Kat's Sex Diary: Vegas Fling with Bianca & Simon (FINISHED VERSION)

Part One: The Threesome It was the morning of Simon and Bianca’s wedding anniversary. I had packed my suitcase, my new bridesmaid dress and shoes I bought from the Wedded Bliss Bridal Boutique in San Diego, my gift basket for Bianca and Simon, and my purse all into my Altima, locked up my house, and drove to Las Vegas. Halfway there, I drove to the nearest convience store, loaded up my snack and beverage stash, and filled up my gas tank. I finally made it to Las Vegas a few hours later. As soon as I arrived, I drove to the Wynn Hotel & Casino, checked in, got my key card, and had the bellhop carry my bags while I carried my bridesmaid dress and shoes. Once I got into my hotel suite, I tipped the bellhop and unpacked my suitcase. Since I had a few hours to myself before Bianca and Simon’s vow-renewal ceremony, I wanted to get myself ready. I had showered, styled my hair, put on my dress and shoes, and perfectly applied my make-up. The ceremony was at 8 o’clock at The Little White Wedding Chapel; it’s a good thing the three of us have rooms on the same floor. (Simon and Bianca share a room together and my room’s four doors down from theirs.) At 7 o’clock, I met up with Simon at the wedding chapel. He was dressed to the nines in his dark gray Black by Vera Wang tuxedo. “You look very handsome, Simon.” I said to him. “Thanks, you look lovely as well.” Simon said in his sexy British accent. As soon as “Here Comes the Bride” started playing, Bianca entered the chapel with a radiant smile on her face. Her shoulder-length medium-brown hair was in a low ponytail, her veil was down to her waist, and her dress complimented her figure; Bianca had on a white satin strapless mermaid fit-and-flare gown with a draped rhinestone bodice and a crystal-encrusted satin ribbon. “Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to witness the wedding vow renewal of Bianca and Simon Covington.” The ordained minister spoke. I stood beside the couple as they spoke their renewed wedding vows. I had a silent, emotional moment as I held the bridal bouquet, seeing them renew their vows made me think of my wedding with Carl. A single tear fell from my eye; good thing I wore waterproof mascara. My brief moment of sorrow turned into joy when Simon and Bianca finished the ceremony with a passionate kiss. The three of us then went back to the hotel. As soon as Bianca and Simon went back to their room, I went to Freed’s Bakery to pick up a cake, Walgreens for a wedding anniversary card, and to a liquor store to pick up some champagne. I then returned to the hotel, went into my room, signed the card, got the gift basket, and knocked on their door. “Happy anniversary!” I happily exclaimed to Bianca and Simon as I gave them the cake, champagne, card, and gift basket. Just when I was about to go back to my room alone, Bianca then said to me, “Thanks for the lovely gifts. Kat, would you like to celebrate with us?” “Why sure, I would love to.” I replied as Bianca and I walked into her and Simon’s room. “Kat, I’m so glad you could make it for our anniversary and vow-renewal ceremony. Simon and I really looked forward to meeting you in real life, especially after our Skype chats and instant messaging.” Bianca happily said as she offered me a slice of cake and a glass of champagne. Bianca and I sat on the bed while Simon changed clothes in the bathroom. Then, I said to her, “You looked so gorgeous in your wedding dress.” “Why thank you, Kat. I thought you looked lovely in your bridesmaid dress. When Simon and I renewed our vows and kissed, it’s like I fell in love with him all over again. I first met Simon when I was out with a couple of co-workers of mine. I manage a lingerie store, which I still do. My co-workers and I went to this male strip club in Los Angeles called L.A. Body Heat to cheer me up after a bad break-up; Simon’s one of the main male exotic dancers. He first caught my eye where he performed this routine dressed as a plumber and he even got his t-shirt under his costume wet. I was turned on by everything about him. His moves, body, his blue eyes, British accent, etc.” Bianca said as she poured the champagne into two glasses. “Wow, I bet the first very date was as hot as the first look.” I happily said. “I still remember our very first date and very first sexual encounter. It was on a Saturday night; Simon and I had dinner and then took a stroll down Main Street. He then took me to his place for a nightcap. I wore this dark blue turtleneck sweater, black pencil skirt with a small slit on one side, and dark blue ankle boots. Simon and I started making out on the kitchen counter; he’s a really, really good kisser. He took his time pleasuring my body, he never skimps on foreplay. When he found out I wasn’t wearing any panties underneath my skirt, he tasted my pussy like a slowly-melting ice cream cone. Great sex aside, he’s passionate, loving, supportive, handsome, and always there for me.” Bianca said. A few minutes later, Simon came into the bedroom in black silk pajamas. I got a sneak peek of his fit body through his unbuttoned pajama top. I swore he looked super sexy; he would put a soap actor to shame with that body. “I invited Kat to celebrate our anniversary with us. She even brought us a gift