emily was generous enough to offer me financial support, though her mom thinks I don’t deserve any to begin with.” Devin replied. After talking to Devin, we went outside and I showed him my motorcycle. Devin looked at my Harley and said, “That’s a very awesome motorcycle you got there.” “Thanks, it was Carl’s custom-made Harley-Davidson. But lately, I’ve been riding it since I got my motorcycle license.” I replied. “Awesome.” Devin said to me. “Would you like to go on ride with me?” I asked Devin. “Love to, but I got something to do tomorrow. But I’ll still be in town.” Devin replied. “I’ll be seeing you.” I said as I hopped onto my Harley, put on my helmet, and rode on back home. I needed my rest for tomorrow night would be my busiest night. Thursday morning, I packed my little kit for my assignment that night. My kit included a digital camera, two guns, ammo, a memory card, and a box cutter. I even planned my outfit for the night, including my black veil. I was all set. That morning, I fixed myself a mango-peach smoothie with a special ingredient: Maca root powder. I read somewhere that Maca root can increase stamina, boost libido, and has aphrodisiac effects. Once I finished my smoothie, I went out and drove over to Santa Barbara, which is very scenic, charming, and enchanting all in one. I also loved how the south-faced beaches make the city feel so balmy, all the reason to drive the Rolls Royce Phantom drop head coupe and feel the wind in my hair. While at Santa Barbara, I made a stop at Enjoy Cupcakes and picked up two dozen cupcakes for the get-together at my mother-in-law’s house next Sunday. I even texted my mother-in-law that I’ll bring dessert and she replied, “Great! Can’t wait to see you on Sunday.” I also got myself a four-pack of cupcakes. An hour later, I returned home to Fair Oaks. I went online and checked out the Coldwell-Banker website. I then opened two new tabs on the same window, I checked on the ReMax website on one tab and Apartments.com on the other tab. I looked at those websites because I thought about getting myself a new place, maybe even sell the house, give the money back to the in-laws, and move to another city. While online, I got an e-mail from Simon. He told me that he and Bianca have finalized the accommodations for the for their vow renewal ceremony. They booked a honeymoon suite at the Wynn Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas and also have the ceremony at The Little White Wedding Chapel. I replied saying: “I look forward to Vegas! Plus, I already got my bridesmaid’s dress and everything. I’ll book my reservations ASAP!” After I sent Simon an e-mail, I went to Expedia.com and booked a hotel room at the Wynn Hotel & Casino on the week before Simon and Bianca’s wedding anniversary. I showered and got dressed for my first-ever assignment as a member of the Elite League. I wore a black leather jacket, a black lace padded bra and matching lace panties, black leather pants, and black motorcycle boots. I put on my black veil, took my kit, and got my black leather gloves as I headed out the door. At 8:05 PM, a black Cadillac Escalade came up to the front of my house. I opened the passenger door and got into the car. In the SUV, all of the Elite League was there. “Kat, you definitely looked dressed to kill.” McKayla said to me. “Thanks.” I replied. “Are you ready for your first assignment?” Kwan asked me. “I’m ready, yet I’m a little nervous.” I said to him as I put on my gloves and loaded both of my guns with the ammo. “It’s normal to be a little nervous. Just maintain focus and you’ll be alright.” Kwan responded on our way to the Drummond House. Jetta even entered the coordinates into the car’s GPS. Thirty minutes later, we arrived at the front of the Drummond House. “Okay, first thing you do is slash all their tires. Then, you go into the house, pour something in their drinks that would knock them out. Next, you shoot them and also take any jewelry that they have. Finally, take some pictures and leave the house.” DeMarcus explained to me. “Got it.” I replied as I put the memory card into my digital camera. “Good luck.” Prentice said to me as I stepped out of the Escalade. I got out my box cutter and slashed all sixteen tires of the targets’ cars. I then went into the house by way of the open back door. I got into the kitchen where I saw four clean drinking glasses: two whiskey glasses, an old fashioned glass, and a snifter. I looked into the liquor cabinet and got four different bottles. I poured some Hennessy in the snifter, Jameson whiskey in one of the whiskey glasses, some Jack Daniels in the other whiskey glass, and Johnnie Walker Red in the old-fashioned glass. I quietly went