Original Black Dress Diva-Part Nine

Early Monday morning, I got up and worked out in the living room, using a few workout DVDs. After my morning exercises, I went into the kitchen and fixed myself a good breakfast; consisting of an avocado grapefruit mango fruit bowl, an omelet made with breakfast sausage, cheese, ham, mushrooms, tomatoes and avocado, and a fresh mixed berry (raspberry, strawberry, and blueberry) smoothie with Maca root. Then after cleaning the kitchen and washing the dishes, I showered, got dressed, gathered my guns and bullets, and drove over to the firing range. I practiced shooting with glocks, semi-automatic assault weapons, and even rifles. After nearly three hours of target practice, I went to the gym and worked out some more with my workout classes; I even signed up for the new stiletto workout class on Tuesdays and Thursdays, which starts next week. After my workouts, I went home and planned my outfit for tonight’s assignment; I even loaded up my guns and put pepper sprays into my purse. “Note to self: get a concealed weapon carrying purse, one or two mace pepper guns, and a stun gun flashlight with a million volts.” I said to myself. I laid out my outfit on my bed before taking a shower; my outfit consists of a pair of black leather pants, a pair of black stilettos, a black lace hoodie, black satin lace bra and panties, and a black satin underbust corset. I took my shower and got myself dressed and equipped. Then, my cell phone rang. “Hello?” I answered. “Hello, Kat. It’s me, Devin.” A familiar male voice said to me. “Hi, Devin. How are you?” I said to him. “I’m fine, thanks. How was your day?” He said to me. “I’ve been busy all day.” I replied. “Okay, that’s good. I was wondering; if you’re not too busy on Friday, I’d really like to see you again.” Devin said. “Really?” I asked him. “I would love to take you out to dinner, somewhere a little nicer than the Wild White Stallion Saloon. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy meeting you at a biker bar. I was just thinking we could go somewhere a little different and a bit classier.” Devin responded. “Sure, I’d love to go to dinner with you on Friday night. I’ll even wear my classiest, yet sexiest little black dress.” I replied to him. “I can’t wait. See you Friday night, Kat.” Devin said to me. “Great, see you on Friday, Devin. Bye.” I said as I hung up my cell phone. I then got myself perfumed, dressed, equipped, and accessorized all before 8:30. Thirty minutes later, DeMarcus and McKayla arrived at the front my house in his black Nissan Pathfinder as soon as I locked the front door. The three of us drove to the location of our assignment, the corner of Fairfield & Tanner over in Oakland. “Good thing, I got a new deck of playing cards and a new bottle of C by Courvoisier Cognac. I want to impress them with my card playing skills.” DeMarcus said to me and McKayla. “Does everyone have their weapons ready?” I asked them both. “Our guns are loaded and I brought extra strength pepper spray in case anyone tries to get fresh with us.” McKayla replied. The three of us arrived at a black and gray painted small house, judging from the paint job the occupants must be members of the Raider Nation. A tall, slim black fellow opened the door for us and said, “Glad you could make it to the card game.” We looked around the house which had a bunch of dudes and a few ladies, drinking in red Solo cups, hip-hop music blaring through the stereo, and a bunch of folks were shooting dice or playing Madden 11 on the XBOX in the living room, some were even high. We went into the kitchen with the poker table all set up. DeMarcus was nice of us to the pull out the chairs for me and McKayla. “I got the cards and the cognac. Let’s play, I’ll deal.” DeMarcus said to the other men. “The game’s called Five Card Stud and the joker’s wild.” He added as he dealt the cards to everyone including McKayla and me. The poker game went on for about three hours, most of the other party guests wither home or got a designated driver to take them home. “I see your twenty and I raise you forty.” One of the players said to DeMarcus as he tossed forty dollars. “I see your forty and raise you eighty.” DeMarcus replied as he tossed in eighty dollars. “I see your eighty and raise you two-twenty. What’s in your cards? I got two aces.” The same player said to DeMarcus. “Well, I got a full house. Read them and weep, suckers!” DeMarcus said as he threw down his cards and took