basket and everything.” Bianca said as she passed a glass of champagne to Simon. “That’s so nice of you, Kat. Thank you.” Simon replied with smile on his face. “I like to propose a toast to Bianca and Simon on their wedding anniversary. I wish you two many happy returns.” I said as I raised my glass to them. The three of us clink our glasses together and celebrated over champagne and cake. I then watched as Simon and Bianca shared another kiss. I didn’t get all emotional, but I was still happy for the couple. “Have you ever been in a threesome before?” Simon asked me. “To be honest, I’ve never ever been in one.” I nicely replied. I watched as Bianca kissed Simon’s lips as she was about to go to the bathroom and slip into something a little more comfortable. Simon then looked at me with a smile and said, “Wow, Bianca and I glad to see you in person. That was a lovely toast you made. I hope I didn’t offend you when I asked if you’ve had a threesome before, I was just curious.” “Like I said, I’ve never been in a threesome before, not even while I was married to Carl. He was more of a romantic, even in the smallest of gestures. I remember one Valentine’s Day that he made me breakfast in bed, consisted of sausage, scrambled eggs, fruit, orange juice, and three toasted Nutella and banana sandwiches. We feed each other the first two sandwiches and then eat the third one together; we’d even lick the Nutella off each other before having romantic morning sex. I don’t mean to be so emotional on your wedding anniversary; it’s just that I just miss him so much.” I said as I tear up. Simon passed me a tissue and I dabbed the tears before they fall down my face. He assuring said to me, “I’m so sorry about your husband, I’m sure he wants you to be happy.” “Well, I’m glad to be in Las Vegas celebrating you and Bianca’s anniversary.” I said with a slight smile. He gave me a small, sweet hug to console me; I suddenly felt better from that hug. Then, Bianca came back from the bathroom; she wore a red georgette babydoll with a handkerchief hem, a satin ribbon, and a matching g-string. She was as gorgeous as she was in her wedding dress at the ceremony. “Darling, you look just as gorgeous as the first time I met you.” Simon said as he kissed Bianca’s hand. “Thank you, baby.” Bianca said sweetly as she and Simon shared a small, sweet kiss together. I then felt Simon’s lips softly kissing my lips. I thought to myself, He’s a very good kisser. While Simon and I kissed, Bianca had one of her hands softly playing with my hair. I then softly touched his chest with one hand while my other hand rested between me and Bianca. I then turned to Bianca as she softly kissed my lips while Simon planted kisses on the side of my neck. Both Simon and Bianca are great kissers and they both have nice lips. Bianca reached for the back of my dress, carefully unzipped it, and gently untied the sash around my waist. I turned to Simon and softly kissed one side of his neck as I caressed his fit frontal body. After that, Bianca then looked at me and asked, “Can we see you out of your bridesmaid dress?” Intrigued, I took off my matching pink heels and I asked her, “Would you really want to see what’s underneath my dress?” “I bet you have a very nice body.” Simon said to me as he kissed my hand. I looked at them both and said, “Sure, I mean there’s a first time for everything.” I got up from the bed and slowly took off my bridesmaid dress in front of them till I was in my black lace strapless bra, a black Spanx waist cincher, and black allover lace boy short panties. I then carefully took off my waist cincher, took off my shoes, and gave the couple a good look at my size 10, hourglass-shaped body. “Wow, you have such an incredible body!” Bianca exclaimed in amazement. “Not bad for a widow?” I responded in flattery. “I must say Carl’s a very lucky man.” Simon said as I returned to the bed. Bianca then got up and sat beside Simon, she even stroked him on top of his pajama bottoms while he kissed my lips and neck. I felt his hands as they reached around to unhook the back of my bra. I moaned as he kissed and licked both of my breasts, I briefly watched Bianca, who was immediately aroused from both watching Simon pleasure me and ready to get him hard underneath his pajama bottoms. I got turned on when Bianca softly planted kisses on one side of my neck while Simon got up and slowly took off my panties; I even got surprised when he briefly smelled my female scent on them. I sensually moaned as Simon delivered the very first lick to my pussy. Bianca, on the other hand, started to arouse me as she slowly lowered the straps of her babydoll. I was immediately wet between my thighs from both Simon’s oral pleasuring and Bianca’s kisses on my upper body. Being in a threesome and pleasured by a hot, married couple was a brand-new experience for me. Simon then got up and briefly kissed my cheek as he sat up on the bed between me and Bianca. He laid on the bed with his back against the headboard; I watched in anticipation as she reached down his pajama bottoms and carefully took his awakened cock out. Not only did she stroke his cock with her hand, she even offered me to taste him while she stroked him. I licked and kissed Simon’s length as Bianca manually pleasured his cock. Simon enjoyed it because I