into the bathroom, got some rubbing alcohol and liquid melatonin, I poured both into the drinks using a dropper. Once all the drinks were mixed, I quietly hid under the kitchen table and watched as each man was served their drinks and took a sip. The four men (two middle-aged men, a younger man, and a man in his thirties) talked about their latest drug shipments and sales, both street and prescription. One of them was a smuggler, two of them were buyers, and the other was a dealer. As they sipped and savored their brown liquor, I opened up the power surge box and shut off all the lights in the house. Each of them got drunk, drowsy, and gradually sick. “Can you see anything?” one of the men asked the others. “I think I’m getting sleepy.” Another man said. I got out my two loaded guns and fired two close range shots at each man. As they bled to death, I gathered their rings, watches, and other things and put them into a bag. I took the pictures with my digital camera and then quietly left out the back door. I even took my time and gathered all the shell casings. I got back into the car with the other Elite League members and we left the Drummond House. We all arrived at my house at 9:30 and I showed them the pictures from my very first assignment. Everyone was impressed with my skills; I even gave the jewelry in the bag to Marissa for safe keeping. “Good work, Kat. Your pay will be delivered to you by way of a bike courier tomorrow.” Kwan said to me. “You and I should definitely go car shopping one day, because you could use a nighttime car with a darker color.” Prentice said to me. As soon as the other Elite League members left my house, I deleted the pictures from the camera and had DeMarcus destroy the shell casings. I changed into my pajamas, had a can of soup for dinner, and ate a cupcake from my four pack for dessert. The next morning, I got up and fixed myself a very good breakfast of a short stack of pancakes with butter and syrup, two sausage links, scrambled eggs, a glass of orange juice, a bowl of fresh fruit, and coffee with vanilla soymilk and Truvia. After I ate my big breakfast and cleaned up the kitchen, I got into the Mercedes-Benz E-Class convertible and drove to San Francisco. There, I saw a Red Cross bloodmobile parked in front of a bistro downtown. I parked my car at a nearby parking garage and walked over to the bloodmobile with my purse in tow. With my blood donor card and driver’s license, I signed in, filled out the questionnaire, and waited with a few other donors. There were a few other people on the bloodmobile as well, some donated blood and others were at the cantina having juice, water, and cookies. After a few minutes, it was my turn to save a life. I lay down and listened to music from the radio while a needle drew blood from my left arm through a small tube into a pouch. I was finished within a couple of minutes and I rested at the cantina at the other end of the bloodmobile. One of the volunteers gave me a brochure on what do to after I gave blood and a card about iron-rich foods and how to increase iron intake. A guy who sat beside me offered a can of orange juice, a small bag of cinnamon graham snacks, and a bottle of water to me. I looked at him and said, “Thanks so much. Do you donate blood often?” He looked at me and replied, “Well, I do this every couple of months. Sometimes, I even do volunteer work with the Red Cross when it comes to natural disasters. Recently, I helped make care packages to the people in Haiti after that earthquake.” “Wow, that’s great!” I happily exclaimed. “Oh my gosh, you have to forgive my manners because I forgot to ask for your name.” He said to me. I lightly laughed as I said, “My name’s Katherine, Kat for short. What’s your name?” “My name’s Brendan, Brendan Rydell.” He said to me. “Very nice to meet you.” I said. “Likewise.” Brendan replied as he kissed my hand. Brendan was this handsome, sweet hunk of a guy with hypnotizing baby blue eyes and dark hair. He wore an orange crewneck short-sleeve shirt, olive green cargo pants, and dark brown sneakers. We conversed as we replenished our bodies with refreshments. We left the bloodmobile together as we thanked the Red Cross volunteers. Brendan and I walked to this local pizza parlor downtown. Not only did he open the door for me, he even pulled up a chair for me as soon as we got into the parlor. We talked as we shared toasted garlic bread with a saucer of seasoned extra virgin olive oil and a small plate of butter. Brendan even told me of his volunteer work, his job at The Body Shop, and some of his favorite charities. I talked about a charity registry Carl and I had at our wedding. “You and your late husband had