all the cash. Some of the other players were frustrated that they lost their money on the first poker game. When it was time to start a new game, I was asked to cut the cards and I did just that. “Okay, everyone new game. It’s called Queen’s Bounty; the queen takes down the knights and kidnaps the king.” I said as I dealt the cards to all the players. Once all the players got their cards, I quietly scanned the entire table and even noticed a few bluffers by way of their body language. I then asked them, “Anyone got anything to place a wager?” “I raise you my watch, lady.” One of the players said to me. “I see your watch and raise you five hundred dollars.” I said to the player as I tossed the cash onto the table “I see you five hundred and raise your eight hundred.” He said. “Eight hundred dollars is pocket change.” I slyly said to the player before looking at my necklace. “I see your eight hundred and raise you my rings.” I said as I tossed my necklace with both my wedding and engagement rings attached onto the table. Some of the other players whispered and whistled, saying that it’s too rich for their blood and whatnot. One player was trying to flirt with McKayla, but she wasn’t studying him. “Keep your rings, lady. I got a rule against taking valuables when it comes to card games.” He said to me. “Honorable. What’s in your cards?” I asked him. “Four aces. How about you, ma’am?” He said as he showed his cards. I looked at my cards twice and then I said, “Royal flush.” I then took the money and took back my necklace with my rings. Then, McKayla, DeMarcus, and I gathered everything. Just as we were about to leave, the sound of guns being cocked was made. DeMarcus then said, “Are you guys thirsty? The reason I asked is because the Courvoisier hasn’t been opened. I hate to waste good brown liquor, but….” With that being said, DeMarcus took the bottle, smashed on one of the guy’s heads, and then pistol whipped them several times until he wasn’t moving. McKayla and I took out our guns and shot the other men as they got closer. One guy tried to grab McKayla’s hand, but she whooped his ass with the Krav Maga. I sprayed two guys with the pepper spray before blasting them with the semi-automatic assault weapon, shooting them each two times. Once the assignment was done, McKayla, DeMarcus, and I took the cash and all their jewelry. DeMarcus gathered all the shell casings so he can destroy them while I took the picture from my cell phone and sent it to Kwan and the others. We got into his car and drove off to my house. The three of us went into the living room and waited on a text message from Kwan and the others. A few minutes later, I received a text message from the Elite League. It said: “Good work, the three of you! Your checks are in the mail.” After that, I deleted the picture from my cell phone. “I say we did pretty well on the job.” I said to DeMarcus and McKayla. I then gave DeMarcus the bag with the jewelry while I counted up the cash and split it three ways between us. “I agree. I’ll drop off the jewelry to Marissa for safekeeping. I even told her of a good pawn shop that buys all kinds of jewelry, especially if they’re old. I’ll see you ladies another time, good night.” DeMarcus said as he left my house. I then called for a taxi so McKayla can go home. We talked for a couple of minutes; we even talked about having another workout day together. Thirty minutes later, the taxi cab arrived at the front of my house, I opened the taxi door for her, she told the driver her address, and I offered to pay for the taxi and added a tip. I took a shower and changed into my pajamas. An hour later, I got text messages from both McKayla and DeMarcus saying they made it to their homes without any incident. After that, I went to bed because I’m going house hunting tomorrow. The next morning, I got up, had breakfast, cleaned up, and got myself ready to go to the open house over in Orange County, which consists of several neighborhoods such as Laguna Beach, Newport Beach, etc. I wore my blue black hair in a low ponytail and put on a pretty scarfband; my outfit consisted of a white short-sleeved button-down blouse and black stretch pants. As soon as I got dressed and gathered my keys, I locked the door, got into the Porsche Boxster, and drove over to Orange County. Once I got there, I saw both a Coldwell Banker sign with an “Open House” sign on top that led me to this gorgeous, spacious, two-story, 3,500-square foot oceanfront