could tell from his pleasured moans and his hands played with our hairs. After that, Bianca and I briefly looked at each other before we shared a kiss on the lips. I felt her hands as well as one of Simon’s hands caressed up and down my back while Bianca and I kissed. I then helped Bianca out of her babydoll and g-string; I got a look at her now-naked body, which was fit and toned in all the right places. She had bigger breasts than me but I didn’t mind that at all, especially when I felt them with my hands while we kissed some more. I shivered as Bianca kissed my neck while her hands gave my shapely ass a squeeze; I moaned some more as I felt Simon’s fingers rubbing my clit. Next thing you know, Simon sat up and planted soft kisses on the back of my neck. Simon and I laid beside each other while Bianca orally pleasured his cock; he softly kissed on my neck and lips while his fingers rubbed my warm, wet slit. I moaned in response to his touch and kisses. He continued to foreplay with me while Bianca got out a condom and put it on properly onto his now-erect cock. I then sat on Simon’s face while Bianca rode on his seven inch cock. I groaned at the feel of his mouth and tongue on my pussy. Bianca ran her hands all over my body as she softly kissed and licked both of my breasts. I held on to the sheets with one of my hands while I rubbed my clit with my other hand. After that, Simon and I laid on our sides as his cock delivered slow, deep strokes to my pussy. Bianca had rubbed Simon’s body with her hands while she kissed his neck and lips. The three of us then switched positions where I was on my back, Simon was in front of me with his knees resting on the bed, and Bianca placed her pussy onto my lips. I moaned as Simon thrusted into my pussy once more as I licked Bianca’s pussy lips; her pussy juices were sweet to the taste. While Simon’s strokes gradually increased in tempo, his thumb rubbed my hardened clit in circles. Bianca then laid beside me on the bed as I reached climax with Simon; he pulled himself out, removed the condom, and sprayed his man milk onto my stomach. Simon passionately kissed my lips as Bianca licked the seed from my body. I watched in arousal as Simon and Bianca had a hot, passionate kiss on the lips. I then got up from the bed and said to them, “I must say, this was the best first threesome I’ve ever had!” “We definitely enjoyed you, too.” Bianca said as she smiled at me. I cleaned myself up, got dressed, and the three of us exchanged goodnights as I left to go to my hotel suite, a deluxe suite with a panoramic view. Once I made it to the room, I took a shower and even played with myself as I thought about my very first threesome with Simon and Bianca. I slipped into a sexy black satin nightshirt, relaxed for a few minutes, and went fast asleep. The next morning, I got up early and got myself dressed for breakfast at The Buffet. Just as I opened the door, I noticed a bouquet of flowers in a gorgeous silver vase; the bouquet had pink, orange, and purple long-stemmed roses. I took my flowers inside my hotel suite, put cool water in the vase, fed them “flower food”, and put them by the window. There was even a card, I opened the envelope, and the card said: “We enjoyed your company and can’t wait to enjoy you more this weekend. Sincerely, Simon & Bianca” I then went on to The Buffet for breakfast. Once I got to a table, I took two plates and filled them both with delicious food. I swear everything tastes better after a night of hot, steamy sex, especially after a threesome like last night. As I savored each delicious bite of my breakfast, Bianca walked up and sat with me at the table. “Last night was just amazing!” Bianca happily exclaimed. “Yes, it was.” I agreed. “I got the flowers, they were gorgeous.” I added. “Just like you.” Bianca said to me. “OMG, Bianca! You’re making me blush all over, in addition to the post-orgasm blushing in my cheeks.” I replied with a smile. “Simon and I like to have threesomes to spice up our marriage every now and then. We once had sex with a younger couple; I had sex with the boyfriend and Simon had sex with the girlfriend. I like to write about the encounters we have into stories.” Bianca said as she forked a piece of fruit. “Wow, that’s great! I too keep a journal about my sex encounters, a sex diary to be precise. In fact, I even wrote about last night in my sex diary.” I replied. “Sounds like you have juicy stories in your diary. I just got an idea, how about you and my husband go out on a date tonight?” Bianca said to me. “You want me to go out with your husband?” I said in amazement. “Yes, this could be another new sexual experience for you like last night.” As I pondered on that idea, I sipped on my orange juice a few times. Then, I responded, “A date with Simon does sound very intriguing, we could even get to know each other a little better. Okay, I’m in!” “Great!” Bianca said happily. “Plus, I got a brand new dress to wear for such an occasion.” I said to her. “I can’t wait to see it!” Bianca exclaimed happily. Bianca and I raised our glasses, clinked them together, and said, “Here’s to our weekend in Vegas!” It was the second day of my weekend in Las Vegas and I was already looking forward to my date with Simon. THE END


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