a charity registry?” Brendan asked me. “Yes we did. Carl and I even asked our guests to make donations to both the Boy Scouts of America and the Girls Scouts of America because we were both scouts as kids. We even let our guests make donations to the local Boys & Girls Club, which was where my little brother and I go to after school on most weekdays. Carl and I even donated food leftover from our wedding reception to the local food banks, took some for ourselves, and also gave our third wedding cake to a friend of Carl’s who was throwing a party.” I replied. “That’s amazing! Inspiring even.” Brendan responded. Brendan and I split a large pepperoni, spinach, mushroom, black olive, and Italian sausage pizza with extra cheese on a hand-tossed rosemary and olive oil-seasoned crust. Brendan volunteers at a local animal shelter in his spare time and supports a few charitable organizations. “I wonder, why do work at The Body Shop?” I asked Brendan. “I work there not only because of the steady paychecks, but also because I like the causes they support such as fair trade, human rights, the environment, and animal rights. Plus, my mom loves their body butters and I get a minimum of three paid volunteering days yearly. There are five Body Shops here in San Francisco and I work at the one on Market Street. My mom’s an artisan jewelry maker and my dad’s a lawyer, specializing in environmental law. My parents are currently in New Orleans on vacation and also helping build houses for Hurricane Katrina victims.” Brendan said. After eating a few slices of pizza, Brendan and I took the food to go as he paid and left a tip. We walked over to his place on Beach Street. His place was a two-story, energy-efficient, townhouse with hardwood floors, equipped with Energy Star appliances and electronics, five bedrooms, five bathrooms, and a Toyota Prius in the four car garage. He even told me that he bought the furniture from the Goodwill and refurnished it himself. I was totally impressed by his craftsmanship. Plus, I got myself acquainted with his two dogs, a Japanese chow named Lula and a corgi terrier named Oliver. His dogs were so sweet and playful; Brendan even told me that he adopted them from an animal shelter a few months ago. I even played with his dogs in the living room as Brendan got their bowls ready. Once the dogs got their food and water, I went into the bathroom and washed my hands and face. I rejoined Brendan into the living room and we sat on the refurnished sofa. We looked into the each other’s eyes as I sat closer to him. Next thing you know, we shared a kiss that started out very sweetly. As we kissed, I softly ran my fingers through his dark hair. Brendan then got up and I took his hand as we went upstairs to the master bedroom. It had two windows: one by the headboard and the other by the foot of the bed; both windows had city views. The bedroom walls were in olive and sage green, his dresser had colognes ranging from woodsy to oceanic scents and his medium-sized closet was filled with J. Crew, American Apparel, Old Navy, and American Eagle Outfitters, and had a private bathroom. We sat on his king-sized full bed as Brendan took a pillow and placed it on my back. I then wrapped my arms around his neck as we kissed on the lips. Brendan even helped me with taking off my clothes; he carefully took off my socks and sneakers. I watched as he kissed the soles of my feet before rubbing them. I then took off my low-rise jeans. I softly moaned as he kissed my inner thighs. Brendan then sat beside me on the bed and kissed up and down my neck. At the same time he kissed my neck, I felt his hand slid into my panties and softly rubbed my sex. I moaned and groaned as Brendan slid two fingers inside me, steadily fingering me into a massive orgasm. We spent the entire afternoon in his master bedroom; our bodies glowed in the afternoon sunlight as Brendan gave me orgasm after orgasm as he took his time pleasuring my body. After that, I cleaned myself up, got dressed, and texted a few friends about Girls’ Night Out tonight on my cell phone. I got myself ready to go when Brendan got dressed and offered me two leftover slices of pizza and then walked me to my car at the parking garage. He then kissed my hand and my cheek, opened the car door for me once I unlocked it, and gave me his phone number. “I’ll call you tonight.” I said as I waved him goodbye and drove home. Once I got home, my cell phone vibrated. I looked and saw that Marissa, Jetta, Annaliesa, and McKayla accepted my invitation to Girls’ Night Out. Since I had three hours till the start of Girls’ Night Out, I planned myself to get ready.


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