house in Newport Beach on the boardwalk. I parked the Boxster at the front of the house and then walked up to the front door. I knocked on the door and I was greeted by a handsome man. He was a tall, white man with short blonde hair and deep brown eyes, wearing a two-piece Ralph Lauren Black Label solid suit with sharp black shoes, a light blue-and-white tailored-fit striped shirt (also from Ralph Lauren), a solid black satin pocket square, and a navy-and-white striped tie. “Why good morning, I was told you’re having an open house today.” I said to him. “Yes, I am. It looks like you’re my very first visitor. I am Grayson Brighton and I’m the realtor for the open house.” He said as he let me in the house. I was enticed by the scent of the ocean, judging by both an open window in the living room and a few beach-scented votive candles on the kitchen table surrounding a large centerpiece. “Whenever I plan an open house to potential buyers, I want to draw them to the house with the right scents. One time, I had an open house in Huntington Beach and this house had citrus trees in the backyard. So what I did was take one citrus fruit from each of the trees, cut them in half, and placed them in a fruit bowl. The 20,000-square foot house was in a gated community and I had a lot of visitors and potential buyers that day. Next thing you know, I made a sale and profit within the next week.” Grayson said to me. “It smells very nice in here, like I’m on the beach.” I said to him. “I got these scented soy candles from a neighbor’s candle shop here in town. These came in three scents: ocean mist, beach breeze, and sea petals. Plus, the centerpiece in the middle is a large glass jar filled with sand and seashells from the beach.” He said. “That is amazing.” I replied with a smile. “All details aside, let’s get started with the tour of the house.” He happily said. With that being said, Grayson showed me around the house. We looked at the four bedrooms and bathrooms, a half-bathroom, the additional office/den, the gourmet kitchen, family room, living room, a three car garage, and dining room. In each of the rooms, there’s a view of the ocean that is just so breathtaking. The house even has a private patio, a spa, a fireplace, and foliage. It looked like I have found my first candidate for my new place. “So what you think of the house?” Grayson asked as he charmingly smiled at me. “This place plus the ocean views is just so beautiful! I’m considering buying a house for myself, being widowed and all.” I said to him. “Sorry for your loss and everything, but it sounds like you have a good plan for starting a new life.” He said. “A new place for me is part of my new beginning, I’ll figure out the rest as I go. How much is this house?” I replied. “It’s over six million dollars, six million two-hundred thousand dollars to be exact.” He said. “Wow, that’s high. Anyways, thank you for the lovely tour and everything. I wouldn’t want to keep the other potential buyers waiting.” I replied while avoiding sticker shock. “Before you go, I forgot to ask for your name.” Grayson said as I was about to leave. “My name’s Kat, it’s short for Katherine.” I said to him as I came back. “If you’re not too busy tonight, Kat, I would like to invite you to a dinner date at my place. When I’m not busy selling houses, I like to cook in my spare time.” He said to me. “I’d love to join you for dinner.” I happily replied. “Great! Here’s my business card, my home phone number and address are on the back. If you’re ever in the market for a new house, feel free to call me or check out the Coldwell Banker website. I’ll see you tonight at 8 o’clock.” Grayson said as he walked me to my car. Once I got into the Boxster, I then made a fashion run over to the Crystal Cove Promenade to get myself a date night-worthy outfit. After my shopping spree, I went home, changed into my gym clothes, took my gym bag, and went to the gym to workout. I went back home to get myself ready for my dinner date with Grayson. With only five hours before my date, I looked through my closet for the perfect shoes and my jewelry box for the perfect accessories. I already got the perfect black dress to wear which I bought at the Crystal Cover Promenade; it’s a short black cocktail dress with one long sheer sleeve and an asymmetrical neckline. I picked out my black lace ankle boots for my shoes and a silver angel wing bracelet for my jewelry.


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